Let the memory of Jennifer be with us forever
  • 29 years old
  • Born on March 25, 1978 .
  • Passed away on January 1, 2008 .
This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Jennifer Johnston 29 years old , born on March 25, 1978 and passed away on January 1, 2008. We will remember her forever.
Posted by Keri Chou on 25th March 2018
Thinking of you... and family. Loved ones can be taken from us before we are ready. It’s a good reminder to hold your loved ones closely. Forgot to tell you. My 4th son, Cameron Michael was born on March 24, 2012. One day before your birthday!. We celebrated his 6th birthday this year... time goes by so quickly. Like to think you are watching over us all
Posted by Linda Johnston on 25th March 2018
Jen, I miss you so very much...not a day goes by that you don't cross my mind a hundred times, if not more. Happy Birthday baby..I love you more than words can say!!!
Posted by Angelika Schwahn on 25th March 2018
Happy Birthday, dear Jenny. Love you ❤️
Posted by Angelika Schwahn on 25th March 2017
Thinking of you and wishing you a happy birthday
Posted by Tiffany White on 25th March 2017
The big 39....huh??? Ill be celebrating my 40th in just 3 and half months. I promise to have a drink in your honor. Missing you still. <3
Posted by Cynthia Samuelson on 26th March 2016
HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY JEN ,so many years has gone by ,Aunt Cindy misses you so much , I have thoughts of you every day , I will never forget my Sweet Jen !!! Aunt Cindy loves you ALWAYS AND FOREVER , Sorry a day late for your birthday ..... :)
Posted by Cindy Demont on 25th March 2016
Some of my best memories of working at Ozona Elementary was of Linda Johnston and her sweet adorable daughters, Jen and July. Jen always had a smile on her face and was sooo sweet! It broke my heart to hear of all of her troubles with her foot and then her tragic end. May God comfort her mom and sister and wrap His big loving arms around Jen for her Birthday!
Posted by Tiffany White on 25th March 2016
Happy Birthday in heaven my friend. There isn't a day that goes by that I don't think of you. Missing you always!
Posted by Tiffany White on 1st January 2016
Missing you always....
Posted by Kimberly Johnson on 25th March 2015
My dear cousin, I miss you every single day and I hope where ever you are that you are happy. The family is not the same without you. I love you.
Posted by Angelika Schwahn on 25th March 2015
Celebrating your birthday today, Jenny! You are in my heart forever. Lots of love, Aunt Gela
Posted by Keri Chou on 2nd January 2015
Thinking of you. Hoping you are looking down on us with a smile on your face and happiness in your heart. Love, Keri
Posted by Cynthia Samuelson on 1st January 2015
MY SWEET JEN..... Another year has gone by , still and always will bring tears today for you , Aunt Cindy thinks about you always , missing you so much , my favorite Niece , always have been , always will be ,LOVE YOU SWEETIE , YOUR AUNT CINDY :)
Posted by Theresa Lanni on 1st January 2015
Sweet Jen you are forever in my heart and my thoughts. You are so special and so beautiful inside and out, and such a warrior. I know you are in heaven looking down on us (and looking after mom:) Never will I forget you in elementary school...so kind, so generous, so very special. Love you!!!!
Posted by Melissa Jones on 1st January 2015
Jen - I am at work thinking about the phone call I got so many years ago and the heart ache I could only imagine your mother was going through. I loved hearing your beautiful laugh in the gift shop. You gave me that "How To" quilting book that I could never figure out hahaha and you would always tell me you wanted me to pluck your eye brows just like mine. You are forever in my heart. I still have your picture on the shelf in my bedroom....Thinking of you!
Posted by Angelika Schwahn on 25th March 2014
Happy Birthday,dear Jenny! Thinking of you,listening to the tape you made for me back in 1993. Love you, aunt Gela
Posted by Joan Blomberg on 19th April 2013
Hi Jenny, I remember your cute, smiling face from Ozona Elem. I am sure you are smiling now with our Lord. You are in a great place. You will always be remembered fondly.Love,Joni Vaccaro Blomberg
Posted by Keri Chou on 25th March 2013
Thinking of you cousin. Hoping you have found peace where you are now. Love you, Keri
Posted by Brandy Lizardo on 25th March 2013
Hi Jenny... One of my memories is of you Julie and me putting makeup on dad( ur uncle Tab) one night when we were visiting one weekend. Oh and playing hide go seek at the farm.. Remember when ur dad hid in a tree forever and jumped down scaring the crap out of us ... Lol well you are truly missed ...
Posted by Linda Johnston on 25th March 2013
Wishing you were here to celebrate your big 35. You are so loved and missed by so many especially your sister and I. Just keep helping me to get out of this funk I'm in and I'll be ok. Love and miss you so much. Happy Birthday baby!!!!!!!!
Posted by Angelika Schwahn on 25th March 2012
I found the tape you made for me in 1993,the "Beauty and the Beast " soundtrack. I am so excited about this.It makes me feel connected to you,acrosss the ocean of time. Happy Birthday,dear Jenny!
Posted by Linda Johnston on 25th March 2012
Happy Birthday baby!!! I love and miss you more than any words can say.....you will never be forgotten by so many different people. Always in my thoughts and heart every day....Mom
Posted by Tiffany White on 25th March 2012
I wish you were here to celebrate your birthday with us. And since your not, I'll just say a little prayer. I miss you dearly!
Posted by Michele Lindsey on 8th January 2012
Knowing your healthy,happy and at peace is such sweet comfort! We love you and miss you but know we will see you again. Until then my dear Jenny keep making the angels smile! Love Michele
Posted by John Owens on 3rd January 2012
Jen what a great smile. When I think of you that is what I see.We are are still trying to find out what it is we are to learn from your short time on earth. I will always be great full for the time you took with your cousin Joshua. You are missed dearly. Keep on eye on your Mom and sister. We always love having guardian angels watching over us. Love and miss you Cousin John
Posted by Marsha Branch on 3rd January 2012
Jen, it seems like yesterday I was seeing your smiling face! Just want you to know, I felt you around me new's years night...... I can't believe it has been 4 years. That is insane! I miss you so much...I have comfort in knowing I WILL SEE YOU AGAIN ONE DAY! Until then my friend...Love ya girl!!!
Posted by Tiffany White on 2nd January 2012
I'm missing you more and more each day. It seems like yesterday we were carving pumpkins. :*( Until next time...
Posted by Keri Chou on 2nd January 2012
Thinking of you Jenny...... I am having my fourth boy in March (due date is the 28th).. Wouldn't it be nice if he was born on your birthday! Love, your cousin Keri
Posted by Angelika Schwahn on 2nd January 2012
You have been on my mind,Jenny.I know your light shines brightly.I can still feel it's warmth. With love, Aunt Gela
Posted by Cynthia Samuelson on 1st January 2012
My Jen, so hard to believe it's been 4 year's now since you were taken away from us... don't know if that's the right way to say it.. that's just how it feel's.... I miss you more and more every day.. so many thing's remind me of you, I know in my heart your with loving Family... the only thing that makes it a lil easier that your not with us... Aunt Cindy Loves you so much..MISSING YOU !!
Posted by Linda Johnston on 1st January 2012
4 years ago today you left us......it seems like yesterday at times. Loving and missing you more and more....Mom
Posted by Joan Blomberg on 28th March 2011
Happy Heavenly Birthday Jenny!!!I know you are happy, healthy, and heavenly held. Such a grand place to be on your journey as a sweet and fine human being. I know you are smiling now! God bless.
Posted by Keri Chou on 26th March 2011
Miss you Jenny. So wish we would have had the chance to know eachother better. Wish you happiness and peace in heaven. Love, your cousin, Keri
Posted by Kimberly Johnson on 26th March 2011
I love you and miss you so much. Happy Birthday sweetheart. Your 2nd cousins miss you very much and loved you more than anything.
Posted by Andria Wood Emerson on 25th March 2011
We miss you tons Jennifer!
Posted by Eileen Kay on 25th March 2011
Dear Jenny, Happy Birthday in Heaven. I am sorry I never got to know you better but knowing your mom gives me insight into what an amazing young lady you were. I know you and Jesus are celebrating your life together...
Posted by Linda Johnston on 25th March 2011
Happy Birthday baby....I love and miss you so much, more and more each day...love, Mom
Posted by Cynthia Samuelson on 24th March 2011
Posted by Cynthia Samuelson on 9th February 2011
Awww LIN, All of these new photo's added flood's so many memories for me...hard to hold back the tear's....my sweet,sweet Jen..so missed,and so loved,we'll see her again one day...until then we'll hold on to all of the memorie's we have!!!
Posted by Angelika Schwahn on 9th February 2011
Dear Jenny,I can't see you,but I know you are smiling in heaven.I like you for always,and love you forever. Aunt Gela
Posted by Tiffany White on 6th February 2011
Dearest Jenny, I don't even know where to begin... :( As the tears begin to flow, I want to THANK your momma for bringing you into this world. From the day I met you, until the last time I saw your bubbly self, I will forever remember you. Thank you for sharing what life is suppose to be like. Tomorrow isn't promised to any of us, and this I know first hand. Your forever missed.
Posted by Michele Lindsey on 19th January 2011
Jenny, such a beautiful light! You were and always will be so loved. You were an inspiration to all who knew you. Even with all the trials you went thru you were always thinking of others. You will never be forgotten. You have taught us all how to live our lives. You are truly missed! Love Michele
Posted by Cynthia Samuelson on 15th January 2011
My Sweet Niece Jen...missing you so much.Your alway's on my mind for some reason or another...some of the simplest thing's thru out a day will remind me of you....Aunt Cindy LOVE'S YOU...ALWAY'S AND FOREVER!!!!

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