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Merry Christmas Daddy!

December 30, 2011

Please forgive a personal and less than jolly holiday season status, but my dad has been on my mind. For the past 4years, speaking to him via telephone was a daily thing. Its been 6months since his passing....…I remember 1 week before his death, he told me he love me and we share personal info, between us.... said a final goodbye. They say that time heals all wounds, but I’m not so sure. Perhaps i...t does apply a soft lens and some sepia tones to ones memories.

There are certain times and life events during which the absence of loved ones is most acutely felt. Thanksgiving and especially Christmas (him and I would fight because he needed to be at the midnight mass service from 7pm and Mass don't start untill 9pm). I’ve found rank high among these. So at this joyous time of year, please indulge me a very brief sad moment. It’s just that I do so wish my father could be with us….. could see his grandchildren and Gordon can give him his famous lick on the head. R.I.P. Daddy!

Death is only the beginning

June 4, 2011

Growing,all of of my memory of you have always been peaceful and joyful,you always spoke in a calming voice,always gaving me sound advice,you maybe gone but your memory will live in all you touched and motivated forever.

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