On February 19th at 5:11 pm, we welcomed Mr. Isaiah into our lives. Little did we know that he would be here for such a short time but the memory of Isaiah will be with us forever!
Love Always
Mom and Dad
  • Born on February 19, 2015 in South Carolina, United States.
  • Passed away on March 17, 2015 in Palmetto Health Richland NICU, Columbia, South Carolina, United States.

This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Isaiah Simmons, born on February 19, 2015 and passed away on March 17, 2015. Isaiah faught a good fight.  Within 27 days he completed his assignment.  We will remember him forever.

We would like to thank everyone that showed us love and support during the pregnancy and our stay at the NICU.  All the words of encouragement, visitations, texts, phone calls and most of all, prayers are greatly appreciated.  We hope that you enjoy these photos as we introduce to you Mr. Isaiah Simmons.  Our greatest regret is that he will never get to meet all of you but our lives have surely been impacted by his pressence.  

Special thanks to Palmetto Health Richland NICU health care workers and the professional photographer who was called in to help us document this precious moment. Your beautiful eye for details helped to capture a moment that will never be forgotten.   

Special thanks to J. P. Holley Funeral Home who took care of the final arrangements for Isaiah.  Your final presentation  put my heart at ease.

Special thanks to Minister David  Patten (my brother) who gave final words at the hospital.  I'm sure the NICU will be forever changed.  Hopefully all that go through those walls feel the presence of God that we evoked as we called on the one and true comforter. 

Feel free to leave a tribute below or if you have a story to share of meeting Isaiah while he was in the NICU on the "stories" tab.  Every memory or thought will be cherished for years to come.  

Peace, Love, and Blessings to all who visit. 

Posted by Chaunta Simmons on 10th November 2018
Love you always! I've had my moments this year but its always good to come back here. It is in my coming back to this point that I am able to keep moving forward! Happy Holidays ~ My Isaiah.
Posted by Chaunta Simmons on 17th March 2018
Around this time we had had our final moments together, took family photos, and had a service to say our goodbye. Thanks to Palmetto Health for capturing these moments. Thanks to our family who supported us and held us up that night. The clock stood still for me tonight at 7:48. All the sights and sounds are still vivid in my mind. The call, the rushing back to the hospital, the bells, and then silencing the alarms to allow us to have a moment of peace with you. Even though painful, it was worth it finally to hold you in my arms. Love and remember you always!
Posted by Chaunta Simmons on 19th February 2018
Today, our darling Isaiah Simmons, you would be 3 years old. Your dad and I just lit a birthday candle in memory of you! You will always hold a special spot, as our first born, in our hearts. We will always love you! Today wasn't soo bad but that's because I know where you are. On clear nights I look to the sky - for you are my twinkling - shining star! Love you Forever and Always, Mom and Dad (2018)
Posted by Shirley Simmons on 19th February 2018
Happy Birthday Isaiah you’re three years old today and just wanted to let you know that you are loved and thought about often. Thank you for the time the LORD allowed us to be together I will always remember. Love you with all my heart grandma Simmons
Posted by Chaunta Simmons on 13th February 2018
Mommy blues.....my forever Valentine!
Posted by Chaunta Simmons on 29th October 2017
You weighed heavy on my mind lately. I've had 2 run ins with 2 little boys that made me miss you all the more. Each took to me. One a 4 year old who just followed me around my house as he visited with my sister. Then when I came into my office, he followed me and "invaded" my space and just rested his head on my arm as I continued to work on the computer. Then tonight a 2 year old who just immediately ran up to me as I walked into the house and hugged my legs. All I could think of was, my Isaiah who would now be 2 and oh how different our lives would be. I love you all the more and will forever miss you! Love Always, your mom!
Posted by Shirley Simmons on 17th March 2017
Thinking of you Isaiah love you always and forever in our heartsl Love you grandpa and grandma Simmons
Posted by Shirley Simmons on 19th February 2017
Happy Birthday to my grandson Isaiah he's two years old today love and kisses to you grandpa and grandma Simmons love you
Posted by Chaunta Simmons on 19th February 2017
Two years ago, I fought to hold you inside of me just one more day, but you said oh no! It was indeed a scary day, but yet a lovely day as my first born made his way into this world. It was a bitter sweet moment, as I recall, because as I reflect, I never even heard your cry. They whisked you away to the NICU and I didn't even see a glimpse of you. I remember asking later and I was told of your low apgar score. You could have never taken your first breath, but you fought to at lease give us the opportunity that you did and fulfill your purpose/assignment. The doctors fought to stop the bleeding, remove the fibroids that were housed with you, and ultimately closed me up. As I went back to my room, though I was there, my thoughts and prayers were with you. I remember how I couldn't go see you but I sent my family to check on you. The videos and pictures brought back made me just want to be there with you all the more! Then the moment that I finally saw you. Your tiny 1 lb 5.9 oz body in that big incubator. None of that mattered because you were here! I can still remember the moments your dad and I would go to see you and you would be kicking, arching your back, and swatting at the tubes. The first time the nurses turned you on your belly, mmmh. It still brings a smile to my face. I saw your fight as you made it through your first surgery. As I reflect on your fight, I continue to fight today. That we may continue to grow in love. We are better because of you, even if it was short term. I can celebrate this day, because it at least gave me the opportunity to meet you, to see you. I remember the moment I finally got the opportunity to reach my hand through the window of the incubator. You embraced my thumb and burnt your finger prints in my heart. Even today, as I write this, I pause to feel your embrace both on my thumb and on my heart. I hate I never got to hold you near my heart until your last moments, but nevertheless. I glory and rejoice that I was lucky enough to have you in my life, even if it was for only 27 days. That was at least 27 days that I did have. Many didn't even have that soo I continue to say "all is well" and continue to glorify the God that knows all things and knows what we are able to bear. I "light this candle" today to celebrate this day that you came into our lives. I "lay a flower" in remembrance of the life that you lived February 19, 2015 - March 17, 2015. Though the flowers may die your spirit forever remains with us. Happy Birthday, Isaiah Simmons! Love Always Mom and Dad ~
Posted by Chaunta Simmons on 26th December 2016
Merry Christmas my Angel, There has been many thought of you this past season. I see you in every child that I am connected to or come across during the day. Though a little sad, it still brings some comfort and warmth to my heart. One evening I went to a party and saw a hyper young boy and I could only imagine how that could have been you at 22 months. I hold on to life and the dear memories. Love you always and never to be forgotten.
Posted by Chaunta Simmons on 10th November 2016
Love you forever. Every day, Every hour, Every minute, and Every second! I truly will always love you!
Posted by Chaunta Simmons on 17th March 2016
Dear Isaiah, This day we hold you dear in our hearts. As your dad, says, you will always be a part of us. I will ALWAYS Love you. I've heard so many say "It seems as if it was yesterday". It does indeed feel like it was yesterday when we received the call of your distress. The feeling never goes away, but I thank God we are able to hold on to our memories and each other to continue living. You helped us to grow even to this day we strive to be the best parents we can be. May the love we have for you continue to shine ever so bright in our home. Love always, Mom & Dad.
Posted by Shirley Simmons on 17th March 2016
Isaiah we light this candle in remembrance of you now and forever for your light so shine in our hearts forever and always we love you your grandparents Felton & Shirley Simmons love you
Posted by Shirley Simmons on 19th February 2016
Happy Birthday to my Grandson Isaiah Simmons I light a candle in your memory love you and you will always be in our hearts. Love you Grandma and Grandpa Simmons
Posted by Chaunta Simmons on 26th December 2015
Merry Christmas my dear baby boy. We love you and miss you. The heart is a little heavy. This time last year I was sent home on bedrest. Time that we really bonded and tried to help you to grow into your being. I reflect on the time I spent reading to you and praying over you. You would have been 10 months and doing Lord only knows what by now. I will ALWAYS love you. Thank you for being with me the time you were. Oh, how I wish I could have heard your voice or held you. As you departed this earth, I pray you felt my heart beat as yours faded. I pray you felt my warm embrace. My heart beats for you now and forever knowing that you are safe with Christ.
Posted by Chaunta Simmons on 6th September 2015
Missing my baby. For some reason this was a rough week... I will truly love you always. I still see your smile and squirmy self in the incubator. I remember moments when I would reach in and you would respond to my voice or touch. Thank God for those moments. I'm grateful that you didn't have to suffer. Only God knew what challenges were before us. Nevertheless, you graced us with your presence and I am no longer the same. Thank you for making me a mom and giving me another purpose in life. My heart is still heavy, no the tears still flow, but yet I feel you with me each and everyday reminding me to keep going. Isaiah Simmons, my little angel
Posted by Shirley Simmons on 1st May 2015
I light a candle, lay a flower, and write this note to my grandson Isaiah. Who will be with me and grandpa forever. God has a great plan for Isaiah, he touched all of our hearts and I thank God for him he will never be forgotten Thank you Lavelle and Chaunta for him love you all grandpa and grandma Felton and Shirley
Posted by Selene Rearden on 29th April 2015
Chaunta & Lavelle thanks for sharing these most precious moments. May the Lord continue to comfort you both & give you peace. Love & prayers always. Selene
Posted by Hazel Jenkins on 29th April 2015
This memorial website is absolutely beautiful. Chaunta and Lavelle thank you so much for sharing Isaiah's journey. May God continue to comfort you both. "Rest In Peace Prince Isaiah"
Posted by Nancy Knox on 26th April 2015
Sweet angel rest in peace
Posted by Chaunta Simmons on 23rd April 2015
Today, I light a candle. Everyday, I light a candle if only for a few seconds to remember your touch, to remember your flutters, your kicks, your induced heartburn :0) and simply the way you touched my heart. You are forever my firstborn which holds a special place in your mother's heart. Mr. Isaiah Simmons, I love you forever. Nightly, I am comforted by looking at your pictures and knowing that you were a part of me. Although, you didn't stay long, it didn't take long for you to change my life forever. I know that you are forever and ever with me, looking over me, and helping to guide me. All is well....

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