Shared by Joyce Mcdonald on April 11, 2019

Janet was brilliant even as a child. It was us 4 older children that had to wash dishes for a week. That was great , Daddy and mother let us know we would have a month off.             How ever Janet thought of way where she would never have to be a part of choirs. She asked me to do her dishes I laughed and said no.               My brother Laverte who at that time we didn’t get along.  She called me and whispered you wanna get Laverte back?   Forgetting about the dishes , I said yes!!! She said here’s an egg he’s sitting under the window , throw it on his head. I said no ima get in trouble . She said no one will know but me. So I threw it.  She laughed and putting up one eyebrow said “ I’m telling mother” no I cried . She said will you do my week of washing dishes ? I said YES. . 

Goes by so fast

Shared by Laureen Sabella on August 10, 2017

She reached out to so many.  I have to thank this site for the reminder emails.  The years and days pass by quickly.  She was gone too soon.  But somehow is not gone. I don't really believe that.  I just think we don't understand.  

Janet, The Seattle Years

Shared by Paula Boggs on July 14, 2017

I can't exactly recall how or where I first met Janet but it was definitely at a Loren Miller Bar Association Meeting, an organization of African-American lawyers mostly based in Seattle. It was the early/mid 1990s  and Janet was an associate at the large and prestigious law firm, Davis Wright Tremaine.  Janet was different, sophisticated yet earthy and sporting a 'fro when most of us black chicks were doing something else. To put it politely, Janet was not a "neat freak" -- clutter absorbed her tiny apartment back in the day.  She loved Chris Isaak and my abiding memory of her home is inextricable from his haunting songs. We hung out together a lot and then she was gone. Poof.  Somehow we reconnected briefly via email after I moved to Austin and she to Paris.  For work I traveled to Paris in the late 1990s.  We almost saw each other but didn't.  Again we lost track.  Every once in a while I'd hear a Chris Isaak song and ask myself, I wonder what ever happened to Janet McDonald?" In early 2008 I googled her, only to learn of her passing a mere few months before.  I had no idea of her life and success as a writer.  I'm so happy she found it and it found her. Janet's star will always burn bright and I'm so grateful I got to touch it.

10 Years

Shared by Laureen Sabella on April 11, 2017

10 years passed.  Doesn't seem possible.  Time to re-read Janet's books.  

Shared by Laureen Sabella on January 25, 2016

I remember not believing that Janet was really going to transition over to where we don't know where, but if there's a heaven she's in it.  I had been an email friend because of a blogging site.  I wrote half-crazy stuff under a man's name.  She befriended me and then I read all of her books.  Before she passed she was reading The Life of Pi.  So I went to a bookshop so I could read it, too.  I then got the news that she passed.  I had finished the book.  I was so distressed, but forced myself to go to my tai chi class.  I said, "Janet, just let me know that you are okay."  

The tai chi teacher said, "Okay, class, we are going to do a new move today.  It is called Embrace the tiger, go back to the mountain."  I was shocked.  That was the ending of the book.  The tiger went back to the mountain.  I couldn't believe what I just heard, but I smiled and knew that Janet had let me know that she was okay.  I guess I'm still crazy.  That tai chi teacher had not given a new move in a loooong time.  So maybe it's all a weird coincidence.  

Janet would get a kick out of it though.  I liked that she liked cowboy hats.  I do, too.  She still makes me laugh out loud and cry tears, too.


My Dear Janet

Shared by Deb Jackson on August 10, 2013
We celebrate you today! Happy Birthday! Yet another year has gone by. I miss you so much. No longer here to see how things have changed. The lives of your little "Checker Girls" who are now grown women with familes of their own. The way Brooklyn as you knew it has a whole new flavor. How I now have six little people calling me grandma. The summers are shorter; an African American President of the United States. Oh God you've gone too soon and I miss you and will always celebrate you!

My Sis

Shared by Deb Jackson on April 11, 2012

I remember when Janet and I was skating in the back of the building.  Of course, Janet thought she was a pro in every thing. She tried to spin around on skates and she fell and slid right under the bench. We were so young!


Janet I miss you so much! I rationalized your absence from my life by thinking you were still  in Paris. But it's been too long now that you just haven't showed up like you used too. I love and miss you.

Janet A wonderful daughter loving sister fun auntee and a freind to all who struggle

Shared by Joyce McDonald on August 10, 2009
Fun memories of Janet AKA Necha

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