Let the memory of Jesse Aaron be with us forever
  • 29 years old
  • Born on December 6, 1978 .
  • Passed away on October 30, 2008 .
This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Jesse Aaron Petrosky 29 years old , born on December 6, 1978 and passed away on October 30, 2008. We will remember him forever.
Posted by Amber Moody on December 6, 2017
My sweet friend, oh how I miss you! My Dad is with you now, so I cannot imagine what fun you two are having today. Everyone in my family always said that I was so fond of you because you reminded me of my dad... Always making everyone laugh, even if you got hurt to do it! I am glad you two can share your corny comedy together . Man oh man I wish I could hug your neck and kiss your face. You still mean so much to me and very few days go by that I dont think of you. I try to tell my kids about you and make sure they know what an awesome friend you are to me. My memories of you bring me so much joy! It so weird to have such a huge piece of my life puzzle missing.I would love to laugh at you for getting old! 39!. you would be staring 40 in the face and I don't get to pick at you about it! I would love to buy you a gift and throw you a party.. but it would probably be nothing compared to the celebration you have daily with Jesus by your side. I love you punk. Happy birthday!
Posted by Jeanene Lyson on October 30, 2016
Eight years in heaven Jesse. Seams like an eternity to you. Thinking about you today Jesse. And I know you are thinking about the people left behind. The ones who have not yet received Jesus Christ as their personal Savior yet. You have high hopes they will, to see you again. And to spend eternity with you. I am praying for them as your Mom is too. You are happier then we can imagine. And I ask that when you see James, give him a big hug for me. I'm sure you tricksters are getting together often up there. You two behave!!! Haaaa! Love you much, Aunt Jeanene
Posted by Cheryl Evrard on December 7, 2015
Happy 37th birthday my sweet son. We miss you so bad I can't even express it's supposed to get better every year but it doesn't these are the times I just miss you so much your sisters or brothers your mama daddy and Amber we all love and miss you so much I miss your jokes I miss you scaring me I miss your silliness I just miss everything about you thank God we have Cody he's just like you I love you baby and I can't wait to see you again it's not going to be long before Jesus comes for us all and then I'll get to hold you in my arms again love mama~
Posted by Amber Moody on December 6, 2015
Happy Birthday!! How awesome it must be to celebrate you birthday in heaven! I cant wait to see you! The year is almost over and I'm glad. It is specially hard now from Halloween to New year because of missing you and every little thing reminds me of you. You are so missed! I actually miss you more this year than any other. It's been too long. I love you.
Posted by Amber Moody on October 4, 2015
I have really been missing you lately! I think of you and laugh and cry and then laugh some more! I love my thoughts of you and how you have impacted my life so much with your contagious mischief and laughter! Even in death, you can still make me laugh and cry and love., Your memory floods my mind and causes me to spiral through all of the crazy CRAZY places we went and things we did together. So many things have happened since you left. Almost 7 years this month!! That's too long to be without my BFF... I take comfort in thinking that Jesus is coming soon and that I'll see you ANY DAY NOW!!. Then I'll have eternity to tell you what you've missed here (I'm so happy right now, but it was a crazy ride to get here!)..and you can tell me of all the wonderful things I have missed up there and about this time you've spent with Jesus! Then we can start making new memories, but smarter choices this time. :-) I love you and love you and love you! I miss you like a crazy and when I say things are not the same without you... its really not the same. When you left, the whole world was left with a void that only Jesse A. Petrosky could fill! ill see you soon, I'm sure of it! Till then.. we wait!
Posted by Cheryl Evrard on November 1, 2013
My sweet son Jesse, it has been a rough few days here, The end of October and thru December makes me think of you daily, every minute of every day. Knowing this was the funnest months of your happy life. You loved Halloween, and all the winter holidays. I miss and love you son, see you soon!!! <3
Posted by Jeanene Lyson on October 31, 2013
You've been gone for too many years Jesse. Because you are missed. However, believing in the hereafter, and knowing I have a Son there with you in the heavens, leaves me with a big smile. And a faith that soon we all will be back together again. Jesus is coming soon for us. You were and are loved Jesse. I asked Jesus to say hello to you, and tell you I love You! He will... I know this.
Posted by Jeanene Lyson on January 10, 2013
I just had a visit with Kaylan and talked about you, with family. We miss you So much Jesse! Yet it truly gives us comfort and a smile to know you are with our son and other family members and will never suffer anything bad there. We love you so much and look forward to being together again on that day. See you at the gates. ;). Love your, NINI. Xoxo
Posted by Cheryl Evrard on November 1, 2012
Hi my sweet son Jesse! It has been four years now that my heart aches missing your presence. Do know, the day will come soon....that we will be hugging each other again! I long for that day. Then all the pain will be gone, once and for all. I MISS AND LOVE YOU JESS...more then anyone could possibly fathum. Love: ~Momma~
Posted by Wonda Beasley on November 1, 2012
I cant tell you how many times I saw the invite to post here and couldnt, I cant tell you how many times after that I have actually come to this page but could not bring myself to write because I would start crying. When I think of you I can see you and Shannon chasing each other around with any weapon you could find. I always prayed you wouldnt hurt each other or my baby sitting days we
Posted by Wonda Beasley on November 1, 2012
Were over. I remember showing up to babysit and you would come to the door with your hair all slicked back and a gallon of cologne. I love you Jesse, I miss you.
Posted by Gregory Francisco on October 30, 2012
Although it seems when one passes from this world to the next, it may seem you have lost an irreplaceable love, you and your life can breathe new life into this world.
Posted by Cheryl Evrard on December 6, 2011
HAPPY 33rd. BIRTHDAY MY SWEET SON JESSE!!! Momma misses you more then you will ever know. My heart aches because of how you left us. All Drunk drivers should be put in prison! You didn't even get to finish living your young life, and watch your children grow. God be with you my sweet loving son. You will be missed until we meet again!!

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