Let the memory of Isreal be with us forever
  • 85 years old
  • Born on January 19, 1925 .
  • Passed away on February 12, 2010 .
This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Isreal Shachter 85 years old , born on January 19, 1925 and passed away on February 12, 2010. We will remember him forever.
Posted by Jacie Hamalainen on 18th February 2018
Hi, I am Lori's boy friend..I feel that I know you, from all of the great things that she has said about you.. I just wanted to tell you that it is truly an honor to introduce myself this way and I wish that I would have met you in person.. I also wanted to tell you that I will look after Lori to the best of my abilities and do my best that she will remain safe and try to make her smile and laugh as much as possible..With all my heart I truly do love her.. Once again this is an honor to you sir.. Peace & Love James
Posted by Jacie Hamalainen on 18th February 2018
Hi Dad, I wish you were here to talk to I could use your advise so bad not your money I just want my dad :( Dave is still in the house and I have not seen my kids for almost 5 kids he bought them off. .I am not a mom anymore...I live a sad and lonely life just waiting for my turn to hopefully see you again. .I did as we talked about if this happened I looked for a good lawyer got burned twice but now found a excellent lady who has my best interest for me. I took the money out and put it in RRSPs and other so Dave couldn't get it, you were so right dad my smart dad..I live with a roomie and her 2 kids and dave has to pay rent ect..but I never wanted to leave dad it was my home, he made me leave making look for places daily it was a nightmare still is as the area I live in is in the really bad area of the city it was all my friend and I could afford.. Lawyers I talked to don't understand why I had to leave he wanted a divorce now he just wants a a separation long term, I want a divorce and the house sold, this has gone on long enough and I have lived in this awful area long enough....I am strong dad so much stronger then you have ever known me and I can get through anything you would be so proud of me:) I love you and miss you terribly shine the brightest star down here so I know you are ok, forever your Lori
Posted by Jacie Hamalainen on 19th January 2017
Hi Dad:) I hope where you are you are happy with Doreen and know that you are so very missed...Yes Dave and i are separated and most likely will stay that way. I have changed so much i am more indepenant and speak up for myself i just wish i could work but my back is so bad and painful i had recent tests done and i now have 3 discs out of my spine out of 4 and my doctor is talking about a permanent solution but i won't go into a chair.. I met a nice man who loves me, shows it and i have a new family..my boyfriend is just like me he likes what i like i like what he likes, i love his parents, and i am very close to his niece and nephew 22, and 30:) It feels good to be loved again:) Please watch over me I always look at the sky for you, love you Dad:)
Posted by Jacie Hamalainen on 19th January 2014
Hi my sweet Dad, ohh do I miss you so very much :( It looks like I will be divorced 30 years like you did with Mom, dave is too ill to have a relationship and makes me so sad daddy. I hope you are ok where you are and I know I will see you again when it is my time..i will be safe where I will be going and very cared about more then I have ever had in my adult life. Please know my heart breaks when I think of you I wish you were here dad so very much....love your loree
Posted by Jacie Hamalainen on 12th February 2013
Hi Dad :) I don't believe in remembering a loved one when they left this earth but rather when they were here..Katie your granddaughter misses you, so does dave,I sometimes pretend you are in florida with doreen in your Condo and will be back in time, i love you so much and miss you more then my words could ever express. I hope where you are is much better then here, love you forever dad.
Posted by Jacie Hamalainen on 17th July 2012
Dad, You never hit me like mom did since i was a little girl and with out my oldest sister Carol i would have had no one raise me as long as she did. You raised her well. You have alot of friends missing you so much. I hope you see your grand daughter Jessica up there, remember she was almost 3 when she died, it broke my heart and soul but you were strong. I always love you for that
Posted by Jacie Hamalainen on 17th July 2012
Daddy i am sorry i don't visit your grave as you are not there your beautiful soul is up in heaven with god and i would rather talk to you around me as i know you are watching out for us. I miss you so much Dad and wish we had a closer relationship but it will never stop me from loving my only dad. I am sorry Dad i only became a Mom and not like Carol..and i am sorry i get sick so much:(
Posted by Jacie Hamalainen on 17th July 2012
My dad was the best person in the world even though i never saw much of him while growing up. He worked a very hard life with 7 children and i loved him dearly. He divorced my mother as soon as we got older and finally found his love. I adored my dad since i was quite young and even as i became a adult i wanted to make him proud of me..i don't think i ever achieved that :( I love you Daddy

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