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November 1, 2012

Jesse's family meant more to him then anything in the world. He loved his brother's like no other. His little sister was his fighting buddy that he felt he had to protect from all the bad in the world. His best friend in the world other then his Momma, was his big sister Shannon. She meant the most to him. He looked  up to her, and always put her first in his life. He loved her beyond. They spent most of their lives together.  She would get onto him if he did anything she didn't approve of. She is the best sister anyone could ever have, and he saw her just as that. Shanny misses you terribly Jesse, please continue to visit her in her dreams. It gives her hope and happiness. P.S. He also considered his Daddy (Kerry) as his hero. He  said it himself, on his MYSPACE page. ;-)

Love: Momma

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