Satnam Ji

Shared by Devta Singh on December 15, 2019
  1. Satnam Ji A Beautiful Family. I'm very sorry for your loss and I pray that when I meditate that you be healed as well as your family
  2. Love heals it is in the palm of your hand I think we should take it
  3. Love you Devta


Shared by Geegee Baird on June 19, 2019

Truth, we are all lost without you!! GOD is holding us. It says write story about you. Truth your smile says it all!! Handsome wonderful, out going, loved by all. I can hear you saying,” geegee, that’s me!! I the favorite!!” Our beach trip last week was to celebrate you being  first Baird boy to  graduate from high school. I so proud of you, that’s why my name is Proud Baird on Facebook. I Proud of all my family!! Truth we all love you!! I failed you. I should of helped you!! Why?? JESUS!! LORD GOD please forgive me. Hold Truth!!! Love you Truth forever!! Praying to see you soon in heaven! Love you forever always!! Geegee


Shared by Geegee Baird on June 16, 2019

GOD Blessed us with you for a time on earth but you will forever be in our hearts!! 

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