Great Memories

Shared by Rob Kauscher on February 3, 2020
I grew up friends with David, Jeff’s son. The Skeggs house was always a welcome place for us to gather and spend time. Mr. Skeggs was always playing music and interesting to talk to. We enjoyed his company and teasing him about his love for his car, that we called the Millennium Falcon. 
Our senior year of high school David qualified to the state swimming championships with David competing in one event which took approximately 22 seconds. Mr. Skeggs joined the other parents to stand in line in the cold for hours to save seats. I’ll never forget my dad told him he didn’t have to wait with them considering how short Dave’s race was and that after awhile he had done more than his share, but he stayed out there and went back for more. It meant a lot to my dad and I thought it showed the type of person Jeff Skeggs was. 

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