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Loved one got married

July 19, 2021
Dad on July 10 2021 my daughter got married.. and I know that you and her other grandpa were watching down on her. Please keep watching and taking care of her

memorial day

May 26, 2014

this cook out is for u and my family that are in heaven, and for those that are still fighting ufor us.. watch over them like u do us...

missing you

March 23, 2014

i had tried to hold back them tears and to be strong for so long it still hurt today.. 11 years that u been gone and on this day like like its happing all over again... daddy i love u and i got a billotte 03 hoodie to wear cuz i never want to forget u....

i love u dad

March 24, 2012

With yesterday being the anniversary of the passing of my dad, there has been so many different emotions going on.. I love my dad with all my heart and that will never change but I don't always remember him this time of year I remember him at every holiday and every story I share with his grandson... So dad I do love u and miss u very much...


Remembering a great guy...

February 2, 2012

I just remember him always being happy and jolly...Gram and Den would always take us over so they could sit and play cards and he loved sitting at the table with his tv on! lol...he was such a nice guy-a genuinely nice guy and will always be missed....

January 1, 2012

I rember at nidnight on this night my dad wld go out anf fire off a round to celerbrat the new year.. in this the new and out with the old....he love to be with his family and have fun...he wld make sure that we wld be happy and new what the new year might bring...and if he didnt know he wld make sure he wld help us through it....i miss watching the ball drop with this is one one the new years that i dont have u here with me, and ur famly....i wish that u cld see the way we grown up and moved on with our lifes.. i hope that u like the way he have grown ...and the pathes that we took...DAD i hope that u like the ppl im with now....i made me a lil happy family.....

fathers prayer

December 30, 2011

Lord, please bless our fathers,
these men who mean so much to us,
who are greatly responsible
for who we are and who we are becoming.
Bless them for having the courage
to do what’s necessary to keep us out of trouble,
for making us do the right thing,
for helping us build our character,
even when it makes us angry;
and bless them for pushing us to do our best,
even when they just want to love us.
Bless our fathers for being our protectors,
for leading us through stormy times to safety,
for making us believe that everything will be all right
and for making it so.
Bless our fathers for quietly making a living
to provide for those they love most,
for giving us food, clothing, shelter
and other necessary and not so necessary material things,
for unselfishly investing time and money in us
that they could have spent on themselves.
Bless our fathers, Lord,
for saving some energy for fun,
for leading us on adventures
to explore the outer reaches of ourselves,
for making us laugh,
for being our playmates and our friends.
Bless them for being our secure foundation, our rock,
for holding on tight to us...until it’s time to let us go.
Lord, bless these men we look up to,
our role models, our heroes,
our fathers.
In Jesus’ name we pray, Amen.

December 30, 2011

Dad, you’re like the sun to me,
a sure thing, always there,
beaming light and warmth on my life.
Whatever is good in me today,
I owe to your wisdom, your patience,
your strength, your love.
You taught me by example,
as a role model,
how to be my own person,
how to believe in myself,
instructing me without controlling me.
Even when we disagreed,
you held us together,
so our bond was never broken.
I understand what you did for me,
and I am so grateful that I have you
as my solid foundation, my rock.
I respect you, I admire you, I love you,
my guiding light, my father.


A little girl needs her daddy
To love her with manly charm,
To soothe her when she’s hurt,
And keep her safe from harm.A girl needs her dad
To show her a man who’s good,
To help her make right choices,
As only a father could.A woman needs her father
Just to be aware,
He’ll always be there for her
To sustain her and to care.You’ve been all these things, Dad.
I hope that you can see
How much I treasure you;
You mean everything to me.
December 30, 2011

You are my hero, Dad
You're my secure foundation.
When I think of you, I'm filled with love
And fond appreciation.You make me feel protected;
I'm sheltered by your care.
You're always my true friend; and Dad,
When I need you, you're always there.You have a place of honor
Deep within my heart.
You've been my superhero, Dad,
Right from the very start

.I love you because you're my father,
But you're really so much more;
You're a guide and a companion;
You and I have great rapport.You pay attention to me;
You listen to what I say.
You pass on words of wisdom,
Helping me along the way.Whenever I'm in trouble,
You always have a plan.
You are the perfect father,
And I'm your biggest fan!

In a time when fathers are totally absent,
gone most of the time,
or physically present but mentally distracted,
you are there for me—
looking at me, listening to me
understanding me, talking with me.
You make time for me
even when it’s inconvenient for you.
You make me feel important to you.I learn from you when you teach me,
when I watch you do things,
and when I observe you
just being you—a terrific father.Every affectionate smile you give me,
every pat on the back, every hug
shows me you love me,
that you’re proud of me.These are things I’ll remember
to do for my own kids.
You’re a great role model, Dad.
I want to be just like you.


life lessons

December 30, 2011
You may have thought I didn't see,
Or that I hadn't heard,
Life lessons that you taught to me,
But I got every word.



Perhaps you thought I missed it all,
And that we'd grow apart,
But Dad, I picked up everything,
It's written on my heart.



Without you, Dad, I wouldn't be
The (woman)(man) I am today;
You built a strong foundation
No one can take away.



I've grown up with your values,
And I'm very glad I did;
So here's to you, dear father,
From your forever grateful kid.

im happy you're my dad

December 30, 2011
I feel safe when you are with me;
You show me fun things to do;
You make my life much better;
The best father I know is you.



I’m happy you’re my Dad
And so I want to say
I love you, Dad.
December 22, 2011
Beth Billottewanted to call you today to say i love you, but your old number is no longer in service. I tried the operator she said sorry i have no number for you. I tried to go to your house, but you don't live there anymore. The post office has no forwarding address. I guess heaven is just too far away. I love you, i miss you. You are in my heart always. Gone but not forgotten Merry Christmas to you.. Put this on your status if there is someone you love who is spending Christmas in heaven and you wish they were down here with you:)..
December 22, 2011

ruth summerville well all i know is he was a great guy like to joke and flirt but most of all if you needed something he was always there to help


yes i know jim was like that always stein but yet softbut most of all he love his family very dearly   he was a great guy and father and husband and i do miss him
December 22, 2011

debra billotte rembers- DAD pickin up holly and puttin holly in a kids pool AND HOLLY WAS WEARING WHITE PANTS

December 22, 2011

holly sission

all i remember is him cooking and joking around all the time,watching and playing with u and jammie

 know it a birthday partyith you and jamie,
December 22, 2011
 Carol Bowser jim was a good man and we miss him very much we have lots of good memories me and dennie like playing bingo and and playing cards and him just being are neighbor we love you jim carol and dennie. please rest in piece  Carol Bowser we call the road he lived on jims road we like to go pass there and think about the good memories we all had
December 22, 2011


It seems like yesterday, You was here..... Its heard to believe it's been 8 years, We miss you more thagn you will ever know,,Your still in our Hearts and Souls.. You lived a Happy life here on the earth..There with a wife and 4 child births... You have worked as a laborer for years....Wife and kids at home with your life and your fears,, You've always made sure you and mom put food on the table,,although there was times you didn't feel able..You always supported your family with out no dout.. There wasn't a time we went without....Things are different now that you are gone.....It's so hard to move on, We sit and talk about the memories we have shared... Of all the cute ways you showed us you cared.....You watch over us from the heavens above....Blowing us Kisses and sending us Your Love...You there haunting me and my sisters and brothers,,,,You must be happy to see us together again....DADDY WE LOVE YOU WITH ALL OUR HEARTS AND SOULS.. SOMEDAY WE ALL SHALL NO LONGER BE APART...        LOVE YOU DAD

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