Madrid Christmas 2012

Shared by Amy Bobrick on 23rd December 2014

Jennifer and I always loved going to the San Marcos Cafe for breakfast. She loved all of the birds outside and was actually scared of the roosters and some of the turkey's. However , she loved the peacocks. So we got peacocks! Now we still have Blue and he needs a wife. . She loved to go out to eat  breakfast , but she hated eggs. Anyone who knew her knew she loved watching you eat your eggs, which was really strange!Her  favorite was the feed store burrito with no eggs and of course the cinnamon rolls.  Well , it got really cold and I only had a sweater when we were in Madrid. We went to the shops on the boardwalk first and I bought a fur (mutton ) coat where Studio 14 is now. It was worn and ripped and warm! Jennifer and I proceeded across the street and her artistic nature made her take a picture of the old house. You know the one!  Well , I have been informed that the owner of the house would not have cared by many people. Well, someone came ripping around the road screaming at her about how bad  she was being, (taking this photo where actually people still live) Jennifer was a drama queen , so she of course told me she  needed  a crystal to make the bad karma go away. She had been hinting all morning that she wanted a crystal and of course this was the icing on the cake for her. I would give in. Crystal Dragon was still  in their old location and we went in and she looked at all the beautiful crystals. She got a  tourmaline that is as green as her eyes were. I will never forget that day as all of the other days . Peace and hearts to Jenn she would love what I am doing today! 

How I remember Jen

Shared by Carla Griffiths on 30th July 2014

I didn't know Jen long. I met her in the summer of 2012 at Rancho Camp. We clicked straight away. her humour, creativity and kindness stood out. She was a welcoming, funny person. Myself, jen and the other girls at camp spent an amazing summer creating great memories of laughter and sunsets. Whenever I was down or missed my family Jen was the first person to be there with words of kindness, reasurance and jokes to cheer me up.

I genuinley have never met anyone like Jen. Hilarious without meaning to be and sometimes I wasn't even sure wether she knew how funny she was. She made America feel like home away from home during that summer. My favourite memories include; driving along, sun shining, blaring out that 'heres my number so call me maybe' and rihanna- where have you been as they were the two songs constantly on the radio. Getting lost on our way back to camp and driving through the mountains pitch black, annoyed and tired and then 'the big bad wolf' came on her CD and we just laughed so much at the predicament of searching for our camp lost in the pitch black with bloody wolf howls blasting out the speakers! Everytime we had to do a crappy job at camp but Jen somehow managing to make it fun and enjoyable by dressing in a ridiculous outfit or cracking a ridiculous joke. 

I had a week or so spare after I finished camp before flying home to England and Jen and her parents welcomed me into their home. I am grateful for the kindness they showed and loved the oppurtunity to get to know Jen's parents and friends. You could tell in every person I met, that Jen was loved and popular. 

The last time I saw Jen was when she dropped me off at the airport. We were driving there and I decided last minute i just had to get a holister coat I'd seen the day before, but I thought i might miss my plane. Jen, in her usual care-free fun way said no way! put her foot down and hop tailed it to holister with us running into the store to get the coat.

We then made it to the airport with about 5 mins spare to check in. It was a typical sunny and hot day. she helped me unload my suitcases and hugged me. We'd spoke loads about her coming to england again to visit and she said she would see me again soon when she came over. One last hug in the sunshine and she hopped back in the car smiled, waved and drove away. Thats the last thing I remember her happy, tanned relaxed face - excited for uni, happy after an unfortgettable summer making new friends and memories - smiling and waving driving off into the sunshine :)

 We came so close, about a week I think till she was due in England. Tickets booked, money exchanged, ready to come and catch up and giggle all over again. I will always wish she'd managed to make the trip and I could have seen her again.

Jen was brilliant, goofy, hilarious, sarcastic, creative and unforgettable. Though I only knew her for a short time she had a profound impact on my life and I will continue to be inspried by her. I am grateful to Jen, her family and friends for being so kind and welcoming me into their home. I am sad at the monumental loss you have experienced. I will always remember Jen, the amazing summer of 2012 and that life is short and beautiful.  

President Frank’s Weekly Perspective

Shared by Linda Jacobson on 9th March 2013

from Grace Brill-

Sent: Monday, March 04, 2013 9:04 AM

Subject: [ALL_UNIVERSITY-L] President Frank’s Weekly Perspective

 President’s Weekly Perspective - 3.4.2013

 Remembering a UNM Student Who Never Wasted a Moment

Loss of a precious life at an early age affects us all. Last week sophomore Jennifer Bobrick’s time ended far too soon. As a parent of two, such a tragic event is something that I always have a great deal of trouble comprehending and my sincerest condolences go out to her family and friends. Although I never had the pleasure of meeting Jennifer, I understand that she sought to combine her passions for psychology and art in order to make a difference in the lives of children through the healing power of art. In memory of Jennifer and what she hoped to accomplish, I would like to offer the words of the artist Pablo Picasso: “The purpose of art is washing the dust of daily life off our souls.” Please take a moment in your day to appreciate the power of a creative moment. 



A Jenn-flavored Memory

Shared by Nicole Dobson on 7th March 2013

I’m at home this week for spring break and I spent today listening to music that Jenn turned me on to. Summer 2010, I returned to NM and had a sleepover with Jennifer like we used to do. Remembering how much she used to influence my music taste, I was intent on bringing a flash drive with me in order to copy some files. I highly admired her style. At our eleven-year-old sleepovers we used to sumo-wrestle and dance to songs Austin Powers soundtrack, including those by Madonna and Dr. Evil. She also taught me skills like how to wear leopard print tops and fishnet leggings and how not to be a “poser”. After moving to VA, I got a taste of change, yet I still adored Jenn-flavored vivacity.

She laughed and said “I have so much music; I have songs I never even listen to!”

Knowing how precious and personal music is, I was surprised by how free and willing she had been in sharing and recommending certain songs. Moved by her generosity, I swore to share my music upon my next visit but she didn’t care about receiving anything in return. Being Jenn, being my friend sharing was instinctive. Reviving her music evokes memories and so much love.

Nicole's Poem

Shared by Eric James on 3rd March 2013
Nicole Dobson wrote a poem about Jennifer - These are her words. I wrote a poem about my dear friend, Jennifer Bobrick, who died last weekend. May she look down from heaven and smile at the fact that I wrote a poem for her and may she find an angel to translate ♥

Oda a una querida amiga
Por favor escuche a esa cantiga
Y permítanme contarles sobre mi amiga
No me recuerdo cuando nos conocimos por primera vez
Sin embargo, crecíamos juntas de niñez
Jennifer y yo estábamos tontas juntas
Nos reíamos, nos cosquilleábamos una al otra—estábamos chicas
Era una artista incomparable
Era un espíritu libre
Ella siempre vivía su vida al máximo
Trágicamente, murió el sábado pasado
Manejaba su coche cerca de medianoche
Golpeó una roca que suena invisible
Cuando me enteré no lo podía creer
Que cuando se pegó que iba a sobrevivir
Sino estaba imperceptible al lado de la carretera
Fue magullada por un camión que estaba ciega
Nunca hubiera imaginado que ella hubiera muerto
Ella amaba la vida tanta
Me sorprende que es tan corta
Quizás no lo apreciamos por absoluta
Pero, la vida—para ella
Cada segundo vale la pena

To Jenn- our own little Pocahontas:

Shared by Lauren Mui on 2nd March 2013

The first vague memory I have of you was when you and Brooky snuck into my tent at Girls Scout Camp in the fifth grade.  Little did I know that we would attend St. Mikes together just two years later and that first day of seventh grade would be the day that I would encounter the group of girls that would be in my life forever. You had entered my life, Jenn, and you were going to remain there- for good.  From the beginning, you always possessed this unique, positive, free-spirited energy that I’ve never encountered with anyone in my entire life.  And as our friendship progressed, I had the privilege of getting to know the world of Jenn.

Oh, Jenn I don’t even know where to begin.  From spending every summer day at Rose park with the girls to bumping “Ridin’ Solo” in your car to the many birthday sleepovers to the concerts in Denver to just sitting on my bed and talking.  Everything was an adventure with you.  You were full of so much love and eagerness for life, and yet when I was with you it never felt like it wasn’t enough.  You were a perfect balance of relishing in the simplest joys of life, like sitting in a park for a good 3 hours, and thriving from the more significant times in life, like living a whole semester on your own at Oxbow in Napa.  You were always driven and fearless in life- when you wanted something in life, by all means Jenn got it. You had one of the greatest understandings of living life to the fullest than any other person.  You understood that every sweet moment meant as much as the important moments.  And you were the same way with the many brilliant relationships you created.  You were so open and willing to love someone you just met, just the same as someone you’ve known for years.  You never owned that false mask that society puts on us that makes us judge or analyze new people- you just kept your mind and heart open to every single person.  Along with that you would let everyone know who you were and not care about what anyone else thought.  You would bust out your awkward dancing in the middle of a group of people or broadcast that dorky grin and eyebrow raise or belt out a song at the top of your lungs (even though we all knew you were tone deaf) and people could give you any look in the world but it didn’t matter.  It didn’t matter because you were always doing it for us- your girls.   

You were beyond all of us, Jenn.  You understood how people, relationships, emotions, humor- life worked.  I can’t tell you enough how much I wish I could stay in that child-like, unrestrained, spunky world of Jenn. Or how much I wish I could at least have one last day jamming out in your car, or laying in the grass at Rose Park with you.  But as much as I want you here with me, I know that you are somewhere unimaginably beautiful and divine dancing, laughing, making art and being the perfect angel looking after all of us.  I also know that you are in each and every person that you’ve touched- not only are you in our hearts forever- but in every single thing we do there will always be a little piece of Jenn.  Last night as the rest of the Disney Princesses huddled up together in the cold park reminiscing on times we’ve shared with you, we knew that you were there, listening, giggling and cuddling with us. Because even though our Pocahontas is in an even more magnificent kingdom, we know her vibrant, unique, beautifully quirky spirit will live with us forever.  We are so grateful to now have the most exquisitely unique guardian angel there ever was or will be.  We miss you more than words could ever express. We love you Jenn, forever and always.

(This is what I said at Jenn's funeral, in case Amy, John or Eric or anyone wanted to read it.

How I remember my sister

Shared by Eric James on 1st March 2013

I wanted to share what I said about my sister at the funeral.

Hunter S. Thompson the author once said, "The Edge... there is no honest way to explain it because the only people who really know where it is are the ones who have gone over." Living life on the edge is something many say, but few really do. Jennifer knew the edge because she was always on the run and having adventures. Even though only 20, she did so much and really lived life  - from a semester in Napa, California at art school, to white water rafting, to skiing, to being a camp counselor, and yes, even trout fishing with me in Pecos. She had many talents.

Jenn and I got on this geocaching kick a few summers back. Geocaching is like a treasure hunt based on GPS coordinates. She was able to spot them so quickly -- she was so good at it.

I think we all remember Jennifer in different ways, but if we compare stories, we would find common threads; like Jennifer's generosity, her spunk and sass, how kind she was to everyone around her, her love of animals, and most notably how talented of an artist she was. I was so proud of her for completing her final art project at the Oxbow school. All the families were invited to come to the showing and she didn't think I was coming. Somehow we kept it a surprise, and when I got there she gave me the biggest hug -- i still remember how it felt.

My most recent memory of Jennifer was convincing her to wake up early one morning, something she hated doing, and driving me back to the airport in Albuquerque. We got up early enough so that we could get breakfast. We went to Frontier and sat and talked and ate. We shared a cinnamon roll. When we were done we had some more time before my flight so she showed me her dorm room and a tour around Lobo Village. I am so fortunate to have this last memory of her - her selfless acts … her kindness. 

There were a lot of sides to Jennifer, and I don't claim to know all of them. But I think that's true for most people. I knew my sister as a hard worker (no doubt such values were instilled upon her from our mom and her dad). I knew her as the artist and occasional drama queen. I knew her as the little girl I always babysat and pushed on the swings, and played airplane with. Recently, we had grown closer -- she was doing so well in school and would write me emails and ask for advice with her studies. 

Jennifer always seemed to have stomach problems - but over the Christmas Holiday I turned her on to a new diet. She really took to it at first, and would send me pictures of her tasty creations. I was so proud of her for trying to stick to it. When Jennifer got an idea in her head, she tended to fixate on it -- she wanted to go study abroad after we talked about it just once over lunch, it was all she could talk about for a week. 

I choose to remember these good things, and I hope you will too. I know in your stories, Jenn's generosity, spunk, kindness, and amazing artistic talent will continue shining through.

A Poem

Shared by Clara Keller ✯ on 26th February 2013

For those of you that do not know, I am Brooke's roommate and also a friend of Lauren's. I did not know Jennifer well and only spent one week with her when she came to New York City to visit, however, I feel that this story should be shared with those of her who miss her dearly.

Monday morning, Brooke and Lauren were completely devastated of this tragedy and I spent the morning meditating for them that they could have some sense of closure about the turn of events. I went to my poetry class an hour later and our activity for the day was analyzing different works. The professor assigned us each a poem at random to study. This is the poem I recieved:

On Thursday nights in spring,
the volleyball game starts up again,
though all the players on the team
have been replaced
the way that the cells have been replaced
in my sensitive fingertips
which once explored the sweet,
unbelievably silk periphery 
of Jennifer Martin,
who then surprised me
by one day simply vanishing.

Each time the ball is served to me,
I get a great constriction in my chet,
afraid that I might miss,
but the ball flies up and down,
and I survive. The energy
which gushes through all things,
looking for a place to stop, keeps going
and Jennife might be the name for all of this:

wild photons plunging into skin,
the wind-stirred clover in the unmown field,
the bees that sexually harass the flowers;
the tendril of the honeysuckle reaching for the next
rung in its ascension
of the chain link fece;
blue of Jennifer- infected sky
and Jennifer alfalfa.

By the end of summer we all will be
a slightly darker shade of brown,
as if the skin remembered; a few more
tiny stretchmarks pleated at our eyes
as if we each were making a serious collection
of the things that change
is gradually made of.

When my turn comes to serve
I hold the white ball in my hand
as long as possible, letting it grow rounder,
making everybody wait until they get
impatatient, pissed off, loud-

noticing the Jennifer-shaped cloud 
that slides acros the sun
above the field of sparking Jennifer.
I hold it in my hand as long as possible,
though birds are speeding overhead
and the unmowed field is foaming at the mouth with flowers.

The fact that I recieved a poem about pesonifying nature with the name of Jennifer astounded me, so I flipped to the back of the book to learn more about the author, Tony Hoagland. I read here that he currently resides as a teacher in New Mexico. There are a lot of strange coincedences in life, but I do not believe this is one of them. I took this as a sign to all the peope that Jennifer affected in such a beautiful way, that she is with nature and floating above all of her friends and family. I am so sorry for the loss of her and my heart goes out to all of you. 

Summer Day

Shared by Lauren Mui on 25th February 2013

It was a summer day, one of the last summer days I was going to spend with you, Jenn.  I remember waking up to maybe two missed calls and two texts: "Hello love" "What's up"- never any punctuation at the end.  I'm going to blame it on summer, but it may have been about noon- let's be honest maybe one.  These texts were recieved around ten and phone calls around eleven, because you were loyally working at the B and B in the morning with your mom (something you always loved dearly).  As I squinted through my (now) afternoon sleep eyes I look at my phone- grunt and put it back under my pillow.  But low and behold- buzz buzzz buzzzzzzzz-


-Hey! What's up!

-Sorry I was nothing you?

-Want to hang out?

-*giggle* Sure, Jenn.

-Alright, sweet! I'll pick you up.

-Ok, I have to get ready tho-

-Text me after. I just took a shower, so I'm almost ready.

-Ok. Bye Jenn


As I finally awake from my vampire sleep, I start to slowly but surely get ready for this unexpected adventure with Jenn. Half way through putting make-up on one eye- buzz buzzz...


-I'm outside!

-Shit! Ok, I'm coming.

I wasn't coming.  I always told you I was, but I'm sorry, I at least had to make my face even.  As I run out to the top of my driveway, where your white Toyota Highlander is always perched, I can hear our jams already playing.  It was always kind of awkward when I got in the car and I always thought maybe it was because I took an extra 10 minutes to get out of my house, but I know now that was just your eased, kick-back energy meeting my jumbled- sweater half on- making sure I have everything energy.  I would apologize and start explaining my erratic morning, and you would giggle and really not caring about waiting at all.  You would just turn up the music and ask for  our destination. I'd never tell you one and you'd never come up with one, so we'd end up at the ALWAYS exciting, NEVER disappointing- rose park.  We'd sit on the grass and chit chat about the few hours we hadn't seen each other or we'd reminisce on the last time we hung out. Eventually, mutually and excitingly we'd come up with our plan for the day.  So, we made a quick stop at CVS. Then, to Sonic it was- one route 44 lemon berry slush and one route 44 cherry limeade slush. As we sipped on our summer serum, we look to our phones and attempt to wrangle the group together- unfortunately many of the girls are busy going work, out of town, being with family- whatever, we've got each other and we've got our drinks so where to next? I mean it's Thurday... Ok, Patty Smith Park it is! On the way over, it hits me like the Titanic hitting the ice cap and sinking our ship of fun... I have work at 4.

This leaves us t-minus an hour and a half. We have full route 44s and we're about five minutes from the park

-Ugh, Jenn. Do you mind giving me a ride to work at like 330?

-Ya, of course.....but you should try and call-in sick...

-I didn't go into work yesterday. I already used the sick card.

-...So you're still sick..

-You think I should just skip for-


-Ah! I dunno.. I'll text the other hostess.

We get to Patty Smith and we find a half shady, half sunny, grassy spot.  We plop down and stare at the sky.  No words are needed in this moment. I'm happy.  This is where I wanted/needed to be. You made this feel right. I could have been at home watching trash T.V by myself, but you made the effort to hang out with me- you made this day a memory.  Anyways, you start giggling and we start to "throwback Thursday" and think about that one St. Patricks day we spent at this park and jammed out to "Ridin' Solo" with Brooky, Jami, Lamb and others.  Then- buzz buzz.

-Oh! She said she'll work a double.... should I do it???

-Yes!!! Definitely!

-Ah, I kind of feel bad...though she says she needs the money...

-Just do it! It's summer, are you gunna remember the days you spent working? ....Plus she offered!

-Ahhhhhhh I dunno, Jenn.

-I mean it's up to you but if she's offering... I'd do it!

I sit there in this empty, silent park going back and forth in my head and then I look at you- You're cross legged in the grass with your Sonic drink (bigger than you) propped in the middle of your legs and you're on your phone playing "Words with Friends" and your humming moving your shouders to a beat of a song I've probably never heard- or heard in your car- and you are happy- genuinely content with life. I realize in this moment that whether I go to work or if I stay with you- you will be this joyful.  You will find some sort of pleasure in this unwasted day and share it with some lucky person.  I realize in that moment- I want to be that lucky person.

-Screw it.

-What?   (You're not dumb. You knew what I was going to say.)

-I'M SKIPPING WORK. What do you wanna do?

Even though I asked, I knew we were just going to sit in that park and people were going to join or not join and we were just going to live.  We weren't at some epic concert (which is something we did do a lot), we weren't going to some girl-we-don't-know's party, we weren't going to watch a movie (what I always make my friends do)- We were just going to be. That's what is so special about you, Jenn, we could be doing nothing but it felt like something.  You made every single thing worth while.  We didn't need to gossip or fill our minds with past or future thoughts, we could just live in that moment.  You were enough positive, vibrant energy to fill that entire, uneventful park. Nothing ever felt like a waste of time with you- you always made me feel wanted and accepted. I could do the weirdest of weirdest things and you would top it with something even weirder I didn't think was humanly possible.  That's the thing, Jenn, you weren't human- you were beyond us all.  You understood each of us-individually. And though some didn't take the time to understand you, it was only because you were on another level.  You were on a level that had no judgment, no false pretenses, no fakeness, no lies- you were raw and honest, because you were always Jennifer. And you refused to change for anyone.

My heart is still in pieces to think that I won't be able to share more memories like this with you, but I know now that you are somewhere where you can dance and sing and laugh with angels just like you.  I am so grateful for the times I've spent with you and I am even more honored to have had the privilege of knowing someone as magnficient as you, Jenn. I still wish I could tell you how amazing I think you are and how much you mean to me. I wish I could tell you I love you a million more times, but I intend on sending them to you in prayers everyday.  I will never forget you, Jenn. You will always and forever remain in my heart.


Shared by Brooke Czoski on 25th February 2013


Remember when I went to visit you with my mom and your mom in Napa? That was the funnest trip of my life. There was a night where we were tucked into that little cabin in the forest of Northern California. The air was cold outside but inside it was so warm and toasty, (probably from the Barefoot wine).

This song was on our Napa mix, the one we listened to over and over again in the car that whole trip. As we stuck our heads out the window smelling the Eucalyptus trees and yelling at the sheep. Our moms were not amused haha.

Anyways back to my story this song started playing and we got up and started dancing like crazy people to which our dance move was made. Clawing at the air in diagonal motions because we were still, still, an Animal. That is one thing I love about you so much, the fact that I could be myself completely and not be embarrassed because you are just as weird as me. We were weird together ever since 5th grade.

Oh remember when we went to the restaurant where the movie Birds was made and there were seagulls every where? That was actually really scary I thought we were going to be attacked by hundreds of birds. There are so many funny pictures from that trip I need to post them! I LOVE YOU. This is one of about a million stories I could have shared but in that moment when we were dancing to this song we were so there in that moment and so ourselves. Something no one could ever take away from us.

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