His Life

Our first Christmas without you.

Jerome, this is our first Christmas without you; it was a lovely Christmas for me because I knew you would not want it any other way for me and your kids and  I fealt your presence throughout the day. We still miss you so very much and things really will never be the same since you are not here with us. I can remember when all of the kids were at home and it was Christmas morning, they would be waiting in their rooms as patient as they could for us to wake up so they could start to open up their presents not realizing the sacrafice you and I made to make sure each and everyone of them got exactly what they had ask "santa" for. I remember the smile on your face as you watched them open their presents and the joy they had in seeing what they wanted as the paper was torn from the presents; then after all gifts were unwrapped and the front room cleaned up you and I would go into our room and "exhale" and just colapse on the bed and attempt to get just a few more minutes of sleep before it was time to get up and check on the turkey and finish cooking our Christmas meal, and boy could you cook!! That Fannie Mae sure taught her baby boy how to throw down in the kitchen, really baby, you are the one who taught me how to cook "everything except my famous dressing and goulash" that was all me if I may say so and EVERYONE just loves them both. Well hon, I am going to close for now and I know this area was suppose to be for "stories" but I use it because I am able to say what is on my mind and heart without the word restrictions of this webpage. Rest in peace my sweet baby, I will always love and cherish you.

Your baby, Gloria