Rest In Perfection Beautiful

Shared by Nikki Lynn on June 19, 2019

Jess... words couldn’t even come close to describe how I feel

I have known you since I was 9 and from the age of 13 to 22 most of those years we was  inseparable. A solid 4 years we was damn near chained together. Lol 

We have literately experienced EVERYTHING together. We found ourselves & who we was on the inside together. The foods we liked & disliked. The kind of cars we wanted, our style of clothing, our favorite color, favorite flower, favorite spots to go to clear our minds. We have been through it all. You’ve always stayed by my side when my parents was in the streets & I had no place to call home. You slept in cars, hallways and even once we fell asleep sitting up on a curb on Lehman. You would call dad when you needed money or food and every time whatever he gave you, he gave me as well. No matter what the situation was, you didn’t leave my side & always had my back right or wrong. Just as I had yours! 

When I caught my case you was there in a heartbeat even tho you had problems of your own. You opened your doors.. gave me a place to live, took in my belongings and helped me to get back on my feet until I got sentenced and even then u remain solid! Sent money, visits and phone calls. When I got out I had to turn my life around for the sake of my babies and that’s when we kind of drifted apart. Every day or other day became every month or twice a month. We always stayed in touch by phone but it wasn’t the same. 

I can’t stop thinking about the last time I seen you. As if God, knew that would be the last because we hugged for at least two solid minutes until we stopped and at the exact same time said “bitch” to one another with tears in our eyes. We both agreed & promised to get together the upcoming weekend to have a cookout and hang the entire weekend. Well that weekend never came bc God, had other plans and called you home before we had another chance to see one another. 

I say all that to say this, You was more than a friend to me. You became family! My love for you was unconditional. I will forever cherish all the time I had with you here on earth and will hold onto all our memories dear to my heart. 

Even though you are no longer here with us physically... you are spiritually! I will FOREVER keep you’re name alive & you will FOREVER live through me. I PROMISE SISTER!!

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