This tribute was added by Linda Hubel on October 21, 2020
From our first meeting, shortly before Jim's only brother married my only sister, we have been family. When my big adventure began with Wycliffe Bible Translators, Jim and Cora became my very first financial supporters, giving me the confidence that God would provide; after 45 years, I report that He has! Through the years, I have had occasion to trust Jim's wise counsel in times of crisis, to be encouraged by his hopefulness, to be inspired by his breadth of interests, and to receive his unwavering love and friendship. Now he experiences fully the blessings of Psalm 16:11: "You make known to me the path of life; you will fill me with joy in your presence, with eternal pleasures at your right hand." May we who remain be over-comers like Jim Hall!. For Cora, David, Elizabeth, Stephen, and family, we send our love, and we pray for comfort from the Holy Spirit and grace from the Lord Jesus to be with you all.
This tribute was added by Thomas Tipton on October 12, 2020
The thing I admired about Jim Hall was he gave priority of the word of GOD over the traditions of men. His walk was a progressive one, changing his life as he learned, not letting his theological training dictate to him over God’s word and from my viewpoint that rarely takes place. Jim’s desire to communicate the word and support the ministry was tried on many occasions by his physical ailments. However, he continued when many would have given up. When his voice was compromised he turned to short teachings that he sent out on e-mail. He was blessed by the Father with the gift to take a teaching that was vast in nature and make it concise enough, to be read in a couple of minutes.
Jim will be missed for his friendship and his wise council.
This tribute was added by Lydia Lee on October 6, 2020
I will never forget the lessons I learned from Uncle Jim. I cherished the lessons on perseverance, tenacity, creativity, history, and family that I learned from him. He was like a father to me in so many ways and he always encouraged me towards trying my best to honour God in my relationships and my daily life. I will truly miss him and the way he demonstrated love to me with great strength and wisdom. I will miss the talks we had about life and family history. I will miss sharing our love of all things Hall China & how he could always teach me something I didn't already know. I love you Uncle Jim and miss you alot.
This tribute was added by Denise Gabrielle on October 3, 2020
Cora, thank you for sharing the website with me. It was such a joy to meet with you today. He was a man of GOD. You both always were an inspiration when we met on Shabbat...
Im glad I saw you today... I’m glad I can leave a short note expressing how wonderful it was meeting you both, sharing time together, and having conservations with him on Shabbat...

This tribute was added by Margaret Cavinder on October 3, 2020
I have enjoyed reading all the tributes to Jim. My first memory of Jim is when he married my sister Cora. I was 11 years old at the time and it seemed to me the Hall and Van Arsdall family blended easily. I remember lots of holiday get together‘s. I have an especially fond memory about Jim when I grew up and had a family of my own. Back in 1992 when my daughter Ashley was having her second birthday Jim was in town due to business down at the Cape. He graciously videotaped the entire birthday celebration for me. He captured all the little details of the day perfectly!
I am thankful Jim is finally released from his chains of infirmity and is free to explore heaven.
This tribute was added by David Brands on September 30, 2020
Jim and I were college roommates at University of Florida in the mid 1960s. He was talented in so many areas. Jim introduced me to ham radio and coached me until I passed my test for a novice license. On weekends we often played tennis. Sometimes Cora joined in. I occasionally scored a point but don’t recall ever winning a game. In a game of chess he was always a challenge. But most important, Jim was a great friend and honored me by serving as best man at my wedding in 1967. His friendship will be missed.
This tribute was added by Margie McCary on September 29, 2020
From Mason:
The opportunity to have Jim Hall part of my life walk has been a true blessing. Jim’s sense of humor was a real treat to enjoy. His insight into life and personal interaction was a remarkable combination of religious love and intelligent application. I have learned invaluable life lessons and will miss his example of how humans should treat each other
This tribute was added by Edmond Caouette on September 28, 2020
Jim and I performed the wedding for our children. He was a great help. We had times of laughter. Even when we disagreed on issues he was gracious. I see his life impacted many and we are delighted to have his son as our son-in-law and brother in Christ Jesus!
This tribute was added by Mark Christopher on September 28, 2020
Jim and Cora Hall were instrumental in the decisions made to homeschool our children thirty years ago. Jim’s witness as a leader in his home and in the community was always amazing to me. The fruitfulness of his life testifies to a committed walk with the Lord that was deep, bold, and unashamed. It always ministered life and wisdom when drawn upon! Jim’s reward as a “good and faithful servant” should inspire us all by his example.
This tribute was added by Chris Cope on September 28, 2020
I met Jim Hall at Faith Chapel in the 1980s, and became friends with him and his family soon after that. He was very involved and watchful over his family and the Body of Christ too. We took trips together, ate meals together, and even played music together from time to time. He will be missed. 
This tribute was added by Sue Barton on September 28, 2020
Although Jim had many contributions to our society and culture, I believe the greatest accomplishment for he and Cora was helping develop their children and grandchildren. Elizabeth, David and Stephen, along with the mates they chose, are among the sweetest and most godly. They love the Lord. I also see this love for God and man playing out in their children, Jim and Cora's grandchildren.

While being a parent myself, I know that one cannot take all the glory for children who grow up and keep the Lord center of their lives nor should we take all the responsibility for a wayward son or daughter who has wandered off the Father's path. However, these consistent visual results seem to say that Jim and Cora must have consistently run their home by godly principles. 

Thank you, Jim and Cora for your example and faithfulness.

This tribute was added by Charles Nettles on September 27, 2020
I guess we met Jim, Cora, and the family in 1977. In all of the years we have known them, they have always sought God's guidance in their lives. Over the years, Jim always worked to grow as a Christian and he wanted to share what he learned with others. I remember him as someone who was serious about his faith but also fun to be around. One of the things I remember about Jim was his laugh. It was always a joy for us to get together with the Halls. In life we make many friends but few are good friends - Jim Hall was a good friend.
This tribute was added by Sylvia DeVine on September 27, 2020
  Ira and I met Jim and Cora around 1979 when they moved to Huntsville. We attended church with Cora's sister, LIbby and her husband, Mike They came to a fish-fry at our house, and we made friends quickly. We spent many precious times together while we raised our children, and they were the first family I ever met who homeschooled. I was so impressed with their children, that I decided to homeschool, and eventually it became my career. Jim and Cora were so practical in their faith. Always transparent, and always ready to go and help anyone in need. They blessed us with that kind help during a difficult time in our lives, and we have never forgotten it. They were sacrificial givers not just of money, but of time and care. 
  We attended 3 different churches together over a period of about 20 years. We grew in the Lord together as our children grew up, married, and we all became grandparents. Jim was a loving father and an amazing grandfather.
Even though we have not had as much time together over the last few years, this friendship remained precious to us. We will miss Jim, but we know that even though he is absent from us, he is present with the Messiah he so loved. We send our love and prayers to all the family. Precious in the sight of the Lord is the death of his saints. Psalms 116:15
This tribute was added by Yemisi Nelson on September 27, 2020
I have known Mr. Jim Hall for many years and have been so grateful for him and his entire family through the years. The many times of encouragement and visiting their home have been some of the most memorable of my life. The last time I spoke to Mr. Hall, we were in his yard and he insisted on giving me a book that I am still digesting the rich content of as we shared and caught up on news of the past year or two with his daughter Elizabeth at his side. Thank you Mr. Hall, Mrs. Hall, Elizabeth and Dennis, David, and Stephen for your generous and lively conversations through the years. 

The Lord bless and keep you all and be gracious unto you during this time of loss and transition. Love you ALL!!!
This tribute was added by Sleep Talker on September 27, 2020
I remember Jim as a passionate man of God. He was always so eager to talk about Biblical truth and how the Father had blessed him in his spiritual awakening. I am grateful for the opportunity to have known Jim. May his memory be a blessing. 
Christy Ellis
This tribute was added by Dominique Johnson-Jones on September 27, 2020
My mom introduced me to Mrs. Hall in December 2018. It has been a pleasure meeting Mr. Hall and becoming his caregiver. It hasn't always been easy, but I knew Mrs. Hall depended on me to get the job done. As the months and year passed, I began to feel like more than a caregiver. Mrs. Hall has become my dear friend. To see Mr. Hall go through the changes in the past month were saddened, but Mrs. Hall continued to be prayerful and encouraged. When I called as usual everyday after work and learned about Mr. Hall being with the Lord, I was devastated, but I kept hearing Mrs. Hall saying, "He's got a new body and is rejoicing with the Lord". I began to smile and give thanks to the Lord. Mr. Hall will be missed, and I know I will see him again one day.
This tribute was added by Russell Pope on September 27, 2020
I will always remember Jim as a godly man who sought to draw others closer to the Father. Years ago when I was just a high school student, I wanted to know more about God and I was looking for a congregation to be a part of. Whenever I found that congregation, Jim was one of the first people to make me feel like I belonged, and his kindness was part of what made that congregation a home. He was always finding ways of teaching me something new, and his kindness and generosity had a great impact on my life. I am very thankful that God allowed me to know Jim and learn from him, and his memory will always be a blessing.
This tribute was added by Carol Baker on September 27, 2020
Though our paths have not crossed in many years. You and your family have left an impact on my life. For a season in our lives we were close and studied the word together at church and in our homes. I do not mourn that you have gone on to a better place, only that I did not get to see your smile one more time. My prayers for peace are with your sweet family.

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