his Life


Sweetheart you were more then my son and that day they layed you in my arms my heart melted, just like the blue jays are drawn to each other also their babbies You were drawn to me like glue you will be forever missed my baby love mom

I love you jason

<p>I will love you forever hunny, your the one that I've been dreaming about all my life and finally got what I was looking for and they took you away from me I don't know how I can go on your the only love that took my heart away the very first day we met, Jason you were the best man and a wonderful father to our son, I'm not sure what I will say to him I will try my very best hunny I miss you so and won't ever let you go you with be in my heart forever sweetheart, my Jason love you with all ours heart and soul your watching us from above your an angel now hunny love you Candace and jackĀ </p>