This tribute was added by Jody Mooney on January 31, 2017
Love and miss you, dad!
This tribute was added by Jody Mooney on August 15, 2016
Happy birthday dad! I miss you and Jimmy deeply! I know the two of ya'll are in heaven together and in no more pain! Wish I could get you one more hug and sit and talk with you one more time! Love you! Xoxo's
This tribute was added by Jody Mooney on January 31, 2016
Well dad, another year has come and gone! Jimmy has now joined you... I will forever be grateful for all the years we had together and memories I will forever hold in my heart! I love you both and not a day goes by I don't think about either of you! Love you both!
Forever in my heart,
Jody Mooney
This tribute was added by Jody Mooney on October 8, 2014
Hey dad! Miss you everyday! Not a day goes by that something reminds me of you! Oh guess what... I live in GA now! :-)
I know that as one of my angel crew you helped guide me here! Thank you! Love you...
This tribute was added by Jimmy Stanfield on January 31, 2013
well pop its been another year , people say it gets easier with time . but people must of never had a father like you. cause it hasn't been any easier on me for two years now... I miss you sooooo much.I just hope that one day I can become a quarter of the man you are. I'll write back in august.. love allways your son...
This tribute was added by Lois Westerman on January 29, 2013
So sorry for Jim's passing, he was always a great competitor. I know his many friends don't know.
We will miss you Jim
This tribute was added by Joseph Thomas on August 26, 2012
I am so saddened by my receintly knowing of passing of what I think was the greatest man. Mr Stanfield was one of a kind, and I loved him. I work at Conns and to be honest when i first met him as a kid I was scared of him(lol). So many words for this man. I'll miss u chief..Jimmy, keep your head up have a great legacy..gonna miss you big dog.i love in piece..
This tribute was added by Jimmy Stanfield on August 15, 2012
Today is your birthday again I love you I miss you so much
This tribute was added by Jimmy Stanfield on February 1, 2012
I allways find myself missing my Dad so very much. The sadness still comes along every day, but the joy in the memories is so dear that it gently pushes aside the sadness. With me always are the wonderful memories and the way he helped to shape my character and morals. Wich is to be an asshole..Like father Like son.. Love You Dad...
This tribute was added by Klayton Stanfield on February 1, 2012
One of the greatest men that took me in as his own came into my life permentally in 2007. He never called me anything but his grandson. Well a few others too, but I knew it was out of love. He taught me things that my mom hated but helped me grow up. Chick-Fila was regular after school when he picked me up from school. I lost my best friend too soon, but I will never forget him. Thank you pawpaw a
This tribute was added by Patsy Stanfield on January 31, 2012
My father-in-law was one of a kind. I love him so much and never would imagine the pain of what it is like for him to leave. I was lucky enough to be holding his hand when he left. I would do anything just to have one more day. I am thankful for having known and been loved by him.

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