All that love could do was done...
  • 36 years old
  • Born on November 9, 1974 in Newcastle, Wyoming, United States.
  • Passed away on August 6, 2011 in Guernsey, Wyoming, United States.
This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Jason Bordelon 36 years old , born on November 9, 1974 and passed away on August 6, 2011. We will remember him forever.
Posted by April Hill on 10th November 2015
Four of your birthdays have gone by now without you here. Since August I have been thinking of you lots. Happy birthday.
Posted by Connie Bordelon on 6th August 2015
Well, we've made it through the 4th year, hon. We keep waiting for our hearts to feel a bit lighter, but it just doesn't happen. Flashbacks continue of the day we got the 'call' from the coroner, Dad going in and 'verifying' it was truly you, the funeral home decisions, the utter shock (even though you tried to warn us), the bitter-sweet memories, reminders of our sweet & funny son, the gravesite, etc. etc. It all still seems like a horrible dream, but it's not. I only have to talk about sixty seconds about you, and the tears fall. I know it's God's plan that you left us on August 6, 2011, but as mere humans, we still don't understand. Keep smiling our dear Jas and we're trying hard to do the same. Cody's 19th birthday is today, and we're trying hard to help him have a happy one. Thankyou to our dear April for setting up this web page in your memory. Our hearts are espcially heavy this year, too, because our beloved family dog, Pete, died on July 15th. I'll never get past how quiet death is. He was a member of the family, as you know. But, just as we were blessed to have you for 36 years, we were blessed to have him for almost 14. We'll love and miss you forever, Jas Love, Dad, Mom, Tonjia and Lacey.
Posted by Connie Bordelon on 10th November 2014
Our precious son. We choose to picture you happy and smiling and playing with chldren in God's beautiful heavenly home, happier than you ever imagined life could be in your eternal life. Every day is happy now, not just a few days a year, such as your birthday. The big 40. You'd have loved being the center of attention on your special day, though. So, please cherish every day with Alyssa and others until we meet again. I long for the day my tears and aching heart will end. We'll love you forever, Dad and Mom
Posted by April Hill on 9th November 2014
Happy birthday to you today. I can't believe that you would be turning 40 today. ❤ April
Posted by April Hill on 6th August 2014
Another year has gone by that we have missed you terribly. I still think of you nearly everyday. I still wonder about that day. Were you happy, were you sad? Would I have made a difference? I will never know, I have to keep telling myself that "All That Love Could Do Was Done." Until we meet again....
Posted by Connie Bordelon on 6th August 2014
Well, 2014, the 3 year mark. Unbelievable, still. A day never goes by without you in our hearts. It's your nephew's 18th birthday and he misses you very much, too. The way we think, you should be here. But, God had other plans, I know. You'd have been 40 this year on the 9th of Nov., but it wasn't to be. I do feel that you're happy in heaven, but that eases the sadness only slightly. Gone-but never forgotten, Jas. I love you, we love you, Dad, Mom, Tonjia, Lacey, and Cody
Posted by April Hill on 28th April 2013
I've been thinking of you more than usual lately. Your mom and Tonjia come by on my birthday and brought me a gift. A beautiful charm bracelet; and it is perfect! It has the birthstone of everyone I hold the closest to my heart - my dad, my son and you. I have always known where you got your kindness and compassion, but even more so since you have been gone. How I miss you....April <3
Posted by April Hill on 10th November 2012
Another birthday has passed without you here, it still isn't easier than the first one. I was one who refused to be prepared for the day of your early passing. I knew it's what you wanted but it wasn't what I wanted nor what anyone else who loved you wanted. Missing always...
Posted by Lacey Bordelon on 9th November 2012
Kind, compassionate, goofy, loved animals, loved children, forgave quickly and easily, a lover not a fighter. These are just a few of the characteristics I miss in my brother. Yes Mom- I'm sure they are partying in heaven- too many lives lost too soon but I'm sure they are all at peace, free from pain.
Posted by Connie Bordelon on 9th November 2012
cont. But, instead, I left your candles on your grave. It's not right. It's all wrong. You tried to prepare us that you wouldn't live to be old, but as those who love you more than life itself, we refused to believe it. But, you were aware enough to know it. I pray that you and Alyssa and Jolene and Jason, etc. are having a big party in heaven. Life will never be the same. Mom
Posted by Connie Bordelon on 9th November 2012
My beloved son. I should be baking you a cherryless pie today and putting a 3 and an 8 candle on it. You always loved your birthday. I now realize that you loved your birthday as you got older because it was a one-way gift giving event, so you didn't have to worry or feel guily for not having a gift to give. You LOVED getting clothes ever since you were old enough to know what it was.

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