Irisha is here with us, in our hearts, in our lives, forever.

 This is the place where you can read about her, look at her pictures and videos, listen to the music that she liked.

  Please leave your tribute below, light your candle for her. Also, please add your story, picture, memory about Irisha. Every memory is precious, please share!

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Posted by Jim OBrien on August 31, 2010
I feel blessed that our paths crossed through ICS and JPM CI. Thyda and I have to continue eating Koyzina-esque salads and oatmeal to stay healthy... but you'll forever be young.. forever beautiful. Thank you for the memories.
Posted by Ira Ornes on August 31, 2010

Remember you forever...beatiful, shiny and happy young woman... You are always in my mind, saying me that life is short, enjoy it today, tommorow may not come...
Posted by Tatyana Lomberg on August 30, 2010
Dear Irisha! I will never forget the day when we took the bus together to Fair Lawn, the crazy 5-toed Vibrams that you wore, causing me to buy myself a pair, the Zumba class that your sister was teaching and to which you were so eager to get to.
I still have your cell # that you gave me, but now you'll never answer it. I will miss you always.
My heart goes out to the Shekhets-Shamis family.
Posted by Olga Khodosh on August 29, 2010
Ira had such a wonderful smile-so open, so happy to see and explore the world around her. She felt everything at such a deep level, she was just an unbelievably amazing person. My heart goes out to the Shekhets-Shamis family. Please know that many people loved her and will always keep memories of her in their hearts.
Posted by Shai Shperber on August 29, 2010
I look on your pictures again and again. You were a pretty little girl, and now you are a beautiful woman.
You will forever stay beautiful and young. You will forever look on us and smile your quiet smile.
And we will always remember you and keep you in our hearts.
I love you and your wonderful family, and I cry with them.
Posted by Arseny Ratmansky on August 29, 2010
Ira, there was something about your smile and eyes that was warming and magnetic. I will miss seeing new pictures of you in random parts of my photo albums, they just will not be the same without these unique rays of sunshine.

Memories of you are with me as I take from the past different moments that we shared together.

Posted by gila primak on August 28, 2010
I only met you once. In the forest. Walking. And you made such a lovely impression. I remember you so well. You really are a special soul. I wished you luck in everything. I had meant it. I'm sorry you were taken away from this earth so early. But I know that you have given it a lot in your short time here. It pains me to write this. I hope you can give your family strength...
Posted by Alex Malinsky on August 28, 2010
Ira, while you no longer are with us on this earth, I know that you are in a better place, where your soul will rest and your beautiful spirit will live on forever. The light of life that you sparked in every one of our hearts will glow on for as long as it possibly can and you will never be forgotten. 
Posted by Gita Natovich on August 28, 2010
You always had such an appetite for LIFE. For living, and for achieving; FOR ALWAYS BEING THE BEST AND THE CENTER. I will greatly miss you. Please watch over your family at this hard time.
You are in my heart always
Posted by Thyda Chhuan on August 27, 2010
Irina! You are my JPM PIC. You made my IB, JC and CI days more worthwhile, simply with the flash of your smile. Choc strawberries. Vwater. Devon & Blakely. Bfast soup. Cheesy oatmeal. Koyzina. Transforming from work to going out. Bear Mtn. Secret admirers. MJR...For these memories and for your compassion, sincerity and vibrant spirit – I will remember you always and you will forever inspire me.
Posted by Bela Goltseker on August 27, 2010
Irisha, you truly did touch the heart and soul of everyone who has met you and got to know you. As many have said, people like you stay with us even long after your physical presence is gone. You left us too early, but will never be forgotten. We'll always remember you the way you were - full of radiance and glow. May you rest in peace. Much love, Senya and Bela
Posted by Asya Oranskaya on August 27, 2010
Ирина - СВЕТЛАЯ (греческий). Она и вправду светлая и солнечная с самого детства. Больно. Дорогие, родные наши, у вас есть для чего жить - пока вы живы, Ирочка жива. Скорбим с вами. Ася Оранская, Юра Шехец и вся наша семья.
Posted by ella sapozhnikov on August 27, 2010
Невозможно и страшно тяжело поверить в эту трагедию. Я верю что Ирочка превратится в ангела. Мы все скорбим об этой непоправимой утрате.
Posted by Igor Kublanov on August 27, 2010
We met in Israel on a birthright trip-she had an unbelievable smile that i just couldn't look away
always happy-always smiling-it's weird to talk about her in a past sentence-almost unreal-if there are angels she's definitly one of them watching over her friends and family....God rest her soul
Posted by Dmitriy Bangiyev on August 27, 2010
Мы небыли знакомы. Но эта трагедия коснулась и моего сердца. Жалко, обидно и больно. Мои соболезнования родителям,близким и всем друзьям.
Posted by Dina Turetsky on August 27, 2010
The soul would have no rainbow
If eyes had no tears.
Dance you peaceful dance!

Irochka, your light will always stay with us. You were a beautiful soul dancer. I feel lucky for being able to share those magical dances with you and some spiritual conversations and views beyond just this reality.."We'll keep moving and watch each other turn into light"..Теперь ты на воле, Белая Птица!
Posted by Alex,Inna,Esther,Peter Sh... on August 27, 2010
Ирочка,любимая сестричка.Просто не хотим верить в случившееся.Ты на всегда останешься в наших сердцах красивым, веселым,добрым человечком.
Танечка,Боря,Машенька, мы глубоко скорбим с вами.
Posted by Genya Kostareva on August 27, 2010
Ira, I can not comprehend that you are no longer with us. You were such a vibrant and talented person. I hope your parents will find some comfort in knowing what a wonderful human being they had raised. My thoughts are with you and with your family.
Posted by Iryna Filvarova on August 27, 2010
Мы видели Ирочку однажды - в мае 2009. Эти строчки посвящаются ей, ее близким, всем кто знал и любил ее.

"Ты - рядом, где-то очень рядом...
Глядишь на нас лучистым взглядом
И улыбаешься...
Но ни дотронуться рукою,
Ни заглянуть в твои глаза
Теперь нельзя...
Ты - с нами, мы - всегда с тобою...
И тихо катиться слеза..."

Ира и Виталий
Posted by Breanna Vizlakh on August 26, 2010
'The light in you
Will guide us through
The stormy nights.
So tame the seas
With your resounding beauty.
And together, we'll sail home.'

Irochka, you were the light of my life, and of so many others. You were beautiful and intelligent and just beyond compare.
I know that you will rest in peace, because you deserve nothing short of Heaven.

♥ You are in my heart, always and forever. ♥
Posted by Isana Gitsis on August 26, 2010
Ira was extraordinary; a brilliant, funny, compassionate, adventurous soul who made everything and everyone around her shine. I will miss you, always.
Posted by Len Kush on August 26, 2010
Dear, lovely Girl!
How dare we may miss you at KSP more?
It is horrible for us to know that you have gone forever physically..but our memory will remember and always being present at KSP as long as we live....
Dear Parents, it is sadness to hear about it tragic, please, accept my condolences...
Love You all and your missing Daughter memory

Posted by Filinto Diouf on August 26, 2010
I believe you are in a better place. May God have mercy on your soul and rest in peace. You were a beautiful person that everybody loved because of your genuine attributes. I will miss you dancing and singing while I played Spanish tunes.
Posted by Valerie Khmelnitsky on August 26, 2010
Irochka... May your beautiful soul rest in peace... You were such a bright person and your memory will be in our hearts forever... will miss u and will never forget u!!!
Posted by Natasha Nesterenko on August 26, 2010
Девочка, от которой uсходит сияние,- вот что я думаю, когда пытаюсь представить себе Ирочку...
Ну как понять эту жизнь?!
Боря, Танечка, Машенька, люблю вас! Мы тоже ваша семья. Держитесь, пожалуйста... Больно, очень больно...
Posted by Vlad & Elina Vaysman on August 26, 2010
Tanechka, Borya, our heart is with you at this sad, sad time.
Posted by Oksana Lvova on August 26, 2010
Милая, нежная, светлая, необыкновенная Ирочка! Один раз я тебя увидела на КСП и запомнила на всю жизнь. Такие люди - как солнечный луч... Танечка, Боря, как мне достать вас и разделить эту немыслимую боль!.. Мое сердце и моя боль вместе с вами...
Posted by olga ratnovskaya on August 26, 2010
Ирочка! Светлая, славная, лучистая девочка! Невозможно представить, что тебя не стало. Вечная тебе память!
Мое сердце рвется от боли и я разделяю вашу трагедию, Танечка, Боря, Маша! Мои соболезнования всей вашей большой семье. Люблю всех вас.
Posted by yelena grozny on August 26, 2010
Ира. закрываю глаза и вижу тебя и Машу танцующих на последнем слете КСП. Я верю что свет исходящиий от тебя никуда не уйдет а будет светить всегда для всех кто знал и любил тебя. Боря и Таня, Маша Фелликс Аня и Тина Лена и Саша, Бен и Брина скорбим с вами. Перефразируя Высоцкого-
Неправда, Дочь не умирает           
Лишь рядом быть перестает
Posted by Ben Vizlakh on August 25, 2010
Ira I love you with all my heart. You are my dearest cousin, and you will never be forgotten. May you rest in peace. You left us way too early in life, and i never got that smoothie you promised me ;) I love you with all my heart...and i hope you will always watch over us. <3
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Posted by Marianna Shamis on August 24, 2020
It's been 10 years!
We all have gotten 10 years older
But not you
You are still 30, vibrant, young, beautiful
Just as I remember you.
I still feel your presence everywhere
I miss you terribly, always
I love you so much it hurts
Thank you for your gifts
Thank you for your neverending love that is warming my heart and keeping me afloat at the toughest moments
I love you, Sis ❤
Happy birthday...
Posted by Filinto Diouf on August 24, 2020
As Thomas Campbell says "To live in hearts we leave behind is not to die"
You and my mom that share the same birthday will be always in my heart until we meet again.
Posted by Sofiya and Yanmark Franks... on August 24, 2020
10 лет, невероятно, уже 10 лет.
Ирочка, сегодня ты стала моложе себя на долгих Десять лет.
Твой образ тает в отдаленьи
о Светлой Памяти моля...
и в кулачке твоём зажата
искринка Вечного Огня.
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SKY complex obtained a new life

Shared by Boris Shekhets on August 23, 2015

After  2015 earthquake this  Complex, including Irisha's Library, is temporary became the school instead of the destroyed local school. This gave local children ability to continue their education in addition to the help in food and medications

Irina Shekhets memorial Library

Shared by Boris Shekhets on August 23, 2015

This is the site of the tragedy that happened on August 24, 2010. Now, Thanks to the ISMSF Foundation and SKY Foundation the complex of public buildings is created there, including Temple, School, Library, Medical Center and Guest House.

Ей нужен космос

Shared by Marianna Shamis on March 18, 2015

Irisha, I heard this song (live!) and right away thought of you. Alina Simonova is a magical singer/song writer. I had a pleasure of long and meaningful conversation with her... she is also an amazing person who, unbelievably, is so much like you!  
Just wow. Thank you Alina!