Shared by Alan Stone on October 15, 2020
In the mid-1980s I helped Jim write a chapter on kinetics for a Stumm-edited book that began with a quote from the Police: "Every bond you break, every step you take, I'll be watching you."  As the younger of the authors, most everyone thought I was behind the quote.  But it was Jim's idea.  He was the one who was passionate about the latest music and poetry.  His curiosity about everything going on around him helped him observe, then get to the very heart of the matter.  With exceptional humor too.
Later in the 1980s, Ken Nealson invited the two of us to give lectures at a Lake Oneida summer field camp.  We were to stay in a farm house that was a considerable distance from the make-shift labs and lecture room, and were given a tandem bike for the commute.  Can you imagine what's it's like to ride a tandem bike with Jim?
I was fortunate for over two decades to work with a close college friend of Jim's at Hopkins, Charlie O'Melia.  During his visits, Jim was always open to hearing whatever was on my mind, always there to offer thoughtful advice and clarity.  (And good books and music too.)  I miss him enormously.

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