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March 3, 2019

i met jack when he work at the local store. he said that he was happy to met me and i was kind os nervous when we met. after a short time together he ask me to marry him i always picture it being very special and beautiful but he did in a pair of cut of shorts white t shirt  he said that when he was walking home you stupid nut why did you do it that way. i was wanted him to redo it he said why once was enough. so may 25 of 1974 we got married. we had are rough times and good times. out of this we have 2 wonderful sons. we did alot of traveling because of his job.sometimes he did more, i would never change anything that we went thru  this may we would have been married for 45 years  he is now with the lord and his parnets and the children we lost  i will always love him and miss more every day    I LOVE YOU JACK AND I CAN NOT WAIT UNTIL WE ARE TOGETHER AGAIN.

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