This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Jessica "KITTY" Andrews, 31 years old, born on January 22, 1980, and passed away on October 11, 2011. We will remember her forever.
Posted by Just Frost on October 11, 2016
you were lovely, kind, and you always managed to make me smile in what little time i knew you. i hope you're resting well my friend...i don't believe it's been as long as it has
Posted by J Zen on August 23, 2014
I still feel you everywhere
Posted by Just Frost on January 24, 2014
i was with my daughter in the park and she was being her normal hyper self but when Kitty saw me and said hello my daughter calmed a little and smiled at her. Kitty and talked and Kitty would look at my daughter and smile....that's when she went over, bought my child a cookie, and that's when she just hugged Kitty, sat down, and ate it while Kitty and i talked. She really made my child smile.
Posted by Amy Sampsel on October 11, 2013
2 years ago my heart broke and part of my soul was torn away. While my heart might eventually mend, a part of my soul will always be missing without you. A day does not go by without thoughts of you and memories. The tears are more frequent in the wee hours when all that is with me are my sleepless thoughts. Saying that I miss you does not even come close to describing how I feel.
Posted by Shane Knutson on January 22, 2013
Another birthday without you here. I miss you so much. The world is darker without your light shining in it.

I love you, honeybear... now and always.
Posted by Amy Sampsel on January 22, 2012
Lit a lilac candle for you. Happy birthday.
Posted by Aedan Sprung on January 17, 2012
Kitty, last night I went to the underground... I kept expecting your dance to resume. I noticed genuine smiles on friends' faces that I haven't seen in sometime, in them, I saw you. Blessed are you in the lives of so many. You were the first to embrace me at my transformation, the first to encourage my art and always there for a walk or talk. Missing you terribly! ~meow~
Posted by Carol Kittridge on January 8, 2012
Posted by Tasha Martin on December 11, 2011
Kitty, I know I didn't know all that well, and we had our differences, but you left a huge impression on my life! I will always remember you and the good times that we did share! You did so much for me when nobody else would, and for that I am eternally grateful to you! Kitty, I love you and I miss you, but I know you are here with all of us and always watching over us!
Posted by Shane Knutson on October 20, 2011
Dearest Meow. It has already been over a week since I last hugged you. I had no idea it would be goodbye. I miss you so much, my love. I've lost count of the moments that I see something that makes me think of you. Never forget that I will always love you. - your big bear
Posted by Joanna Jean on October 14, 2011
Kitty, I will never forget you. All that time we spent trying on clothes, chatting and being silly. I was so glad to be there for you a few critical times, but I'm devastated that I couldn't when it could have made a difference. You are finally at peace. Love You.
Posted by Mama Wolf on October 14, 2011
Be peaceful, my girl. You will never be forgotten. I'm so sorry.
Posted by Dan Coogan on October 14, 2011
Sorry to hear of Jessica's passing. I met and photographed her at the Estrella War in 2008, she was really nice.
Posted by angel tainted on October 13, 2011
my poor little meow. i hope you rest well in the summerlands and find your happiness. i love you poison. i always will
Posted by Just Frost on October 13, 2011
What can i say sweetie. i'll miss you. i'll miss you a lot. i wish i could turn back time. i will never be able to go into the underground without expecting you to come in and talk to me and update me a bit on your week or day or both. Rest in Peace honey
Posted by Amy Sampsel on October 13, 2011
You often joked that if one of us was a dude, we would be a couple, instead we had to be soul-mate sisters. It is hard seeing life without you. I want you back so bad it hurts! Until our souls find each other again.
Posted by Jessica Kehrer on October 13, 2011
You taught me a lot, and I am reminded of you by a lot... You are truly beautiful. See you on the other side, Miss Kitty.
Posted by Mike Flanders on October 13, 2011
I love you, Meow.
Posted by Claudia Harrington on October 13, 2011
My little faery. I will miss your laughter, and our adventures. You always knew how to make me smile. Please see that there are so many people who loved you, to the end and beyond. You were the brightest light in a world full of the mundane. I love you, always and forever. =^.^=

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Posted by Just Frost on October 11, 2016
you were lovely, kind, and you always managed to make me smile in what little time i knew you. i hope you're resting well my friend...i don't believe it's been as long as it has
Posted by J Zen on August 23, 2014
I still feel you everywhere
Posted by Just Frost on January 24, 2014
i was with my daughter in the park and she was being her normal hyper self but when Kitty saw me and said hello my daughter calmed a little and smiled at her. Kitty and talked and Kitty would look at my daughter and smile....that's when she went over, bought my child a cookie, and that's when she just hugged Kitty, sat down, and ate it while Kitty and i talked. She really made my child smile.
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Remembering Kitty

Shared by Mama Wolf on October 14, 2011

I met Kitty on Christmas day in 2004. Angel, Imp and Kitty came over to my house for a visit. She was dressed as a geisha. My parents said, "Wow. She's kind of eccentric." Hahaha. They didn't know the half of it!

Through the years, she proved to be not only eccentric; but extremely creative and talented.

We LARP'd Werewolf the Apocalypse at Garden of the Gods. Kitty showed up with a squeaky toy and proceeded to put it in her mouth and almost made me go mad with the noise!

She was like that. She could drive you to the brink, but then you just looked at her, and the cute just made you forgive her.

I will always remember Kitty. Even though we hadn't spoken in quite sometime, she made an impression on me that will never be forgotten.

I feel really awful for all of you, and hope that whenever you feel like life is too much; you reach out for your loved ones and make them hear you.


The Fae Quest

Shared by Claudia Harrington on October 13, 2011

This summer, kitty and I had many a great adventure. This is one of those crazy times. I wrote it all up the same weekend we got back, this is that piece.

*  *  *

I am a quiet person by nature, it is by no means because I can’t socialize, I actually have the charisma of British Royalty, I just enjoy watching people. Human beings are a fascinating grouping of atoms. My silent personality has been known to highly confuse extroverts and suitors alike, they hardly know just how to react around me. It is this misunderstanding that leads to confusion and occasionally drama, but that is neither here nor there. This, my dear readers, is a story of deep seeded lust, and the social awkwardness that comes from a desire to fuck a random stranger’s brains out.

You see, he had these eyes, he could gain anything he wanted with those iceberg blue irises but honestly, it wasn’t those that I saw at first, it was his arms. By firelight, the muscle tone was enough to make me shiver. It was only until later I even saw his eyes. As I danced beside the fire, I could feel his gaze on my curves. Though he was a gorgeous man, I thought nothing of it at the time and it was only until the next day things started getting interesting/

So there I was, running around the crowd with my boobs squished up to my chin in a corset, hawking for tips. You should probably know just why that was I suppose. With my charismatic powers I was a tavern wench for the weekend, doing all I could to get those poor, drunk bastards to shove money down my cleavage. While walking around, I spotted the aforementioned man and figured, with the power of TITS, I could easily get at least a few bucks from the man. Be prepared folks for a pantie-wetting good time, it’s just around the corner.

With my charisma and cuteness on overdrive, I meandered towards the man and waited for him to see me. That’s really not such a hard task though, as my boobs were practically flying out to greet the world. He tapped me on the shoulder and as I spun around, I found myself stunned and frozen in his gaze. His eyes, they were mere inches from my face, and all I could manage to do was stare and attempt to reel my lower jaw back to a more attractive position.

He opened his mouth to speak, but I was too dumbfounded to truly comprehend. I know it had something to do with my piercings, and I vaguely remember sputtering something about my other body modifications. As they were mostly covered, I figured that would be the end of this not-so two-sided conversation. I would be able to walk away with at least a little dignity in tact, but nooooo… The man wanted to know more, though I had little muscle control  and practically no words to speak of. Did he not know he held so much power over this little faery? I turned around and slowly started hitching up my skirts to show off the tattoos on my thighs. He kept prompting me to lift a little higher and at this point, the only thing I could think was “Thank Cthulu I actually wore underwear tonight…” For the record, they were the sexiest pair of black lacy panties I own, just thought I’d throw that out there.

By the time I was 100% sure my lace-covered ass was visible to the world, I felt his fingertips gently brush against my thighs and just on my butt. He mumbled something about it being “really nice” though I am still unsure as to whether he meant the tattoos or my ass, so I’m just gonna go with both. He put his money into my corset and bade me permission to go. I walked back to the tavern a hot, gooey mess, both below the belt and in my head. He approached me once more that night, asking when I got off work, and said that he would be more than happy to escort me to a quieter area… I’m sure he would…

By the time I could go out to look for him again, he was nowhere to be found. All I know of the man was that he had gorgeous eyes, was ridiculously sexy, and was a heavy fighter. He had introduced himself to me but alas, I was too stupefied to remember his name. It was that night when Kitty and I plotted to meander up to the heavy fighter’s field, for her boy toy would be there too. The next day, I talked to him on the field, I had been preparing myself for that moment all morning. I was a composed and thought-provoking woman, at least on the outside, but that’s all that matters, right?

First thing’s first, he vowed to take the bells from my ankles, my shackles to the human world. I get up to far too much trouble when no one can hear me coming, and he can’t steal away a fae if she’s going to be jingling the whole time. It was a challenge, but I knew he could succeed. With promises made for an exciting night to come, Kitty and I went back to camp to prepare for another night of Wenching. It took hours, but by the time we had finished, there was no way in Hades our respective men wouldn’t be clamoring to undo the laces of our bodices by the time the night was through. It was fool proof, I tell you.

As I stood on my barrel serving beer to lonely men, I couldn’t help but wonder where on earth my mystery man was. Kitty and her toy were snogging in my peripheral vision, but alas, mine was nowhere to be seen. This simply wouldn’t do. I therefore presented the snogging couple with a quest. As I am fae, I have the power to do many a magical thing, controlling animals and granting wishes being only the tip of the iceberg. I crouched atop my barrel and began explaining their quest in great detail.

“I have a quest for you, my daring adventurers! There is a man, with eyes the color of ice, arms the tone of Atlas himself, and legs the size of tree trunks! I need you to search these Outlands far and near for a man matching my description. Nothing more, nothing less, I will not accept him otherwise! I shall grant you one last mug of beer for your journey, but no more until you return with my prize. If you succeed you shall receive all the beer your stomach can contend with, 1,000 gold coins a piece, 100 XP, and a single wish. Now! Be off, and do not return until you have found this man, lest you wish to suffer extreme consequences, and be punished by the fae! Best of luck on your journey!”

And with that, the two left yo find my hot piece of man-flesh. I waited atop my barrel, keeping a lookout for my fighter.

MEANWHILE… Kitty and her boy wandered across the land, inquiring as to the whereabouts of my man. They explained that they had been sent on a quest from a Tavern Faery, and would greatly appreciate any information the travellers might have. They stumbled across pirates, they danced to the drumbeat of a musical caravan, looked to the stars above for the guidance, and attempted a vigil for a knight where they unsuccessfully attempted to drink the mystery alcohol presented before them. They could not quench their thirst for the promised beer were they to succeed. It wasn’t until later they came back to the tavern empty-handed, only to find I had disappeared.

What felt like hours later, he approached me at my tavern post, removed my bells, and escorted me around the Outlands. We danced, gazed at the heavens above, an eventually found our way back to my tent. It was there Kitty and her man met up with us, and as promised. she received the fury of the fae. Skirt tails flying, we fought in the tent as our men watched in amazed silence. Victory was had by me, and she escaped with her life, though no dignity to speak of…

Chocolate chip and bacon cookies

Shared by angel tainted on October 13, 2011

i knew kitty was going to be a strange one to come thru my life. the first time we met she was strapped to a bed rail screaming and hollering thru a haunted house it was only a glimps that i got to see on halloween of last year. the first time we ever really hung out we went for a ride in my hearse just around town. we went to montagues and had coffee and we couldnt figure anything else out so she said she wanted to see her mom. she directed me to a little cemetary wich turned out to be the wrong one as well as the three following it. i dont know if i was dumbstruck just being around this girl or if i really just wasnt paying attention but we hit every damn cemetary in town just so this girl could see her mom.

when we finally arrived we all said hello to her mom and introduced ourselves. i have to admit even for me being a goth saying hello to a plaque on a wall was a little strange. but i did it anyway cause i knew that this place was special for kitty.

when she got done saying what she needed to say she suggested that we go back to her house cause she wanted to make chocolate chip bacon cookies. well this had me interested! 1. i LOVE bacon 2. i was not about to let an opportunity slip by to get fed. 3. i wanted to spend more time with this girl.

so we go back to her house it was me her matt and tasha. while she messed around the kitchen she told matt and me that if her dog hydro disobayed we got to paint him. well being mischiveous matt grabbed the chance to paint the dog. there is nothing funnier than watching three grown adults giggling like girls while they painted hydro with food coloring spray.

hydro was a freaking saint thru it all. he just sat there and took it with the most dejected look on his face i have ever seen a dog give another person. it was like if we sat there and ate his own food in front of him.

well she made the cookies and a pear rice tart. by this time im sitting in the kitchen chatting with her on a little stool about ass to face height. she goes to the sink to grab a knife to cut her tart and moves back and forth grabbing things like hot pads and things of that nature causing me to move my stool back and forth about the forth time i had to move i just blurted out " you know we can keep doing this dance all day im rather enjoying it" cause every time she moved in front of me i got a face full of ass lol. she just kind of let out a giggle and went to cut her tart for us to share.

first she cut with the blade side up, then she couldnt get the pieces straight then she just gave up pointed the knife at me and said "you have me so fucked up that i cant cut pie" threw down the knife on the counter and walked away laughing her ass off.

it was the first of many times that i had left kitty speachless.

i would have known kitty a year if she had made it to halloween.