Jennifer Ibe
  • 11 years old
  • Date of birth: Sep 22, 2000
  • Date of passing: Jun 3, 2012
Let the memory of Jennifer be with us forever
This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Jennifer Ibe, 11, born on September 22, 2000 and passed away on June 3, 2012. We will remember her forever.
Memorial Tributes
This tribute was added by Ike Ibe on 3rd June 2017

"Jenny my loving daughter, it's five years but it seems like five days. The reality of your departure with your mum is still like a mirage. We are just holding on to your memories. Jess and I are still struggling but trudging on. Jess was very sad on 26th of May because you and your mummy were absent at her graduation. But I told her you were present and happy for her. Keep resting in peace with your mum in God's bossom. Continue to pray for us."

This tribute was added by weremara okwulehie on 3rd June 2017

"Hi jenny I remember you today not with fear and confusion anymore but with strength and hope . So much has happened since you left with your mum . I choose to have fond memories from now on  no more bitterness toward a foolish government or money minded cooperations but with love in my heart for the things you lived for.God bless you"

This tribute was added by weremara okwulehie on 3rd June 2017


This tribute was added by Rosemary Ekeada on 22nd September 2016

"1 Corinthians 13:12. "For now we see only a reflection; then, we shall see face to face."
Happy. Happy. Happy. Happy. Happy. Happy. Happy. Happy. Happy. Happy. Happy. Happy. Happy. Happy. Happy. Harrrpppyyy birthday nwa Chineke! Holy air kisses to your mum!
To God be glory, in Christ Jesus. Amen."

This tribute was added by Ike Ibe on 3rd June 2016


June 3rd 2012 should never have been created. When I see God, I would ask Him why He made that day. That day, a combination of factors including corruption of the system made it the worst day in the history of my family. That was the day a Dana airline flight crashed and killed my dear wife Nancy Ibe and my loving daughter Jennifer and 151 others including my wife's relation Mrs Maria Okwulehie. The agony and pain will never go away easily. I pulled my wife and children away from our comfort zone in America to Nigeria to see if we will help to make Nigeria a better society. My friends told me I was crazy. They were right. This is the result—June 3rd. Nancy was the beacon of light in our family. Jennifer was the sunshine in our lives. As we mark the fourth year of their transition today, Jessica and I with the entire Ibe and Okwulehie families thank you all for your continued prayers. May their souls and the souls of all faithful departed continue to rest in peace. Amen."

This tribute was added by Rosemary Ekeada on 3rd June 2016

"Hi Jenny, miss your mum. Been learning from the Word that I should be rejoicing instead as both of you are resting in Christ Jesus.  Have to believe, so that my name will be written in the Book of Life.

For the cause of your untimely deaths: man's wickedness, man's failure to acknowledge Jehovah God, God forgive mankind today.

Thank you God for answering and starting  to heal the world! In Jesus mighty name I have prayed. Amen.

Christ's Holy Spirit continue to offer comfort to all pertaining to Nancy and Jennifer. Thank you for shielding and protecting all of us from further harm . In Jesus mighty name. Amen."

This tribute was added by Itss Danielle on 26th November 2015

"Hey Jennifer! It's been awhile, y'know? Time goes by really fast nowadays, I wish you were here so I could just talk to you about life and all the unraveling thoughts that go through my mind. Can you believe I'm graduating high school in a few months? I'm thinking of going to college in New York or I might just go to Atlanta--- it's hard to tell where I might just end up in a couple of months. I've been back and forth in Nigeria, having faith of reconnecting with your dad and Jessica. Sometimes I wish you could just tell me that you're proud of me and I get really sad because, I miss your voice a lot.
   But then, I'm reassured by God about how proud you are of me. There's not a day that goes by where I don't think about you, and the memories we shared. You were such an amazing person & you inspired me so much while we were still kids. I'm almost 17, and I tell myself all the time that it's time to put on my "big-girl" pants & stop questioning God for taking you and your mom. I'm happy that you both enjoy God's presence everyday & as it is Thanksgiving Day, I want to let you know that I am very thankful for the times we shared. The times we cried together, laughed together, played together, learned together, ate together, watched tv together, and etc will NEVER be unappreciated. I miss you everyday but, I'm glad you can see how far I've come. Three years ago, I was broken & didn't care about life or the world. Today, I won't say I'm completely healed however, I am a stronger person than I was when I found out about your death. Thank you for being one of my greatest best friends ever, and I will continue to work and strive to make a difference in the lives as others as you've done in the lives of the people who'll always love you."

This tribute was added by jessica ibe on 26th November 2015

"Hey Jennifer, to be honest life in this world means nothing to me since you and mom are gone, but now me n dad r now in Atlanta starting life afresh, rest in peace and happy thanksgiving"

This tribute was added by Chinwe Russell on 29th September 2015

"Hello Lil Jen, hope you and mama are doing great and watching over us. Your aunty Chinwe.
I still hear your comment and I use them often. You always said, NOT ON MY WATCH !"

This tribute was added by michelle webber on 28th September 2015

"I had no idea there was an accident and they were lost. I am still a teacher at High Bridge Elementary School where I was a teacher to Jennifer/Jessica. God grant you all peace and love. I love you all, please know my heart is broken for you."

This tribute was added by Ike Ibe on 22nd September 2015


What a world Jenny my loving daughter. You would have been 15 years today if not for that stupid dana crash that took you and your mummy away from us. The house is quiet today and all your songs are in our heart. Jess and I are still miserable without you. I still have your picture in my wallet. But God loves you more. Say hi to mummy. Sing a song for us in Heaven."

This tribute was added by Rosemary Ekeada on 22nd September 2015

"Hi Jenny baby...Happy birthday little angel. Kisses to your mum..."

This tribute was added by Ike Ibe on 3rd June 2015

"Jenny can you see? It's been three years and you and mummy have not come back. Are you ever coming home or don't you miss Jess and I?"

This tribute was added by Rosemary Ekeada on 3rd June 2015

"Little one, I think and talk about you often. Today, I am surer of Almighty God, Christ Jesus, Holy Spirit, saints no longer with us - like you, and saints here with us. And I am smiling.

How great is our God! God is indeed on the throne."

This tribute was added by Rosemary Ekeada on 3rd June 2014

"No human mind can conceive the magnitude of you and your mum's death. Therefore, I thank God for working it all out for each of us, individually. Though we may not see it, today, his Holy Spirit is at work in us, comforting and guiding us to a place of understanding and peace. So that we will not fail or faint in lifting his name higher. To a point where he will show /shows himself as Jehova - Lord God Almighty. I am certain of it."

This tribute was added by Ike Ibe on 3rd June 2014


Nancy and Jennifer were two of a kind. Nancy was the wind beneath my wings. For fifteen years She made me soar to great heights. She was all I needed to excel and I excelled. Jennifer was the sunshine in my life. She brought the sun when the clouds gathered. She made every frown on my face disappear. She made joyful sounds. Both were my wind and my sun. Two years now, Jessica and I have not soared and the clouds keep circling. They tell us time heals all wounds, what a lie. Yet to heal but maybe still could heal. Our help is in the name of God who made heaven and earth. Eloi Eloi Lama Sabactani. Mary the mother of Jesus, Ora Pro Nobis."

This tribute was added by Ike Ibe on 30th September 2013

"Jenny, Jenny, Jenny. Na wao. It's not over untill you have sang. The world is totally different without you and mummy in it. Nothing makes sense anymore. We look at the sky all the time to hear a whisper of your voice and the sound of your songs. Jenny, Oh Jennifer."

This tribute was added by Rosemary Ekeada on 11th June 2013

"Jennifer, since you enjoy music, you must be happy to know that nice music is slowly trickling back to the US. People are again taking their art seriously. The funk and oppression is lifting. I know you are making better music there."

This tribute was added by Ike Ibe on 3rd June 2013

"Jenny, Jenny, Jenny. It finally hit one year today. The sky was still the sky but the colour was different. The angels lined up around you singing some of the new songs you taught them. You were watching and you were nodding in excitement. I knew you would make us happy up there in heaven. God has already confirmed you one of the super angels. Ora pro nobis."

This tribute was added by Itss Danielle on 3rd June 2013

"Jennifer! I miss you so much! Where are you? Please send some condolence to us! Rest in Peace! I love you sooooooooooooooo much!"

This tribute was added by Rosemary Ekeada on 3rd June 2013

" are you doing? I am hanging in here. I now know you did not die in vain. Love you and your mum lots. LOVE YOU."

This tribute was added by Itss Danielle on 27th May 2013

"It kills me to say that, by next Monday, it would be a year that, you have been gone. Rest in Peace Jenn. I love you & miss you very much. By next week Monday, reality will kick in. I've prayed that this is all just a misunderstanding, I haven't been proved proved wrong yet. I pray for your family's recovery from this incident everyday. I love you, Jenn, you remain in our hearts forever."

This tribute was added by Ike Ibe on 3rd May 2013

"Jenny, Jenny, Jenny, 11 months and we still struggle with reality. But I know you are watching over us with your mum from there. We still ask questions about why this happened. I'm sure you have been given the answers by God there. Ask Him to make this burden lighter for us. Jess and I are holding on and praying for God's grace. Sing for us Jenny, we miss your voice always. Rest on Angel."

This tribute was added by Ike Ibe on 3rd April 2013

"Jenny, so this is it? No more morning hug and no more good night songs again. 10 months and counting and not a lot of things make sense so much again. How many songs have you composed to God and your mum over there? I trust you and I know you. Keep smiling my Dear Jenny. Keep an eye on your mum for me. I miss her, I miss you."

This tribute was added by Rosemary Ekeada on 27th March 2013

"Jennifer, been thinking of you and your mum. God bless you perfect little angel. Say hi to your mum for me."

This tribute was added by Ike Ibe on 4th March 2013

"Jenny, dear Jenny, you and mummy have been gone for 9 months. 9 months of pain, anguish and heartache. Nothing makes sense down here again. But I know you are with God and it makes sense there. Pray for Jess and I to get through this till we join you. Jenny, oh Jenny."

This tribute was added by Ike Ibe on 4th February 2013

"Jenny, Jenny, Jenny. 8 months there and loads of sadness here. Your school games is coming up this week and Jess craves your spiritual presence. How are you and mummy. Keep us in your prayers always. Life is tough here, very tough."

This tribute was added by Chidimma Ibe on 25th January 2013

"You should have had so many years, To watch your life unfold,
And in the mist of this, Watch  the Ibe’s family  grow!
I hope you’re watching us with your mum from above,
At the daily tasks, And let there be no doubt at all,
I really do love you.
Sing for the Lord, Jenny & Mum."

This tribute was added by Chidimma Ibe on 25th January 2013

"The ache is deep inside my heart, And never goes away.I hear it mentioned often, That time will heal the pain,But if I'm being honest, I hope it will remain.I need to feel you constantly, To get me through the day, Why did you go away ?
The angels came and took you and your mum, That really wasn't fair."

This tribute was added by Chidimma Ibe on 25th January 2013

"I only have a picture now, A frozen piece of time,
To remind me of how it was, When you were here, and mine.
I see your smiling eyes, Upon your lovely face. How much I miss you being here, I really cannot say."

This tribute was added by Ike Ibe on 7th January 2013

"Jenny Jenny Jenny, what a life. Can't believe you and mummy were not here for xmas. Jess and I were in London and France the last spots you visited on your last vacations on earth. There were no songs and there just few smiles. Will we ever recover Jenny? Pray for us to God and sing for us Jenny."

This tribute was added by jessica ibe on 1st January 2013

"luv u, and will always remember u"

This tribute was added by Ike Ibe on 3rd December 2012

"Jenny, Jenny, Jenny, my Miss Nigeria, the shinning star. You know you have been away for 6 months now, you know time has not healed anything like they promised. Please send us your songs and flash us your smiles. Tell mum to remember her last promise to me that it will be alright. Jess and I are struggling. Tell God that this is not what we agreed. RIP my Angel. RIP JENNY."

This tribute was added by Itss Danielle on 5th November 2012

"Hey Jenn, it's me, Danielle, you've gone for quite a while now. We miss you a lot you know? I pray for you and your mom evryday. Lovve you guys till the death of me.  Rest in Peace. Gone to Soon but, never forgotten, know that Jenny, know that."

This tribute was added by Ike Ibe on 3rd November 2012

"Miss Jenny, you and mummy have been away for five months now. Is everything ok there? We haven't heard from you for sometime. Hope you are singing to mummy. Send us your new songs."

This tribute was added by Ike Ibe on 22nd October 2012

"Jenny, I could hear you singing for me all over heaven on this my birthday but sad day today. I wish you were here to sing for me in person like you did with your mummy last year, then it would have been a happy day. Jess played very well at the volleyball tournament on saturday. She helped your team win the silver cup. I know you are proud of her."

This tribute was added by Ike Ibe on 19th October 2012

"Jenny, I'm sure you must be proud of your sister Jess. She did well in her first quarter report in school. She is also playing tommorrow in the voleyball tournament at AISA. All she keeps saying is that she wished you were here to play with her as usual. But I have assured her you will be watching over her ensuring she plays for both of you. Its Daaaaaaaaady."

This tribute was added by Ike Ibe on 12th October 2012

"Jenny, just to let you know that Jessica and I are struggling. On our way to school this morning, Jess was very very sad knowing she will not physically see you here again. She kept thinking of what life has become. Please ask God to help her and me to keep marching on. "Visit" us more regulary, let us be comforted. Its daaaaaaaaaaaaady."

This tribute was added by Ike Ibe on 3rd October 2012

"Jenny, its exactly four months today. Last night I 'spent' time as usual with you, mummy and Jess. We looked at some CDs and your mum talked about why we must keep living. You even "called" uncle Emeka PA to make corrections on my business card. Last friday Jess sang in your memory at your school's national day event, she wore your mum's clothes in her memory. We Love and miss you, Jenny."

This tribute was added by Chioma Ibe Iwu on 23rd September 2012

"Jen Jen Beautiful buttefly I have no words. It's too choking. Your cousins are the only reason I bother now. What is the point of it all. Really what is the point. I quess I will never know"

This tribute was added by Ike Ibe on 22nd September 2012

"Jenny, today is your 12th birthday. You know we looked forward to it all year. You know what we could have done. You know what songs you would have sang. You know we would have had a swell time today. When you chat with God this morning tell Him I said hi and I said why. Greet your mum. Tell her Jess and I are not fine."

This tribute was added by Itss Danielle on 21st September 2012

"They took you away from me and the ones who love you dearly. I get this weird feeling in my stomach whenever I think about what went through you and your mom's head when the plane lost control. I don't know, it all seems unreal to me."

This tribute was added by weremara okwulehie on 21st September 2012

"hmm! they said a burial will bring a closure,i was foolish so believed that.  but now my conclusions are that its a huge  joke because i dont feel no closure at all it is as if we all died.such emptyness such loss now i know the true feeling of a loss.Jesus please let it be well again please. Hei! DANA   and her ALLIES  you who killed my sister and deny  MAY MY GOD JUDGE YOU"

This tribute was added by Itss Danielle on 20th September 2012

"2 more days Jennifer. 2 more days..... =("

This tribute was added by Itss Danielle on 13th September 2012

"Wow. Jennifer your birthday is coming really close. It sucks with out you! Love you! Your bestfirend Danielle Egbufoama! RIP ;("

This tribute was added by Afifah NA on 22nd August 2012

"Jennifer was a great friend with a beautiful voice.. May you souls rest in peace.. Jennifer and her mom will be missed by everyone.."

This tribute was added by sarah aibe on 21st August 2012

"i can remember when u used to teach us those high school musical song with your wonderful voice that enlightens us and ikecinachi always kisses your  pictures and we would ask him ''do you miss jenny and big mummy'' and he will always say '' yeah'' we   miss you so much mmmah"

This tribute was added by abakassa yohanna okwulehie on 6th August 2012

"Jenny darling,it still hurts so much.As I write,d tears stream down again. Though u're not here with us physically,I want u 2 know dat in our hearts,u're very much alive & there u'll remain till we meet again when u'll waow us with ur beautiful voice 'cos where u're,d songs never stop,d dancing,d smiles,d laughter 2! We miss u & mummy terribly & will always love u. Warm kisses & hugs."

This tribute was added by Rosemary Ekeada on 28th July 2012

"Thinking of you and your mum today. You'll always be in my heart and prayers. Praying for everyone that is missing you. Knowing that God will make everything ok for everyone soon to lessen the loss and pain. Thanking God you are in heaven with your mum and grandfather."

This tribute was added by weremara okwulehie on 13th July 2012

"I will never say goodbye,you reminded me of me: dark,kind, pretty intelligent, giving, selfless, were like brightness regardless of your dark complexion.I remember maryland @jonathan's birth boy did we sing, jenny did we sing?jonathan loved you so much that he always wore your pink pj alas it was a dress.when i told you,you just laughed jenny you just laughed."

This tribute was added by Ike Ibe on 10th July 2012

"Miss Jenny, like I call you, I'm sure you have been lighting up heaven with your wonderful voice and songs like you used to do here on earth. I know you have also been reading all the books you see on God's library like you did here on earth. I know mummy is there with you. Stay well angels and keep us in mind. Jess and I miss you both greatly. We Love you both. Daaaaaaaaaaaaady."

This tribute was added by njemlere ubani on 29th June 2012

"Jenny Baby,
Keep singing for the Lord"

This tribute was added by Mabel Udujih on 27th June 2012

"Rest in Peace and may the Lord comfort your family."

This tribute was added by Chukwudi Ibeh on 27th June 2012

"Jenny i am dumbfounded but i know you are singing for the lord right now as you always did while on eat. RIP"

This tribute was added by Martin Gbados on 23rd June 2012

"My sweet lovely niceie I miss you so much..I cry every time I imagine what went through your mind holding unto mommy to be the rescuer as usual...but God knows best...I miss you..your cousins Adaeze and Enyinnaya misses you..hold on to mommy till we meet again"

This tribute was added by Chubi Alig on 21st June 2012

"hello hello hello

Anti Eche.......Jenny   are you there

i can't even imagine i can't no more get to see you anymore even on xmas whereever you are  for sure nothing will remain de same for the rest of us adieu"

This tribute was added by Rosemary Ekeada on 20th June 2012

"You look so much like your loving mum. I knew your parents long before Jessica and yourself were born. I weep for both of them and for your little self, and ofcourse, for little Jessica who I saw a few hours after she was born. I remember that phone call and driving down the beltway to see Jessica ...tiny Jessica. May our Lord God in heaven give your dad and Jessica and all that mourn the fortitude to bear you and your mum's premature death."

This tribute was added by Ike Ibe on 18th June 2012

"Jennifer, just so you know, I love you and Mom and we will never forget you, now school for me will be lonely without you, and Mom, you were the woman I loved so you much.
              May you people rest in peace, Amen.
                                         Jessica Ibe"

This tribute was added by Ike Ibe on 18th June 2012

"This is my little girl Jenny. She calls me Hellooooooo daaaaady."

This tribute was added by Kelechi Maryjane Chimezie on 15th June 2012

"Anty nancy an jenny ur death came like a shock,death has alwys bin evryone's greatest fear.its so sad nd to knw dat an angel like jenny culd live us in dis way.R.I.P my little pwetty angel."

This tribute was added by ibe cynthia on 13th June 2012

"Rest in peace my little sister."

This tribute was added by Ammie Egbufoama on 12th June 2012

"Jenny, I have been speechless since I learnt of the crash that took your young life and that of your mom's. The tears have refused to cease. I sit infront of my computer every morning to gaze at your angelic faces and the river of tears just flow. I am frozen,broken to pieces. I have lost my friend Echendu and her precious little girl. Rest Peacefully in the Bosom of the Lord Sweet Jenny."

This tribute was added by Obiageri Ekeh on 12th June 2012

"Sleep on little Angel! It is well with the Ibe family IJN amen!"

This tribute was added by wilson chyke on 12th June 2012

"My sympathy to Iyke and entire Ibe's family. May God almighty continue to console you forever at these prescious lost. Gone soooooooo soon RIP!"

This tribute was added by Itss Danielle on 12th June 2012

""Honestly, I can't even believe that you're gone. I keep on asking myself how can it be you, Jennifer Uzoma Ibe, just gone like that. One of my best friends gone because, of this tragic plane crash. I wish I could just get one minute and tell you what you and your family meant to me. It hurts because, I'll never get the chance to tell you what you meant to me and my family. Rest In Peace"

This tribute was added by Charlotte Ururuka on 10th June 2012

"Death is inevitable but the sad thing is when it comes. Though I do not know you in person but do know a few of the Ibe's who are my good friends. Jenny, in your case I would say it sure did call too early.
May your soul rest in the bossom of the Lord Jesus Christ.
To the Ibe's, may the Lord comfort your hearts. Amen!"

This tribute was added by Chief Kelvin Onyenze on 10th June 2012

"We could not believe it, when we heard it, oh my GOD so it true, such a young, beautiful soul and her dear mother what a tragedy. We feel the pains and sorrow which all members of the family are passing through may the LORD be with all of you at this sorrowful time. May the souls of the departed rest in perfect peace AMEN."

This tribute was added by Pastor Pat Nwokorie on 10th June 2012

" God is our refuge and strength,
an ever-present help in trouble.

2 Therefore we will not fear, though the earth give way
and the mountains fall into the heart of the sea,

3 though its waters roar and foam
and the mountains quake with their surging.

4 There is a river whose streams make glad the city of God,
the holy place where the Most High dwells.

5 God is within her, she will not fall;

This tribute was added by Magda Huybrecht on 10th June 2012

"The little angel Jennifer who passed away much too early and the other victims i remember in my prayers. Much strength to the parents and family."

This tribute was added by Obioma Nwosu on 10th June 2012

"It's such a tragedy to see a girl this young and gorgeous pass but the good Lord knows best and will receive her with arms wide open.  He also will strengthen her family as they mourn her loss.  May her beautiful soul rest in peace."

This tribute was added by Cathy Marsh on 9th June 2012

"I didn't know Jennifer, but I feel the pain of your incomprehendable loss.
You are all in my heart and soul and constant prayers.
Hold one another close...  God Bless You"

This tribute was added by Paul Igwe on 9th June 2012

"It is well with your soul Jennifer."

This tribute was added by Chioma Ibe Iwu on 8th June 2012

"Jennie Chai!"

This tribute was added by Uchenna Nnadi Ukaegbu on 7th June 2012

"It's a very sad loss indeed. May your young soul rest in peace.
To the Ibe' comforted knowing she is at peace."

This tribute was added by Reuse Nicole on 7th June 2012

"We didn't know Jennifer in person, but we are sure that she leaves a warming ''Ibe'' feeling in the family.  The flame of that feeling will never stop burning because of all the nice memories..."

This tribute was added by Chizo Ibe on 7th June 2012

"Chai, Jennifer"

This tribute was added by MAYAZ Cimbo on 6th June 2012

"Is so painful and sad when seen such a young girl pass a life at this tender age, I believe God know the best, because his word say give thanks to his name in good or bad situation, may all the family of Hon. Ike C IBE take heart and always pray for God to grant her soul and give her internal rest Amen."

This tribute was added by Chidimma Ibe on 6th June 2012

"It is hard to say Good bye to little Angel Jenny. The Ibes are speechless. Rest in Peace."

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