Posted by Maxine Logan on April 18, 2021
Daddy,I loved you my whole life,, I always looked to you for advice, you never judged me in life, you always stood my me and supported me, in all my highs and lows!, just ..always my daddy, you were my one constant parent in my life, I followed you Everywhere as a child!, you kept me safe, I adored you, and so so blessed to have had you , you treated me as you're own!,that in itself show's the man you were, the best, I will forever miss you daddy, I will never forget you!, part of me left with you that night, as you gently took you're last breath, I love and miss you so very much, thank you for being my daddy and the best grandad in the world, my children love their wee granda as do you're great grandsons,you helped me raise my daughter and son, and there to see you're great grandsons reach 15/half& 7 years old, a lifetime of memories with you, you taught us the greatest gift any parent can teach their children, and that was to "love unconditionally", and another thing!, I acutely know, you loved me, that's one thing, I need never doubt!, my daddy was a Family man, and by God did He love us all!, I ended every phone call, telling him, I loved him,, and he would tell me hack he, loved me, and to tell all my siblings and all the kids. , that he loved us all!!, and asked me to tell everyone!.
I miss our calls.. you're voice, laughter, hugging you, enjoying family times togeather, kids sneaking you sweeties!!, missing you is the hardest thing, I don't know, if I'll ever be me again!!.
Vincent James Gordon "Jim" ,12-02- 1944 ,26-02-2021 Fover Missed.

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