His Life

Jacob Bodenstein - יעקב בודנשטיין ז״ל

Jacob was born on August 26, 1927 and passed away on July 9, 2018. He grew up in Jerusalem with his father Shimon, mother Ayala, and his four sisters: Sarah, Rivka, Shoshana and Leah. He married his wife Batia on February 14, 1956 and moved to Tel Aviv. He had two sons: Ohad & Amir, Grandchildren Karen, Lauren, Tomer and Roni, and a Great-granddaughter Addie. Jacob was a soldier during the Israel Independence war and was wounded in his leg in 1948. From 1979 to 1993 he was a general manager at the Ben Gurion International Airport.

Jacob was a great and devoted father, husband and friend. We all miss him very much!

תנצב״ה - May his soul be bound up in the bond of life