Posted by Lyle Rapp on June 21, 2020
As men, all we can do is try our best to help try and create an environment of love and respect for our family. If we have any success at all it will reveal itself later by the love and respect shown by our children. From the looks of it here, James can look down and enjoy his success, maybe even with a cold drink and a little Sinatra on. My sincere condolences to all in the Serro family and especially to Michele. My heart is with you here...
Posted by Michele Serro on July 22, 2019
Happy 80th Birthday Dad. As I think of you today, I will enjoy the memories of times we had together. I love and miss you so much Dad....Cheers!❤️❤️❤️
Posted by Michele Serro on November 15, 2018
How can I have missed my little brother sharing a song on here about our Dad. 7 years later and I can listen to a song that brings me right back to the memory of my Dad and Jimmy.
I love you both so much and miss you both more than words can express.
You were two peas in a pod. You were Father and Son and the Best of Friends all the way to the end.
From your Daughter and Sister, all my love forever and ever.
Posted by Michele Serro on March 22, 2016
Five years have come and gone but the memories stay forever. I'm so thankful that I had time last week to go to Huntington Pier and reflect on the first time I came there with you Dad. The beautiful breeze, the warm sun and the smell in the air brought me back over 40 years ago when Kim and I were just little girls. As I sat on a bench looking out at the beach, I couldn't help but chuckle inside as I watched kids playing in that exact same place that we too played so many years ago. Tasting the salt water(blahhh) and getting seaweed tangled around our feet as we tried to get away from JAWS!!
Such precious memories......who would have thought they would become so special to me many years later.
The time spent with you Dad will ALWAYS remains the best part of my childhood. I love you so much.
Forever in my heart,
Posted by Ridge Cox on July 28, 2015
My condolences and respect go out to the entire Serro family. I do not remember this man who is titled my God Father. But after seeing this page, I wish I would have had the honor to meet him. God bless .
Posted by Michele Serro on March 23, 2015
May this candle burn bright for you Dad as I reflect on wonderful memories of time spent together. It brings a smile to see the great pictures that captured moments I'll never forget. I love you with all my heart Dad
Posted by Michele Serro on March 23, 2014
Dad, Each passing year, you remain in my heart and my thoughts. Memories of times spent together seem like yesterday. I pray that someday we will see each other again but for now I will cherish our time spent together. I love you with all my heart....forever your little girl mishy
Posted by Michele Serro on March 22, 2013
Two Years have passed...still so hard to believe that the only time now that we will have together is the time spent in memory. My prayer is that some day we will be together again as I know that was God's plan from the very beginning. Until then, I will continue to cherish the memories and hold dear in my heart the love that I have for you. You will be FOREVER missed....I love you Dad
Posted by James Serro on July 22, 2012
Happy Birthday to my Dad. still think about you everyday, nothing has benn the same, I miss you so much. . .
Posted by Michele Serro on June 18, 2012
Happy Father's Day Dad...I'm so thankful for the memories that I will cherish in my heart forever. Your spirit lives on in Jimmy,he reminds me of the little things that made you you. One Hen, Two ducks, three squawking geese, four limerick oysters, five corpulent porpoises, six pairs of Don El versos tweezers...I already forgot the rest. I love you Dad
Posted by James Serro on March 29, 2012
Miss you so very much Dad, love you with all my heart and think about you every single day,
Posted by Michele Serro on March 23, 2012
A year has hard to believe.
So many things I remember just like it was yesterday, all the way back to when I was a little girl right to the present. The hugs that left behind a faint sent of your cologne, the jokes that left my cheeks sore from laughing and the love and security I felt in my heart whenever we had time together,I love you and miss you deeply Dad
Posted by Michele Serro on June 19, 2011
Today I celebrate the memories of great times we had together. I hear you say something funny and it makes me laugh inside, I remember the smell of your cologne and the joy of your hugs and it warms my heart. I love you and miss you Dad....
Posted by Kirsty Gallagher on April 10, 2011
Rest in peace. I wish I could of gotten a chance to know you better. You knew me when I was a baby. May GOD be with you and your family. -Ridgeway T. Cox III
Posted by Ron Pontecore on April 9, 2011
Rest in Peace Jim. You will be forever missed but never forgotten!
Posted by Joe Brown on April 8, 2011
Rest in Peace Uncle Jim...You will be missed

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