Posted by Bijesh Aravindakshan on March 20, 2021
My sincere condolences for the Family. More than project mates we were more friends during our JLR days. This is such a tragedy that such nice human beings are no more with us.. RIP
Posted by Linda Jansen on March 14, 2021
Loving life and being the life of the party-- Jill represented life in so many aspects. It is so hard to believe that Jill's own life was cut so short. Thanks Jill for showing us the importance of caring and making life a party.
Posted by Nikita Bason on March 14, 2021
I had the pleasure of working with your beautiful daughter Bella at Lily Lane! You used to come in for your treatments and it was always a pleasure to see you. Was so shocked when I heard of your passing.. Bella loved you so much and always wanted to take care of you, you were like her naughty teenage daughter (role reversal ha ha!) You both clearly had such an amazing bond and my heart has been broken for your girls since your passing. I can only imagine what amazing memories you made with them when they were growing up. Sleep tight xxxxx
Posted by Saranne Lewis on March 13, 2021
Jill was one of my best friends in school , she was so much fun to be around and her beautiful smile lit up the room.
All my memories of her are happy ones and I am so sad that she had to leave us so soon .
Sleep tight lovely lady, we will all miss you xxx
Posted by Maureen Rainbow on March 5, 2021
Kindness ,friendship, loyalty and laughter. That's the Jill we knew and the way we will remember her.Rest well lovely girl.Maureen and Alan
Posted by Shaivali Shah on March 4, 2021
Jill, I am sending my heartfelt prayers to you that you are moving onto better space. Thanks for your professionalism and excellence at work. You had a heart of gold. You will be missed here.
Posted by meena allen on March 4, 2021
Well Jill, we certainly have had some drama and laughter over the last 20 years!!
I just can't believe you are gone - who am I going to reminisce with about those bonkers nights out now ;-)
Still feels like I am going to walk on to a new project and you will be there.....
Big love
Posted by Kate Payne on March 4, 2021
Thinking of you all at this very sad time xx
Posted by Sheilagh Hall on March 4, 2021
Can't believe we are not going to have another girlie evening with you Jill. If ever anybody brought a gathering together it was you. You had so much love in your body it's hard to believe there was enough to go round but there always was. You have left two beautiful girls and they will miss you as we all will but they are strong and have your guidance and goodness of heart and soul which will serve them well. Have always missed you ever since you moved from Navenby. No matter what came your way you smiled through with your wonderful positive attitude and always saw the good. Love you Jill, rest in Peace sweetie. xx

Posted by Sue Valente on March 3, 2021
Dearest Jill
It’s so hard to articulate how wonderful you were. A true friend, always bringing light into everyone’s life. We had so many amazing times together at work first, then weekends and holidays. It’s heartbreaking to know I will never see or speak to you again in this life. You are greatly missed. Sweet dreams darling. Love always xxx
Posted by Tracey Shelbourn on March 3, 2021
My beautiful friend Jill. You have been taken from us far too soon and I still can't believe I'm never going to see you again. You always knew how to make anyone you met smile and lift them with your warm and welcoming nature. I will always cherish your friendship and support and truly feel honoured and lucky to call you my friend. Sleep well sweetie and don't forget to make yourself known to me every now and then...i will know it's you. Heaven has gained another beautiful angel. Until we meet again ❤
Posted by Tara Copp on March 3, 2021
Jill, from meeting at prenatal classes to 21st birthday lots of shared memories! Will miss your laugh and soft welsh accent. You packed in lots of adventure and always loads to catch up on. Such a faithful friend, always supportive, caring and glamorous! Raising 2 beautiful girls who will carry your love on. Xxxx
Posted by Anna Crossland on March 3, 2021
We only met a few times at social events over the years through a dear mutual friend but I was always drawn to your welcoming, warm nature and beautiful smile. We had some great heart to heart conversations about life. You were the life and soul of parties and such a beautiful lady inside and out. Sending my love and good wishes to your beautiful daughters. So pleased I had the opportunity to meet you but saddened we won’t meet again this life. Rest in Peace Jill xx xx
Posted by Aileen Trew on March 3, 2021
Oh Jill, how you will be missed!
Thank you for extending your friendship, for sharing lockdown with me, for your humour, kindness, like-mindedness and time. I'm so grateful that you restored my faith in human nature.
Your love of life, of your beautiful girls, your crazy pets and your friendships made me smile. You'll never be forgotten, sweetie.
Love, as always, Aileen xx
Posted by Cristina Bernardo on March 3, 2021
Hi Jill,
It was a pleasure work with you . Thanks for all your support , you made the a better place to work . I remember you always happy to help , making easy for me all the situations . I still can not believe that it happens to you . We will miss you . I will drink a cup of white wine thinking about you.
Posted by Jane quincey on March 3, 2021
Hi Jill, over the years I was with you and the girls, we had so many good times and lots of chats during your breaks from work. Thank you for letting me share in your life with your babies and I will cherish the picture of you holding my baby. You'll shine bright like a diamond up there Jill. Much love
Janie and Oliver xxx
Posted by Michelle Hebborn on March 3, 2021
Children are our legacy and you made beautiful, kind loving girls. Rest in peace and I am sure you are looking over loved ones xx
Posted by Mark O'Neill on March 3, 2021
Dearest Jill, What can I say still can't believe someone so young and full of life has left us. I will always cherish the memories of working together and becoming friends which always made the bad days better. Rest in peace you beautiful soul , Mark x 
Posted by Brenda Sibindi on March 2, 2021
To Jill

No words can even start to describe the loss

You shined so brightly on earth, lit up our lives and I am sure you are shining even brighter now

I remember our first conversation over bank master data!! Soon followed by regular out of work catch-ups, weekend visits and holiday plans!!

You always made those around you happy while holding down a senior role, working so hard. You were inspiring

I will cherish our close friendship, your unwavering support, all the good memories, even up to our last conversation a few days before

Rest in peace my dearest friend. You will be missed
Posted by Bob Chahil on March 2, 2021
Dearest Jill, it only seems like yesterday when we worked together and spent time together. I am saddened to learn of your passing. I’m sure there is a bar waiting for us in heaven and we will her to have another drink together. Miss you forever, Bob
Posted by Craig Stewart on March 2, 2021
To Jill,

Still can’t believe it I will never forget you - the kind conversations, support during my divorce, witty office banter, and for just being a kind and warm soul ! 
Until we meet again... Rest easy beautiful, lady xxxx
Posted by Densil Green on March 2, 2021
Jill was a light that shone bright and was taken away from us all too soon.
Posted by ashira bata on March 2, 2021
To Jill
One of the best people I know. Always so happy and positive and looking for that forever love.
Stay blessed - forever young.

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