her Life

The end

In 2006 Janette and Alan embarked on the trip of their lives when they packed up and towed their caravan around Australia for 12 months. Janette absolutely enjoyed this trip and she left a mark with everyone she met, leaving a trail of new friends scattered around the country. Janette spent the last 10 years in her beautiful home in Wellard. Janette loved walking Fergus around the fire breaks and spending Sunday afternoons reading books over looking the gum trees that surround the home. Janette was always a 'glass half full' type of girl and met every challenge with a smile and determination. When she was diagnosed with cancer the week before Christmas in 2008 she was determined she was going to fight it with her smile and positive attitude. In her last months, and weeks for that matter, she continued to make the most of all that she could, including family picnics, watching Anthony play footy or enjoying a Sunday drive and pub meal in the FJ. More recently Janette hosted a very successful Cancer Foundation morning tee. No one can deny that Janette's passing was before her time and she still had so much to offer the community and her family. She will be dearly missed by her family and always remembered as loving, caring and selfless. Her glowing personality and contagious smile will never be forgotten.

Marriage and Grandchildren

ater in life as Dan married Marnie and Anthony married Leah, Janette and Alan have been lucky enough to enjoy the gift of grandchildren. Dan and Marnie provided Janette with 6 loving grandchildren starting with Lachlan, then Cody, Niamh (Neeve), the twins Max and Blake and most recently Isla. Janette was a loving and patient Nanna always available to read a story, play a game of cricket or be a patient for a doctor of the future.

Adult life

As Dan and Anthony become older and more independent, Janette had more time on her hands and decided to apply for a teller’s position with Challenge Bank. It was here where her true potential and capabilities were recognized and before long Janette had progressed from teller to a well respected branch manager of Westpac Bank. There was one time, not long after her appointment as a manager, when she rang Alan to tell him that she had been 'held up at the bank'. Once Alan picked the phone up from the floor he realized she meant she was running late and would be home soon!! In typical fashion Janette was unselfishly involved in charity events through the bank. Janette loved the outdoors and while the boys were growing up (as well as after) camping trips around the state were not uncommon. It was during one of these many trips away where the family nickname of ‘Flossy’ was born. In keeping with her adventures outdoors Janette partnered Alan as navigator in off road buggy competition racing through WA bush and farm land at speeds inexcess of 170km/h. L

The beginning of family life

Alan and Janette married in September 1981 in a lovely backyard wedding in Medina. Nine months later Anthony was born in June 1982 and by 1984 the young family had moved into their family home in Calista Avenue, Calista. They lived here for 15 years and as the boys got older Janette was a supporting and devoted mother to her boys' sporting lives. Whether it was driving Anthony around searching for the perfect wave or taking Dan to Mandurah or Wanneroo for his tennis tournaments, she always made herself available. Most Sundays during this period were spent at Bibra Lake Speedway. Whilst always supporting Alan or the boys in competition, Janette was heavily involved as a club secretary, time keeper, machine examiner or canteen volunteer and quite often all at the same time! She was always a smiling face at the speedway offering help or assistance to anyone at any time. It was also during this time when Janette worked at Thelma's local sports store 'Hub Family Sports' and quickly become known as a friendly and approachable person within the community.

Teenager to young adult

Janette was enrolled in Kwinana High School. It was here that she met Alan and their life long relationship started. In July 1978 their first son Dan was born. Although a young mother Janette was capable and loving.

The beginning

On Friday the 18th of December 1959, Janette Mary McClure was born. She was the third daughter to John and Patricia, and younger sister to Susan and Angela. They lived in South Hampton, England until 1962 when they immigrated to Western Australia. Settling in Medina, Western Australia, Janette attended Medina Primary School in her youth.