The Stupid Tree....

Shared by William Soo Hoo on April 11, 2021
On Valentines Day, 2000, I had just started working with Jack as a fellow scientist in a really small startup biotech company.  Jack and I would exchange stories about our families and on that day, he asked me what I was getting for my wife.  I naively said, "Oh, Winnie said that she doesn't need any gifts on Valentine's Day, I don't have to buy her anything."  Upon hearing that, Jack gave me this incredulous look straight into my eyes and, without a pause, said, "AND YOU BELIEVED HER???" And then he went on to say, "Boy, not only did you fall out of the Stupid Tree---but you hit every branch on the way down!"    LOL!   Needless to say, I went out that afternoon and bought my wife a nice gift!   .....and she loved it!!!  Thanks for the realistic advice, Jack!  :)   

Apples and Oranges - Teresa Allen

Shared by Peggy Allen on March 14, 2021
Jack grew up in the Big Apple and I grew up in Orange County, it was East meets West.  When I was first pregnant, Jack wanted to name our baby boy "Mickey".  I didn't speak to him for two days, and when he finally asked me what was wrong I told him in tears, I didn't want to name our baby after a mouse!  He looked at me and said, "No, not Mickey Mouse, Mickey Mantle"  to which I replied, "Who is Mickey Mantle?"  

This story reflects out 40 years together, two different people who fell in love and built a life, raised a family and filled it with love, laughter, and tears. Fuck cancer. 

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