Her Life


Jennie was a very loving and caring person.  Most times she would put others before herself. She was one of those special ones that really never met an enemy and would help anyone no matter what.even If they messed up she would always try again to help them.
Jennie had a very rough road the last 11 years of her life.  She had a terrible car accident in 1997 as she was on her way to sign up for her college classes. After 8 1/2 hours of surgery she was in pretty bad shape. She worked her way from a wheelchair to a walker to crutches and pushed herself as hard as she could and further. She was a little impatient wanting things to happen right away. Maybe that was a good thing for her. After almost ten years of having multiple surgeries mostly on her right foot she made the decision on amputation. She really had no quality to her life because of some of those injuries. She tried very hard to work but getting to the point of not being able to finish her shift at work because her foot was swelling up like the size of a football that was it. She had her right leg amputated below the knee in Jan 1996.  She wished it would have been done at the time of the accident, in the first year she went whitewater rafting (which she wanted so bad to do for so long), hiking and many other things.  She really pushed herself because she wanted to be able to take care of herself and not depend on anyone. She got her CNA license and worked at a nursing home not telling them she was an amputee. After one week, they gave her one whole floor for herself with 20-25 patients and just couldn't do it. That really got her down. So she was trying to take courses and a lot of studying for something that would not put a lot of stress on that amputated leg.  She never got the chance to try something else.

Sadly, on New Year's Eve 2008 at 1;32 am Jennie passed away from too much carbon monoxide in her body from a fire in our apartment.  I talked to her on the way home to see if she needed anything like always if we weren't working at the same time, she was fine.  We told each other Happy New Year and I love you, then in less than ten minutes I arrived home to smell smoke, then see it coming from our apartment. It was so hot, I couldn't get to her to get her out.  They found her unconscious on the floor beside the bed.  She was trying to get out but panicked and didn't realize she didn't have her prosthetic leg on. 

Jennie was so caring and giving.....she loved her family and loved animals and would do anything for both, no matter what..  

Finding out after wards some of the things she did amazed me.  Jennie was not one to really  brag about certain things that she did.  She was a peer counselor for pre and post op amputees, which I knew she talked about but didn't know she was really doing it. 

Jennie touched so many lives with her courageousness and braveness and she didn't have a clue that she even did that. Honestly, neither did I.

Jennie, you are so missed my many especially me and your sister,Julie.  Please just watch over her and keep her safe.

Love and miss you more and more every day....Mom