Posted by Lydia Garza on October 9, 2021
There are no words that can describe the empty space in my heart left from your life as my son, I think of you every day, as a mother does for all her children, grandchildren, my heart aches immensely, for you , a day does not go by that I don't think of you Jeremy, "Wup Dawg!" Mooskie" Sherman" Pooh bear" chunky punky" all the nicknames, I gave you through the years, I will forever remember, untill my memory fails me, I love you son! Rest in peace! We are all here for, Austin and Sonora, my lovely precious grandchildren! ❤️❤️ May you find comfort with God,,, untill we meet again, love and miss you with all my heart and soul!! I'was so blessed and proud to have been your mother! As I am still blessed to have my grandchildren and your two beautifull sisters, Sarah and Melissa, and I know in my heart your father misses and loves you ,we all do! You have alot of friends and family, who admired and loved you, I will carry my memories of you till my life ends or my memory fails me but my heart will never forget! ❤️ Love you my dear son you will be missed but not forgotten ,ever! Love always , mom

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