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October 25, 2013
I worked with Jenna at aapt, her constant smile and positive nature always rubbed off on me any time we passed each other during any day at work. I remember Jenna had moved on to other companies and I would bump into Jenna in Brisbane from time to time. The first thing I would see as Jenna was coming towards me was her infectious smile, her face would light up not at the prospect of saying hello which we did but because it was her nature. Everyone who visits this site and sees Jenna's photos will always see the same smile. it made a difference, the conversations were often brief but I always walked away feeling a little more positive and just better at having spoken with and seen Jenna. These are the little things that make people special. Jeena made a positive difference to people's days without even knowing she had done so. I think of Jenna often because of her nature, her photos allow me to reflect on this and I still feel the positive influence she made. It still does. A natural ability to impact people in a positive way just from being you is rare. Everyone who knows Jenna was lucky to have done so. Thanks Jenna.

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