Posted by Brad Chadwick on September 21, 2015
Gosh, how does one decide which memory to leave of Aunt Jackie.... there are SO many fond memories. I think I would have to say LOVE is the best word to summarize them all into one, as i'm sure we all can all safely say we felt Aunt Jackie's love. in all the ways she touched each of our lives and hearts, in the simple things she did each and every day.The fact that we are sharing our memories of her here is testament to the love we all felt for her, and her spirit lives on through our memories of her and how she managed to touch each of us with her love. May each of us pass on the love that she shared with others, as a tribute to Aunt Jackie's memory that she will always be remembered. Miss you always Aunt Jackie. xo
Posted by doug ternowski on November 10, 2011
mom was there for me always , she took me to my hockey games.i enjoyed every minutes she spent with me . I will truely miss her , for ever in my heart she will be . I think till the day i die there wont be a moment i wont cry wishing she was here .......
Posted by Pat Lycett on September 23, 2011
I think there are many adults in this area who owe their early formative years to Jackie. She cared for them,taught them and nurtured them. Now many have children of thier own and use the skills she gave them. A very special lady who will be missed.
Posted by jonathan collie on September 22, 2011
I remember being babysat by auntie jackie for a few years when I was young. My older brother made me eat dog poo in her backyard. When I told aunt jackie she told me I was going to grow hair on my tounge and laughed! So I went to the bathroom and proceeded to shave my
Posted by Marie Scrivener on September 22, 2011
I'll always remember going many places with Jackie. It seemed like she always wanted me along. Often I would stay overnite when they lived on Patterson St. and she would take me to the store, which was on the Gore where the vacuum place is now, to buy penny candy.
Posted by Cheryl Blake on September 22, 2011
Aunt Jackie, my godmother,babysat me,and all 3 off my children. Memories oh.dip it in a motel room in sandusky ohio, making my kids eat mac and cheese with pepper and ketchup, chasing after Don with a fly swatter for years at norfolk. the cocsc and her dedication to the fans...xo
Posted by Leesa Maxwell-Harrington on September 22, 2011
Jackie could sell Nevada tickets, make change, talk to many people....AND still not drop a stitch in her knitting! Jackie was a woman of great dignity. Jackie always had a smile on her face and said hello when she saw you, always asked how you were and waited to hear the answer.
Posted by Karen Noss on September 22, 2011
I remember trying to teach mom how to skate, even using a chair to try to stay on her feet did not work, good thing she had a good patted behind.

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