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Tribute to Jennifer

Shared by Roseline Igwe on February 28, 2021
She's such a wonderful woman with a soft heart.  She was my coworker who was there for me when my husband passed away. I called her Ms. Thomas. She always cared for people and always told me about her grand daughter. May her soul rest in peace. She will be deeply missed. 
Shared by Errol Martin on February 23, 2021
My dear sister and friend, your passing has created an empty spot in our friendship that no one else can fill.
     It is my humble opinion that you have gone far too soon; but just remember.... we shall have eternity to make up for the temporary loss.
      To the bereaved family, take heart, the getting up morning is not far distant.....until then may our hearts keep on singing.
Shared by Kleen Deen on February 22, 2021
To one who bares the sweetest name, some call her her sister, aunt, niece, cousin, friend, in-law however she was a child of God called JENNIFER. She’s gone but will not soon be forgotten, she’s left behind a torch for us to carry on. To love, to laugh, to care, to give, to NOTwork as hard as she did. So let’s rise to the occasion and honor our dear Ms Margaret (as I loved to call her).

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