Let the memory of jACK be with us forever
  • 84 years old
  • Born on September 30, 1929 in Belfast, Northern Ireland, United Kingdom.
  • Passed away on December 19, 2013 in Brighton, East Sussex, United Kingdom.
This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, jACK ZUKOR 84 years old , born on September 30, 1929 and passed away on December 19, 2013. We will remember him forever.
Posted by Carol Zukor on 20th January 2015
Oh Jack I am at the end cant wallk cant look after Brandie stuck in this flat no way out Brandie and I need you so as does Amanda, please send a guardian angel to help us. We need all the help we can get, miss you so so much Jack, can you hear My Way, rest in peace my darling, your balloons are still up but please send us a guardian angel, we need one so muchxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Posted by Carol Zukor on 20th January 2015
Jack darling I will be putting a stone down for you this year however small all our love in the world will be in itxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Posted by Carol Zukor on 19th December 2014
Darling Jack 1year since you went. The world is not the same without you itsw cold and so lonely. Are you with Bogie talking about Casablanca, Hers looking at you kid, and is Frankie talking about Vegas and singing My Way If so you are really in Heaven!!!! Love and miss you so so much rest my darlingxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Posted by Carol Zukor on 13th July 2014
Have to move now, saw beautiful cottages in Mill Hill and maybe 2 bed flat in GG, you should have moved with me, why didnt we? This flat is rotten and so isolated here, I need you for moving, packing up, all your videos tell me what to do, I need you so much, being alone is the end of the world, I miss you so and love you so, where are you?
Posted by Carol Zukor on 13th April 2014
Tomorrow is Pesach, I cant goto Amandas so will try to go to Seder at Also the car is finalling going tomorrow I will missd it so much standing outside and looking at it all thetimSeder at Ralli Hall, its so upsetting gomng aloneAlso the car goes tomorrow for very little, it wil;l break my heart when it goes it was our life, you,. me and Brandie going out and about and now it is all over, my life is completely finished Jack, how I wish I was with youxcxxxxxxxxxxx
Posted by Carol Zukor on 28th February 2014
I felt so depressed today Jack I bought a handbag, I also bought a beautiful Valentino bag just before you died, intended to use it at Christmas, but you never got to see it, and we never had those tapas on New Years Eve. In another life we will do all the things we didnt do this time around.I love and miss you so xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Posted by Carol Zukor on 23rd February 2014
Jack this has been such a bad weekend, I miss you more than ever, I keep expecting you to walk in the door. Cant believ e I will never see you again or talk together and discuss movies, how can I carry on with out you? I will miss and love you forev er, the pain is so deep, you could have had a good few more years if you had seen a consultant and had heart op, but you were too stubborn and so was the doctor, I cantt get over thois unbearable loss, all alone in this flat with Brandie, he send his love tooxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Posted by Carol Zukor on 23rd February 2014
I reget so much not having more years with you, we said we would go to Paris by train, even Vegas somehow, doubt I will ever travel again but if I do I dont travel alone you are there with mexxxx
Posted by Carol Zukor on 7th February 2014
Yesterday was our 47th anniversary, but too upset, fortunely slept all day and spoke a lot about him on phone. I miss you so desoerately my darlingxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Posted by Carol Zukor on 6th February 2014
MY darling Jack today is our 47th Anniversary, I am alone but our love is together, to live in the heart of those you love is not to die, rest my darlingxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Posted by Carol Zukor on 6th February 2014
darling Jack you were too alive to die so suddenly, I love you so and miss you more with every passing minutexxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Posted by Carol Zukor on 6th February 2014
tomorrow our 47th anniversary will put on lovely poemxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Posted by Betty Feit on 5th February 2014
we received that fantastic picture of you both with great joy.You both seem so happy but life is so cruel.I am so sorry
Posted by Amanda Vardi Zukor on 5th February 2014
My sweet lovely daddy I spoke to you nearly every day and I miss you so much rest peacefully and mum will be fine we will look after her love always xxxxxx Amanda
Posted by Zoe Vardi on 4th February 2014
I miss you thinking of you every day xxxxx
Posted by Carol Zukor on 4th February 2014
I love love you forever Jack it will never end, my tears flow so much as I write thisxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Posted by Carol Zukor on 4th February 2014
the world is so dark without you darling Jackxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Posted by Carol Zukor on 2nd February 2014
my darling Jack I just miss him so desperately he was my life partner, he was wrong and had many regrets but was such a good, kind man and he loved me, his daughter and grandchildren so much, not to forget Brandie his beloved dog. My Way by Sinatra is the song he would want as his memorialxxxxxxxxxxRIP my darling I dont think I have any tears left

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