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I miss you AUnt Jess

Shared by Khaya Nenstiel on April 8, 2016

You were my Aunt i love and miss you very much  

"I want a hippopotamus for christmas"

Shared by Jessie Taylor on December 12, 2015

 One thing about Smayda was she was deffinately one of a kind!!!! She was sooo unpredictable and you never knew what she was going to think of next! Lol I miss her alot. There's little things that remind me of her ever now and then. But I will never forget the day we were taking our OGT''s and I looked at her completely clueless on one of the questions and asked her opinion and she said I'm writing the " I want a hippopotamus for christmas" song because you get points for just writing something and she wrote it as she was humming it! I laughed so hard that day and what do ya know, SHE PASSED!!!!!! LOL Ohhhh and who can forget when she introduced us to the INCREDIBLE HULK! Hypnotic  and Hennessey!!!! I Love n miss u smayda! <3

"I see the way down"

Shared by Mike Sloas on December 12, 2015

AAfter a long long night of partying me and smayda decided to go hiking in yellow Springs while walking along and talking about whatever randomness we came up with we came to a rock wall smayda walked over looked down and said "I'm going to climb down" I laughed "smayda you can't climb down that you'll fall" being the rebel smayda was replied "it's OK I see the way down" I tried to convince her to just walk over to the trail and walk down but she refused and proceed to make the attempt to climb down I walked down the trail to the bottom of the wall and watched her try to climb down telling her where to climb but she didn't listen and instead tried to climb across a completely flat part of the wall as she was about to fall I tried to climb up and give her a boost up to where she could climb back up but it was too late she slipped and fell right onto me and we both fell to the ground and rolled down a hill laughing about what just happened, I said to her "see I told you that you would fall" smayda laughed at me and said "I told you I saw the way down and it was worth it"...I'll never forget that day that was a day we grew closer as friends and a day I never let her forget.

O MY smayda.

Shared by Jessica Blechinger on February 7, 2011

 My dear friend smayda ...not only did she always have the laugh laugh.She had the first laugh the middle and all the others she could fit in with her Wario like "bwahaha". The very funniest thing I can remember in between all our shinannigans would have to be when we went to rock on the range and some random stranger talked her into an " body lift" and she relpied " that sounds amazing!"...and he dropped her straight on her head..she spent the night rubbing her dome saying she NEVER wants a body lift again! Hehe. She also like to spend her past time playing the pots and pans in my kitchen with my boys. She always wanted one of them. She frequently asked for one of the twins..Im glad she got Kalaeb before all this unbelievable painful dream. That reoccurs everday...Smayda was an amazing woman that taught me every part of life.. I love you girl..I miss you like crazy. I woulda added a pic of her on the pots and pans but my computer is acting silly. PEACE MAMA JAMA

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