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March 29, 2012

she was the beats gandmonther in the wrold and there was time win she was the alone one that i could go to win i need someone to talk to she made me samile win you need to and she always put you on the raod and would go out the way for someone and always made you feil like you were always weome 

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March 25, 2012

To my beautiful Nana-

My mom spent my whole life telling me that I was just like you and everyone else always said that I was just like her. I guess that means that the 2 of you were more alike than either wanted to admit.  Now that you are together again,  save a place for me and know that you will always be remembered and loved.  Although I did not tell you anywhere near enough, I have always been proud to tell people that I am Jean Cason's oldest grandchild, and almost every early childhood memory I have is about you.  I love you and will miss you with all my heart 

Beloved Mother

March 25, 2012
You will always be in our hearts Mama. We are sure you are up there raising HELL with everyone. Tell everyone hi for us too. We had SO many wonderful times over the years. We will always remember you as the beautiful vibrant feisty woman you were. They are getting a treasure, as we are losing you. YOU WILL BE MISSED SO MUCH, WE LOVE YOU MAMA. Goose & Debi

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