Let the memory of Janene be with us forever
  • 44 years old
  • Born on January 26, 1966 in Los Angeles, California, United States.
  • Passed away on July 30, 2010 in Rancho Cucamonga, California, United States.
This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Janene Walker 44 years old , born on January 26, 1966 and passed away on July 30, 2010. We will remember her forever.
Posted by Diana Vinson-Porchia on 27th January 2018
Happy birthday my beautiful sis forever missing you sweet angel. R.I.H.
Posted by Andrea McDaniel on 31st July 2017
7th year! It's been an amazing season of healing. Your girls continue to learn from you. TT will be starting college this Fall. Noel is starting kindergarten. Your kids are so incredibly...I can't even think of a single word that describes them. Thank you for being in our lives. We wish you could've stayed longer. Your legacy grows.
Posted by Diana Vinson-Porchia on 26th January 2017
Happy birthday sweet angel R.I.H.
Posted by Andrea McDaniel on 26th January 2017
Happy Birthday BigSissy
Posted by Diana Vinson-Porchia on 31st July 2016
Love u & still missing are sweet angel. Can't believe it's been 6 years, it still hurts to not be able to see u, but absent in the flesh means you are present with the Lord. Loving u always sis
Posted by Andrea McDaniel on 27th January 2016
50! I've been thinking about you all day, of course. So very much missing you on your birthday, but I'm so very glad I got to spend your last with you. Your contribution to my life is amazing. Thank you I love you and miss you always.
Posted by Diana Vinson-Porchia on 26th January 2016
Hi Angel "Pretty Wings" well it's the Big "50th" still missing U sis. 2 Corinthians 5:8-9 Yes, we are fully confident, and we would rather be away from these earthly bodies, for then we will be at home with the Lord. So whether we are here in this body or away from this body, our goal is to please him. Love U always in my heart continue watching over us.
Posted by Stephanie Grimes-Goins on 31st July 2015
How much I miss her........we did not talk or even see each other often but, how amazing our friendship was...........I have cherished our last moments.......how I miss my dear friend......I will cherish and love her always
Posted by Natasha Sookoo on 31st July 2015
Love and miss you always
Posted by Diana Vinson-Porchia on 30th July 2015
Forever in our hearts, truly miss u sis. Love "U" always sweet angel. Today's scripture: Psalms 119:1-2 NLT Joyful are people of integrity, who follow the instructions of the LORD. Joyful are those who obey his laws and search for him with all their hearts.
Posted by Andrea McDaniel on 30th July 2015
Today marks Year 5. We miss you now more than ever. You have 3 granddaughters now. They're beautiful, smart, lovable and fun. Just like you. Your daughters are doing so well. It took some time, but things seem to be coming all together in all our brokenness. Nesha is married now. The wedding was beautiful and, of course, Natasha and Kyrie had a major hand in all that. But you know all this. Thanx for continuing to watch over us.
Posted by Diana Vinson-Porchia on 27th January 2015
Happy Birthday sis thinking of you and missing "U" always. Bday scripture: James 1:5-6 NLT If you need wisdom, ask our generous God, and he will give it to you. He will not rebuke you for asking. But when you ask him, be sure that your faith is in God alone. Do not waver, for a person with divided loyalty is as unsettled as a wave of the sea that is blown and tossed by the wind.
Posted by Andrea McDaniel on 26th January 2015
Pastor Dan has been doing a series on David. It's been pretty good. 1/25 he talked about being humble and leadership. The lesson was about Jonathan's influence over David. He talked about how Jonathan was older and came into David's life to protect David and guide him. It was an excellent lesson. I cried tho. Bcuz Pastor Dan pointed out how David started to make all his mistakes after Jonathan died on the battlefield. As SOON as he said that, my mind flashed to us. I know you understand I'm not putting either one of us anywhere close to the level of those two. We know the many mistakes we've made. Even still. He talked about how David respected Jonathan and how Jonathan loved David. And vice versa. He talked about how they honored each other. And he talked about how David cared for Jonathan's son after Jonathan died. Even still. My thoughts were of you. HappyBirthday BigSissy HappyBirthday.
Posted by Rick Mitchell on 1st August 2014
It has been statistically said that the average person who passes affects 30 people. It is evident that this wasn't true in this case. With all of the love and messages you must have known hundreds of people because you were an above average person in so many ways. Continue to rest in heavenly peace. 5150
Posted by Andrea McDaniel on 31st July 2014
Yesterday was a good day. Just hung out with the family. Nesha and the girls are here. You and The Lord has sent two new beautiful personalities, Noel and Maia. I'm so thankful to be able to be here for them and give a little of what they need. You are forever missed always thought of. LuvU!
Posted by Diana Vinson-Porchia on 31st July 2014
To our angel you are truly missed love you always sis. Forever remembered in my heart.
Posted by Diana Vinson-Porchia on 26th January 2014
Happy Birthday sis still missing you and look forward to seeing you again. Keep watching over us our sweet angel. Love Always Diana
Posted by Andrea McDaniel on 26th January 2014
Hey BigSis! I miss u so much. I don't come to this site so often bcuz the music and slide show make me cry. It's really hard sometimes bcuz I kno they hurt so deeply without u physically here. Well u already kno that. I'm so glad for the time we had with u. As with all things u did, u left a major impression. Continue to loan me ur strength, joy, n love. I really do use it and some days I feel like I'm running out. I still need u. Rest in peace Luv. Someday we'll party together again.
Posted by Jan McDaniel on 26th January 2014
Happy 48th Birthday to my number one daughter. There is not a day that goes by that I don't think about you. I know that you are partying up there. We love you and miss you very much. Continue to look down on us. Kiss my mother for me. I can never write too much for the tears. Love You.
Posted by Marlicia Woods on 26th January 2014
Happy Birthday Big Cousin! You remain in my heart and thoughts. In fact, just Tuesday I re- read one of our old funny emails! I miss you for me b/c you were my favorite cousin, but I especially miss you for your girls, your grandchildren, Auntie and Uncle, and your sisters and brothers. I keep each of them in my prayers for their continued emotional healing. I know that in spirit, you've never left any of our sides... thank you for that. Your memory gives us reason to smile! I love you and know that your birthday celebration is AMAZING today! Give my hubby and Grandmommy a kiss from me. I've asked The Lord to deliver my kiss to you!
Posted by Diana Vinson-Porchia on 31st July 2013
Sis, Still missing you and you will never be forgotten, there are so many memories cherished. Love you always Diana
Posted by Marlicia Woods on 30th July 2013
3 years later...still missing you Big cousin! My confession is that I still read your old emails stored in my work computer; they make me feel a little closer to you. Please give Grandmommy and Big J a hug and a kiss from me and keep a pair for yourself. I love you so much. <3
Posted by Andrea McDaniel on 30th July 2013
3 years! So much has happened -good and bad. We miss you dearly. Well you already know the news. You have #3 coming. BigNani times 3! Aija still talks about you but knows she can only see you in her heart. ❤ LuvU MissI
Posted by Samantha Grimes on 30th July 2013
Hello my Beautiful Angel. 3 years today, still... this feels unbelievable. I love you MaMa J. Keep watching over us please. .RIParadise My Love....
Posted by Franklin Abram on 16th March 2013
To my great cousin or sister when i felt i finly found you i learn what happen. Today i still miss you whish you, and i could talk one more time. My mother Ruby cried when Germaine told her what happen to you. My sister Germaine was said as well. First my grandmother in 2004 then learn about you. My cousin my sister mist you much love you always someday we will see each other again.
Posted by Diana Vinson-Porchia on 27th January 2013
It's your special day, you bring so many memories to thought. It was a day spent with your family and wow how the girls are little you lol. Even though you are not here in flesh you still have a special way of making it known that you are here watching over us. Love ya sis "Furious 5"
Posted by Marlicia Woods on 26th January 2013
Another year has passed, yet the love in my heart for you remains the same. Still the best Big Cousin hands down! Don't you ever forget it. Happy Birthday to you Janene! I know that your celebration in heaven is one fit for one of His greatest creations! I miss you my dear cousin.
Posted by Andrea McDaniel on 26th January 2013
Oh my! It's your birthday. I've really missed you. Your girls are good. Well as well as can be expected. Nesha has two babies. Satin juggles work, college, n basketball. TT is a teenager with all the sass. Mom is strong. We're the same age this year. Never ever imagined this would be our reality. You'll always be my BigSissy! MissU LuvU ❤
Posted by Andrea McDaniel on 8th January 2013
I really miss you. Noel Janene Cunningham is ur second grand baby and just like Aija she looks just like you. LuvU MissU! ...NeedU
Posted by Andrea McDaniel on 23rd August 2012
I just stopped by to look at some of the pictures. I'm always thinkin @ u and the girls. It's such a different ? There's not a name for it. Zakiya is a senior now. TT's bouta be a teenager -attitude and all- we see u everywhere it's just ? No word for it again. Nesha bouta have ur 2nd gbaby I remember u won't let me call u grandmother. I luv u BigNani MissU
Posted by Diana Vinson-Porchia on 30th July 2012
Nene you are forever in our hearts, we will always miss you in flesh & in spirit continue watching over us until we meet again. Memories are treasured and kept alive. Loving you always sis the "Furious 5" Di, Sonya, Cheryl and Millie
Posted by Marlicia Woods on 30th July 2012
With the amount of loss in just the past two years, I still struggle to understand God's reasoning behind your early departure. I pray everyday that in time the hearts of our family will be a little less heavy but for now, the weight seems to be a bit much without you, my hubby, or Grandmommy. Your memory will always be held high and you will forever be the best big cousin ever! I love you
Posted by Jan McDaniel on 30th July 2012
Two years ago today and it still hurts. I hope I can get thru this tribute thru the tears. There is not a day that goes by that I don't miss you. I love you sooooo much. The family is adjusting as best we can surrounded by friends. TT got all "A's" on her last report card; Satin got a promotion on her job; and Nesha's expecting another girl. Keep watching over us. Love U - Mom
Posted by Dino Dennis on 30th July 2012
May her soul rest in peace and we all will miss her. Jan and Rob, stay strong. God bless you. Life must go on.
Posted by Rick Mitchell on 30th July 2012
Remembering... Continue to rest in peace and watch over us with all of God's other angles.
Posted by Diana Vinson-Porchia on 16th May 2012
Went to see you on Mother’s Day miss you so much. I know God has a set time for all of us, but it’s so hard to believe you went home so soon. We will see you again when God calls us home and we know your having a good time. We see how strong the girls, mom, Rob, and family are, even though deep inside they miss you terribly. It’s a trip how the girls look like you in different stages of your life.
Posted by Sonya Lanier on 28th April 2012
Hey you... :) Millie,Diane and Cheryl said hi....You are FOREVER missed. We love you.. (Furious 5 FOREVER)
Posted by Rob McDaniel on 22nd March 2012
Hey Babe, just thinking about you.
Posted by Patricia Wren on 27th January 2012
Happy B-Day Janene. We will always be connected. You and my baby were babies together. 30 minutes apart. Will never forget you. Love always
Posted by Anna Ayvazian on 27th January 2012
Happy Birthday J!!! Miss you friend... miss time spent together, the laughter, the tears, the warmth, your greens (hehe)... I see YOU in the eyes of your beautiful daughters... They are growing and maturing and establishing in their lives how you would want them. I know you are proud... as we all are... I know that we will meet again when the Heaven is ready to accept me... <3
Posted by Andrea McDaniel on 27th January 2012
HappyBirthday!!! We had our second birthday dinner in your honor. It was nice but really hard at the same time. I really miss you. I continue to look out for your girls. They're holding it together very well. Still there are many many moments of mourning. Anyway, I love you and think of you all the time. We're moving forward and always carrying you close. Thank you for being in my life.
Posted by ELLA TOWNSELL on 26th January 2012
Happy Birthday Janene. I just know there's a big party going on up there and everyone is celebrating you and your day. Say hello to my brother and both of you RIP.
Posted by Kevin Hall on 26th January 2012
Happy Birthday....Now this is one of the places I dont like to really come visit you at because with the claming music in the back gound it lets me know U were gone to soon....RIP My Love Kev
Posted by Jan McDaniel on 26th January 2012
It’s still hard for me to believe that 46 years ago today, I gave birth to you and 44 years later you were gone. If tears could build a stairway, and memories were a lane, I would walk right up to heaven to bring you home again. My heart still aches in sadness, and secret tears still flow - what it meant to lose you, no one will ever know. Missing you much – Happy Birthday
Posted by Rob McDaniel on 26th January 2012
Love you babe
Posted by Rick Mitchell on 26th January 2012
If you were hear I would have wished you a happy birthday at the very least by text or email but most likely in person if you were out celebrating on the set with your crew of dedicated friends and club. It is still very obvious that you were loved and cared for by so many. I hope and trust that as much as they miss you dearly, they know you want them to live their life. Watch over us!
Posted by Rick Mitchell on 31st July 2011
It's been a year. On a brighter note, friendships of people who knew Janene have become closer. We look after them Janene and enjoy time with them. Las Vegas really isn't that far because the visits are frequent. May you continue to rest in peace. Rick-5150, Pres, Pyrate Ryderz
Posted by Andrea McDaniel on 31st July 2011
Today was a good day reminiscing about you. MissU!
Posted by Reisha Bates on 30th July 2011
RIP Nene..... gone but never 4gotten!
Posted by Sonya Lanier on 30th July 2011
Janene..Furious 5 Miss you so much...Keep watching over us .

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