Let the memory of Iyabo be with us forever
  • 72 years old
  • Born on November 7, 1943 in Akure, Nigeria.
  • Passed away on March 3, 2016 in Port Harcourt, Rivers State, Nigeria.

We regret to announce the death of our friend and sister Mrs. Iyabo Theresa Fadero, of Port Harcourt Nigeria

Biography by her husband Mr. S. Fadero:

Dr (Mrs) Theresa Fadero (LSM) was born on 7th November 1943 into the family of Chief William Faleye and Mrs Aladewe Faleye of Oshodi Quaters Akure.

Her early education was at the African Church Primary School at Akure and St Louis Secondary School, Ondo, which saw her finish Secondary Education in December, 1962 in Division I. After that, she proceeded to the United Kingdom for further education the same year 1962.

After surviving a few challenges she started her university career and ended up with a Bachelor's degree in Literature-in English at the university of London in June 1970. She met her future husband (Mr. S. Fadero) in January 1958 and got married to him in London in June 1964.

Having completed her studies in the UK, she returned to Nigeria in 1971. She taught - in many schools in Delta and Rivers States, including being a lecturer at the Rivers State College of Education, Port She was a Harcourt, as the Head of the Department lovin of English. Still not satisfied, she enrolled 9y for a PhD at the University of Port courageous a Harcourt which she successfully completed in 1991.

In her retirement, she developed the determination to invest in Education and later set up Tessy International Secondary School in Rumuagholu, Port Harcourt in June 1999. This institution has since expanded and is now a Computer Base Test (CBT) for JAMB examinations in Nigeria. JAMB has now appointed the school as a center for its examinations in Port Harcourt. It is sad that after labouring to provide the CBT Facilities she did not live to see it as she passed away a few days before its operation. She took her religious activities with due diligence. She belonged to many Church Pious Societies in the Catholic Church including the Catholic Women Organization (CWO) of St. John's Parish Rumuokoro, Port Harcourt where she was President for nearly 15 years. She was a marriage Counsellor, a member of the Port Harcourt Diocese Education Board, and until her death, she was the president of the ladies of St. Mulumba Nigeria Stella Maris PH Sub Council Port Harcourt.

Finally, she was a loving, courageous and kind woman. She would always avoid hurting other people, she was fair in all her dealings and always helped those in

direneed. She loved her surviving husband and four children greatly.

May God forgive her sins and bring her into His Kingdom


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Posted by Ronke Fadero on 1st July 2017
Just came across this on the web and reading through the comments the feelings and emotions l had in Feb 2016 came back just like yesterday. Mummy Port Harcourt as we always called you in my family, l grew up knowing you a pleasant and gentle woman. You were a caring and loving adorable woman. Your passing came as a big shock to me and the Fadero family. It took long to actually accept your passing having seen you just 3 months prior to the time of your passing. You looked very well and graceful woman then in Nov 2015 that l found it so hard to believe you were gone. Your death was a rude shock indeed but our solace is in God trusting you are in a better place. Keep resting at the bosom of your creator. 'daughter & sister-in-law'
Posted by Smith Philip on 7th May 2016
Painful...im smith philip...this great woman refused dat i drop out of her school wen dia was no money to continue my fees...i schooled there till jss3 for free untill i changed skul...mom i promised myself to buy you a big gift after university...i love u so much will miss u forever..... SMITH PHILIP 22 YRS
Posted by Joyce Dixon-Fyle on 21st April 2016
Margaret Akpomi wrote: Tribute to Sis. Theresa Fadero Iya-mi. The news of your demise came to me as a rude shock. In fact when I was told, I could not make sense out of the name immediately. I kept asking my informant, "Did you say Fr.........?" presuming the person to be a Rev. Fr., until she spelt it out 'sis F-a-d-e-r-o. It was the least news I expected to hear on that Saturday 20th February morning. As I write this and since I heard of your demise, the gentle and unique voice with which you always pronounced my name 'Margaret' kept ringing silently in my ears. You an epitome of motherhood and gentility. The role you played in the launching of my book: 'Gegereti, the faster child, will never be forgotten. Rest in peace, gentle Iya-mi until that glorious day when we will meet to part no more. Sis Margaret Akpomi Corpus Christ Sub-Counci
Posted by Joyce Dixon-Fyle on 21st April 2016
Yinka Olawuyi wrote: Dear Aunty Iyabo, It really took us by surprise when we heard of your passing. You were just one of those people one always felt will be around for a very long time. Thank you for always opening up your home and family to me. Your home was a home away from home for me because of your generosity and I know you extended same to many over the years, for this we are grateful. You were always the disciplinarian, stern but approachable. Your principled lie made it easy for everyone to know where you stood on things. We will miss you but are comforted you've gone to a better place. You'll always be in our hearts. Love Yinka Olawuyi
Posted by Joyce Dixon-Fyle on 21st April 2016
Yemisi Olanrewaju wrote: Grandma Ph! This, we in the Olanrewaju family fondly called you. After your 70th birthday, I was personally looking forward to another journey to Port Harcourt for your 75th, 80th, 85th, and probably 90th. It is still a rude shock that you have gone. When I heard you were admitted in hospital, the question I asked was "grandma ph sick ke" because we knew you to be strong and agile. I personally marveled at the energy exuded in the conduct of your business. Being in this sector I know what it must have cost you to be able to raise such a great school. Only God understands why He took you away at a time we least expected, but our solace is in Him who knows all and has the final say. Rest well grandma Yemisi Olanrewaju
Posted by Joyce Dixon-Fyle on 21st April 2016
Precious and Caroline Emelue wrote: Special Tribute to a Kind and Loving Sister Dear, Sister Theresa Fadero, we thank God for the life he gave you. We cannot but thank him also for calling you to his kingdom when he wanted. There is a time to be born and a time to die Ecclesiastics 3:2. Your demise was indeed like a thunder storm. It struck down the happiness in the face of the green Earth and our hearts wept a billion tears. Sister, though you have left this sinful world for the kingdom of peace of our Lord, the indelible marks you left will linger on forever. You preciously touched the lives of the nucleus family of Precious and Caroline Emelue. We pray that as you have been dear to my family and a million others that you find a citadel in the bosom of our lord. We pay our final respects and pray that God grants your soul peaceful and eternal rest. Sleep in peace!!! Amen. Precious and Caroline Emelue
Posted by Joyce Dixon-Fyle on 21st April 2016
Chukwuyem Emelue, a former student of Iyabo's, wrote: "Where there is a will, there is a way". For the part 10 years this advice has been my go to when I run into obstacles in life. I have Mummy Fadero to thank for this and many other lessons. May her soul rest in peace. Amen. Former Student, Chukwuyem Emelue
Posted by Joyce Dixon-Fyle on 21st April 2016
Monic Emelue, a former student of Iyabo's, wrote: I have known Mummy Fadero since I was about 16 years old and I learnt a lot from her. She taught me English when I was preparing for my SAT and TOEFL exams. She not only taught me English to pass the exams, but instilled in me the benefits of been focused and responsible in life. Mummy Fadero was a great mentor. There is this saying she always emphasized on that I never forgot. She said that' "Childhood of carelessness leads to adulthood of suffering and old age of pain." Mummy Fadero was indeed a wise woman and I thank God for giving me the opportunity to know a great woman like mummy. I will miss her dearly, and may her gentle soul rest in the bosom of the Lord. Amen. Former Student, Monic Emelue
Posted by Joyce Dixon-Fyle on 21st April 2016
Caroline S. Emelue wrote: Tribute to a Dear Mother and a Mentor Dear "mummy" Sister Theresa Fadero. You were indeed a mother, a model and a mentor per excellence. In so many ways you modeled me on how to be a good wife and a good mother. I sincerely admire your patience, humility, honesty, tolerance, forgiving spirit and good leadership. Your friendly interaction with those you knew and those you didn't know remains unique. I may not have all of these attributes but I will continue to aspire to be like you in order to keep your memories in my heart. I remember how you cancelled your activities to come and spend some days with me during my mother's burial. Your presence at the burial was a great honour to me and my family. My dear mummy, I will continue to be proud of you as you remain my mentor all the days of my life. I will miss you so much. May your gentle soul rest in peace. Amen. Caroline S. Emelue
Posted by Joyce Dixon-Fyle on 21st April 2016
Jobi Abitogun wrote: O Death, Where is thy Sting! Death! An act of mercy from GOD Almighty. The day of death is an important appointment in life, so is the 19th February, 2016 an important day to you and to all of us your beloved. You spoke with me and later to my brother on Sunday the 14th February and we agreed you go to the hospital the next day which you walked into by yourself.......and from there to the world beyond. Mere words cannot express the rude shock the news of your death brought me. The thought that I will not see you again in this part of the world is so unreal. It never crossed my mind that you will be gone so soon. Your death has created a vacuum in our hearts, and with a heavy heart I write. But now mummy, you are free, free from the affairs of flesh, free from the fears of this world, free from endless labor and toil, from expectations of both men and GOD; FREE AT LAST. Mummy, Rest on with our Creator, till we meet to part no more. Jobi Abitogun
Posted by Joyce Dixon-Fyle on 21st April 2016
The Parents/Teachers Association of Tessy International Schools, wrote: Tribute to a Complete Mother and Educationist It is an honour and privilege to pay tribute today to a very special WOMAN. Dr. Mrs. T.I. Fadero, (fondly called "Big Mummy") was remarkable in so many ways. She lived her life to the full and touched so many people during her time here with us. We all have a kaleidoscope of memories that we will always carry with us - memories that defined 'Big Mummy', memories that we will always hold dear. In you, mummy, we saw a devoted family woman, the anchor that defined and shaped your life; a friend, who could be counted on and depended on always; a defiant woman and the champion of others, who lived a principled life underpinned by a strong sense of right and wrong; a respected colleague, who shared her expertise with all her staff and mentored many youngsters; a role model and an inspiration to so many. Who can forget your gracious qualities? IT is impossible to pay tribute to you, 'Big Mummy' without recognizing the important role that spirituality played in your life. As we have traveled today through some of the wonderful memories of yours - we come to realize that your quiet faith guided your actions, words, and deeds. It is very hard to say goodbye and we don't want to, but we need to remember that you touched so many people's lives, so positively. Your amazing legacy leaves, Mummy. We miss you - but we remember you fondly - always! Sleep in the Lord. From: The Parents/Teachers Association Tessy International Schools, Port Harcourt.
Posted by Joyce Dixon-Fyle on 20th April 2016
Jide Fadero, Iyabo's son, wrote: A Tribute to my Lovable Mother Mummy, I cannot believe you have gone. I am so sad. The pain I feel is almost un bearable with the thought that I will not hear your voice again, that I will not hear your laugh, that you will not call me on my birthday without fail and most of all I will not see you again. Through all this pain I have to think of how you were a mother to me and how you lived your life. This helps me cope with the pain. As a mother you were perfect for me because you knew instinctively how to take care of me. You knew how to make me laugh, you knew when to scold me, you knew how to love me. As a child you kept me by your side, I went everywhere with you in your peugoet 5o5. Every question I asked you, you knew the answer to. As an adult we were friends, we were partners in crime, but you were still my mum. I used to tell my friends you were a phenomenal woman. You have shown me so many great examples of how to live that I hope I can copy. Your marriage to daddy, how you raised us, how you made friends and how you treated people equally and fairly. I love you mummy with all my heart, you were perfect for me. I know you are resting in peace now and I know you know that I will never forget you. You are with God now, sleep well. Love forever, Jide Fadero
Posted by Joyce Dixon-Fyle on 20th April 2016
Nia Fadero, Iyabo's granddaughter, wrote: Dear God, Thank you for my grandmother and I know she is living up there peacefully with you and that she's watching down on us all. We miss her and will always remember her love to us. Nia Fadero (11 years)
Posted by Joyce Dixon-Fyle on 20th April 2016
Jadon Fadero, Iyabo's grandson, wrote: Dear God, I thank you for the wonderful life you have given my Grandmother. And I know that you will take care of her in heaven. Jadon Fadero (9 years).
Posted by Joyce Dixon-Fyle on 20th April 2016
Bunmi Fadero, Iyabo's son, wrote: My dearest Mummy, you live forever in my heart. Your loving son, Bunmi
Posted by Joyce Dixon-Fyle on 20th April 2016
Folake Fadero, Iyabo's daughter-in-law, wrote: February 19th 2016 is a day I will never forget. The loss of my beloved mother-in-law has been very hard to comprehend. Many cannot understand my feelings of deep grief, especially as the concept of a loving mother-in-law is not a common one in Nigeria. But I have really been blessed. Mummy, or Mrs. F senior as I fondly refer to her, has always been a true mother to me. I am grateful for her love towards myself and my entire family. I miss her greatly and pray that her gentle soul will rest in perfect peace. Folake Fadero
Posted by Joyce Dixon-Fyle on 20th April 2016
Ayo Braimoh, Iyabo's son-in-law, wrote: So sad that someone so good couldn't keep living when so many terrible people continue to. You made friends with everyone you met and liked people far more than what made sense. Nothing I could write could describe the type of mummy was. You were just, simply put, awesome. Rest in peace mummy. we will miss you so much. You truly left the world a lot better than you found it. Ayo Braimoh
Posted by Joyce Dixon-Fyle on 20th April 2016
Yinka, Iyabo's daughter, wrote: My amazing mum. It still seems like a dream to me that you have gone. It seems so unreal that I will never see you again here on earth. You were simply the best mother any girl could ever dream of I thank God for the gift of a precious mum. My wonderful friend, I could tell you anything. I remember we always used to call each other with the latest.gist. You were so kind and loving and so generous. You taught me so many things that I will cherish forever. Even after your death, you are still teaching me. I think God sent one of His angels into my life to bless me. And I will forever remain grateful to God for blessing me with a mum like you. You are the kind of mother all mothers should emulate. A shining example of a virtuous woman. You impacted every life you ever came across. You left a wonderful legacy. You were the grandma of all grandmas! Tolu and Tobi will miss you greatly. You did everything for them. And every time you were around, they could get away with anything. They knew grandma would defend them to the very end. You were also like a friend to them. The three of you would always sit down and talk about things. You even used to help them with their homework. You were so brilliant with them. Mum I miss you so much. But I thank God that even though you are gone, Jesus still lives. He is my rock and He is my strength. He is with me always. God is still on the throne and I know that all will be well.
Posted by Joyce Dixon-Fyle on 20th April 2016
Chris and Funmi wrote: You were truly a virtuous mother, loving, sweet, patient and always calm. The void you've left in our hearts departing this world into glory, only God can fill. We know you are resting peacefully in the Bossom of our loving Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. You will truly be missed. Chris and Funmi
Posted by Joyce Dixon-Fyle on 20th April 2016
Mr. S. I. Fadero, her husband of fifty-two years, wrote: It is difficult to behold that you, my caring wife, are no more, but today it stares me in the face as a glaring reality. Life has its circle: birth, growth and death. God alone knows the best for us mortals. Your death has really transformed you unto the glorious calm of immortality. Even so, I felt so cold and speechless amid bitter tears when I knew of your demise, knowing that I have lost a great person in my life. Your deep faith and God fearing demeanor which endeavoured you to all that encountered you, found eloquent expression in your noble character, impeccable integrity, humility, sincerity, reliability and above all christian charity. These sterling qualities, no doubt placed you on a vantage position that further offered you a golden opportunity and spiritual vote of confidence to serve as one of the Ladies of St.Mulumba in the Catholic Church, a duty you conscientiously discharged. The moments we shared together were so refreshing and motivating. your love for the children you left behind is pleasing and rewarding since death is a necessary end that comes when it must come, I cannot question God for making you pass to the great beyond now that we need you most. Inspired by your faith in Christ, the Conqueror of death, and our hope in the resurrection, I fervently pray the good Lord to grant your most gentle soul eternal repose in His Heavenly Kingdom. S.I.Fadero, Your Husband.
Posted by Joyce Dixon-Fyle on 14th March 2016
Dearest Iyabo, My family joins me in lighting this candle: -- For your incomparable grace, warm friendship and immeasurable generosity to all of us, during our stay in Port Harcourt, Nigeria.(1982-88). Requiem aeternam dona Dei et lux perpetua luceat. Joyce Dixon-Fyle

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