James Robert Rohde
  • 46 years old
  • Date of birth: May 1, 1967
  • Place of birth:
    Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States
  • Date of passing: Sep 22, 2013
  • Place of passing:
    Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States
Let the memory of James be with us forever

This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, James Rohde, 46, born on May 1, 1967 and passed away on September 22, 2013. We will remember him forever.

Memorial Tributes
This tribute was added by Jan Ream on 4th April 2017

"Thinking of  you  my son  as always. My disease  is getting  worse  so it won't be long I'll be in hospice.  I miss you you  so much. We we're at the  grave and put new flowers on.  I will  put new on for Easter.  I feel you in my heart, and your presence. I love  you. Momma"

This tribute was added by Jan Ream on 5th March 2017

"Dear Jimmy, I was up early this morning, like 4 oclock am, I couldn't sleep, thinking of things and you and cocoa. Gee I miss my Doggie, Jimmy I get so many mixed feeling about my life, I really don't want to live like this, not being able to breathe its hard, no one knows, Oh you do because of the way you died, Ill never forget it all.  I have such good memories of you and Ill keep them in my heart forever till I see you.. Today your sister is coming over, Tony was here last week he does not visit like Debbie but when he come I enjoy him so much, hes got a good women now.  I miss Rick so much, no chance of me ever living close to him, don't know whats going on.  Well hope your dancing in the sky and I look for you always, see ya soon Love Momma."

This tribute was added by Jan Ream on 4th March 2017

"Hi Jimmy, Well I havent been feeling well My death is coming within a year or two or sooner I can hardly do anything. Im ready to go, I cant take much more im always so tired i can feel death coming. I dont let your brothers and sister know. I will be joining you soon That will be a great day. I know you are well taken care off. Love and miss you Momma"

This tribute was added by Jan Ream on 25th December 2016

"Well Jimmy its Christmas 2016, it has been 3 years since you left us, it has been an awful year with my Copd, I was in hospital with pmeumonia, almost died,God didn't want me yet, he pulled me thru. It has been hard on me losing you, I had great plans for us to be together, You were very sick and now in no pain or suffering. I hope you have a Merry Christmas with Jesus and the Angels, Thinking of you always, Love your Momma"

This tribute was added by Jan Ream on 16th November 2016

"Hi my Jimmy, I haven't written in here for a long time,, I haven't forgotton you it is just I felt I would let it go for a while, I miss you every single day, look at your pictures, visit your grave, make sure it is taken care of. we are having them clean and polishing your stone. We have a wreath on it for Christmas, yes this is the 3d Christmas with out you, This is the first year I put up a tree since your gone. It is in memory of you, I have your pictures on it. I still cry, and Ill never get over losing you. I love you with all my heart and I know your with me every day, I love you my son. Love Momma"

This tribute was added by Jan Ream on 28th July 2016

"Jimmy, its been a while that Ive written but not a day went by that I didnt talk to you and all your pictures here at home, still missing you baby, This place called earth is so rotton, lots of shootings, Im ready to come join you, I am at stage 4 now so it wont be long. Heaven must be so nice, Cant wait to hear you talk and do thing you couldnt do, I love you so much and miss all the laughs we had, you were so cute and funny, I Love you my son, Love Momma"

This tribute was added by Jan Ream on 9th June 2016

"I love Jimmy ,My heart is with you, Im coming soon it cant be soon enough, I was up the grave, so pretty there, my home will once again be with you, we will be lying next to each other and Dad. I love you baby with all the love that is in me, Love Momma"

This tribute was added by Rick Rohde on 1st May 2016

"Happy bday big bro!  I sure do miss and love you. Hope you are doing all the things you were unable to do while you were with us crazy, living folk. Your not missing anything but good ol family drama/arguing. Maybe someday it will stop huh?  Anyways big bro, merry bday and stuff!  Love you"

This tribute was added by debbie alesi on 1st May 2016

"Happy little angel.....u so deserve those angel wings..I miss u..happy 49 th birthday..I love u jim......u and bruce are watching over each other...I just know it..I love u and miss you....your sister..Debbie"

This tribute was added by Jan Ream on 27th April 2016

"It wont be long now son, You know when you can feel something is going to happen, it usually does, I want to be over this disease, dont want to suffer any more,, just want to hold you, see my Grandpap,, Mom Dad. Soon, Love Momma Michael."

This tribute was added by debbie alesi on 23rd January 2016

"Dear is not good...she spent several days in the hospital with her copd's not going to get any better..just worse..plan ahead for her up there..she will need your comfort. .pray that she finally is free from this terrible disease once the big guy let's her in up there...she really doesn't wanna be here..she wants to be with u and miss you my special brother. ..I hope u are free from your pain and living free in your angel lifr..I love you..your sissy..Debbie"

This tribute was added by Jan Ream on 1st December 2015

"Hi my precious son, I havent written to you , I am having health problems, looks like I have 2 to 3 yrs, left of this horrible disease, I just live one day at a time. Im not afraid of death, Ill be with you and what a day that will be, you normal, talking, I just hope you talk my ear off. Your life down here was not a good one, it wasent fair. Yea my COPD is getting worse, Ive had it since 1987, thats a long time andt soon I will say good bye to the disease and to the rest of my family that I will truly miss. Meet me at the gates with Jesus and the first word that you say is Welcome Mother. I love you Jimmy Rohde Fly High My Butterfly."

This tribute was added by Jan Ream on 30th October 2015

"I havent written to you because I have been making videos of you, everything I do has something to do for you.  I finally got your Christmas Wreath done, I have all kinds of ornaments on it, it will be the nicest one aaaaaaaat the grave site. Dad and I have been cleaning curtins, window washer came and did our windows, we have been busy, Brenda asked Dad and I to go to Shaina( your cuz) dinner party she is having for her, it will be at Angies house.  We are also invited to her 21st party f at the Whitney club, well I dont think we will go there, its a bad bar.  Toni and Shaina were here last week, Shaina is so pretty. Jim, I always wonder what you do up in heaven? Fly with the Angels, sing with the Angels, have your meals with Jesus. Its a crazy world down here, shootings, rapes, abuse name it its like hell.Well gotta go baby, I made a memorial table for you in my living room, it is so pretty, no way will I forget you, I love you my Jimmy Boy. Momma."

This tribute was added by Brenda Rohde on 22nd September 2015

"Jimmy 2 yrs it seems like yesterday God called you home I miss you wish I would of seen you more but I still thought of you!! your momma misses you so much todayis a hard day for her I pray you wrap your arms around her love you Jimmy"

This tribute was added by Rick Rohde on 22nd September 2015


Wow, its been two years big bro.  I wish you could tell me how things are going up there because I really want to hear you speak clearly for the first time and not clock me in the head with a toy, lol.  I really miss and love you Jimmy.  Mom is still having a troubled time and you need to let her know that everything is ok.  I don't know, make her drop something on her toe or knock something off the wall to give her a sign, heheheh.  Anyways, I can't wait to see you again in the next life and I hope you hear me everyday I pray to you.  I love you with all my heart big brutha!!!!!!"

This tribute was added by Gail Schroeder on 16th September 2015

"I am lighting a candle for you your light will always shine....."

This tribute was added by Brenda Rohde on 15th September 2015

"Jimmy you have those wings now so please fly by your loved ones maybe drop a feather or pull are hair lol you loved doing that to Ang & Jackie, we miss you buddy  love you always"

This tribute was added by Jan Ream on 15th September 2015

"Jimmy, This is a very bad month for me.  it is the 2 anniversary of your passing, I cry so much, I thought by two years it would smooth out a little, Nope, I still have that ache in my stomach and my heart. A child is so hard, I never lost a spouce and Im sure its hard but a child No its bad the worse thing I ever had to go thru.we will be up to your grave on the 22d to throw up the balloons and hugs and kisses. First my love they scheduled me at the hospital for my implant on my boob, the left one is done they down graded that  one from a D to a B, this will be my last surgery for it then Ill be already for my lung transplant, I do very well with surgeries so Ill be ok, of course if God took me it is ok, Im not afraid of death.  They have to fine a match for my lung transplant, I talk to both your brothers they are doing fine, these last few years of getting old sucks. You went through so much here on earth, wish things would of been different, it was hard for you to do things and that hurt me. I love u so much my Jimmy Boy."

This tribute was added by Jan Ream on 1st August 2015

"Ha ha Jimmy Your brother makes me laugh so hard, he says the cutest things, I just love being around him, I want him HOME, I think he should be near his Mom (Me), and his Daddy, (rege) before one of us pass away we are both in our seventies and we don't have too many years left, Do me a favor, You have pull up in heaven so talk to God about it, maybe just maybe, LOL   I was at your grave and I put new flowers on it and a cross. It llooks so nice. I had a hard day yeaterday, I heard so many things that remined me of you and I just broke out in tears, I think if my baby and its sad hes not here with us. I love you Jimmy Rohde, with all my heart and soul. Cant wait to see you calm, talking, everything you missed out on life and this earth you are getting now, We will all see you on the other side. We will all be happy. Love you my butterfly, Momma"

This tribute was added by Rick Rohde on 29th July 2015

"Hey brutha!  Its been awhile since I wrote to you but don't think for a second that I didn't think of you because I miss you soooo much.  I wish I could have moved back home before Jesus invited you to his home.  Hopefully I will be moving back home soon, I think it would make Mom a little happier, I just know she is hurting inside and missing you something awful.  I keep telling her to not let it bother too much because I am sure you are doing well in heaven.  I sure can't wait to see you up there and hope that God doesn't have any of those darn See-n-Say toys so you don't knock me on the head!

Love you Jimmy!!"

This tribute was added by Jan Ream on 16th July 2015

"Hi Jimmy, It was another bad day for me, Thought about you and when I was driving one of your songs came on the radio, one of the ones that you really danced to and jumped around to. Well Im waiting to get my surgery done on the 31st of July, I know Ill get thru it surgery has become my favorite pastime. LOL Ive had enough of them but Ive got a body of steel.  When I leave this world there will be a time I wont be so strong and it will be my time to go, Ill see you in heaven, I cant wait to see my Grandpap and my lovely mother, what a great lady, I am so happy I helped her as much as I could and my Dad too. My Mom didn't leave me when I was little and I didn't leave her when she was old.I go to church with Ken and God has changed me for the better, Ive given my life to him and hes in my heart. Jimmy I miss you so much, it will be two years in Sept, its hard to believe. Soon baby soon."

This tribute was added by Jan Ream on 2nd July 2015

"Happy Birthday to me Happy Birthday to me. 72 yrs old, cant stand it, I never thought youd go before me it wasent fair but God had his reason and he knows how good I was to you and fought for you., thank God you had me for a mom and not someone else. Sorry Im patting my self on the back but I tried my best to be the Mom to you and my three other children, I could of done better but I think I did good, Dad and I fixed the grave up, the flowers blew away, the foam that holds themwas worn, so I got a new one now it is secure. Jimmy I miss you more than life, The second year is much harder than the first, its crazy but I find myself crying more and memories everyday of what fun we had with you., I want to be with you Jimmy. I love you Momma"

This tribute was added by Jan Ream on 30th June 2015

"My butterfly, I had a bad day today, I cried, just everything bothered me, I talked to Ricky and he made me feel so much better.I miss both of you. I cant wait till he comes to live in Pa. Having a child that loves you and treats you good mean so much.. We had a happy family years ago, then things got out of hand and bingo it ended, I never left you kids when you were younger, why did my 2 leave me when I got old. Earth is funny, its getting bad down here, shootings, murdurers, rapists, gay people want to get married. crazy. I cant wait till Im gone from here and meet me at the gates, and talk to me, I want to hear you talk, Love you my special Angel."

This tribute was added by Jan Ream on 8th June 2015

"Hi my butterfly,I just want to say I Love you and Ill never stop loving you, Things on earth are about the same, people have no love in there hearts any more, Life is about loving and this world is all wrong. No kids respects their parents any more and one little thing goes wrong and its all over they are heartless, it saddens me. I am glad ill be leaving this world and not coming into it. Dad is still working what a man!!! His daughter Sherry will be coming this week for Fathers day, I cant wait to see them. I was at tthe grave, I need to get you another foam that goes in the vase this one is worn out. Well  my son Ill be thinking of you and Ill look to the sky to see if I can find you in the clouds, Love ya Momma"

This tribute was added by Jan Ream on 15th May 2015

"Hi Jim, I went to see you today and put some butterflies on your grave.  I talked to you and I know you heard me, It was a nice spring day and the graves are all covered with flags for memorial day. All the veterns  that served,, your bro is a vetern now. I am so proud of him.  Cryed today and everyday, Ill never get over this, There is such a big void in my life cause you were my life, I took care of you and worried about you, I had to fight for rights for you. but it was worth it cause you were my son and I wanted the best for you. Im lost down here with you not around, I used to wait by the door  for you cause I knew you were coming, I love you my butterfly, send me some kisses and hugs and Ill send them right back, Huggs, Love Momma"

This tribute was added by Jan Ream on 12th May 2015

"Jimmy, This is Tuesday, two days after mothers day, I cried more today, missing you so much, Sometimes I say to my self you are still here, I just haven't seen you, then I snap back to reality and I know you aren't here. I carried you for nine months, wiped your nose, changed your diaper fed you, I was your voice, I was your mother, you were a tough one to handle but we did it, You were happier in a group home, you got to go places, it was a whole new world for you. I missed you but I couldn't manage to care for you, You had behaviors, there were so many other things too, it was hard for me but I knew I had to do it.  I saw you all the time, and I made sure you were being taken care of. I would call everyday, I know they were sick of me, but I didn't care, I wanted you to have the best., who would ever think you would go with the Lord before me? God had his plan , he didn't want you to be on earth without me cause I was the only one that looked after you. If I would of went first, then who would of made sure you were being cared for,? You would of been left alone cause no one visited you, only Dad and me, so you see God had a plan. I miss you so much my butterfly, I will keep your memory alive as long as Im alive, then were on our own buddie. We will be fine, we always were with the help of our Lord.  Kisses Jimmy?  I miss them. Love Momma."

This tribute was added by Jan Ream on 11th May 2015

"My Jimmy, My mothers day was not in anyway the way I wanted it, I had No Jimmy and I had No Ricky, Didn't hear from my daughter, and I got a text from Tony wishing me a Happy Mothers day, he lives 5 miles away, I would of loved to see him. I got beautiful flowers from your little brother, they are beautiful. I miss my baby  so much, I hope he moves back here soon so I can spend time with him before my time is up. I am  so lucky to have my husband, he helps me a lot and is good to me. What would I do with out him?,Jimmy Your Momma is not happy in her old age, I get so depressed. I just go thru the motions. All I can say is I miss you my butterfly, I thought of you on mothers day as I always do and I am so lucky to have my four kids, I love you all and you all have something unique about you, all different but so unique. Proud to be your Mom. I love you my angel. Love Momma"

This tribute was added by Jan Ream on 6th May 2015

"Jim, we will come to the grave sunday after church,, dad and i ordered two roses one for my mom and dads mom for mothers day,they will call there name and we will walk to the alter to receive them. You had two good grandmothers. I miss and love you, another sad day sunday.  I am really limited to what i can do because of my copd,, it will eventully kill me, it is getting worse. I love you jimmy, i will see you soon. Love momma"

This tribute was added by Jan Ream on 4th May 2015

"Hi my butterfly,we went to your grave on friday with 13 balloons, we sent them to heaven for you.i cried like a baby, dad felt bad, i just wish i could see you again id give is so beautiful  there, all the beautiful flowers, what a peaceful place. Sunday i had flowers on the church alter in memory of your birthday.i hope you had a great birthday with jesus, im forever thinking about you. Touch me jimmy, send me a butterfly, something. I love you  my son."

This tribute was added by Rick Rohde on 1st May 2015

"HAPPY BIRTHDAY you old fart!!!!  Just remember you will always be older than me, lol.  I love you Big Bro!"

This tribute was added by Jan Ream on 21st April 2015

"Jimmy, As you hear that song, I will always love you and I will, All you kids were a joy to give birth too, we had rough times but I wouldn't give those times up because you go stronger learning from them well now I call your sisters my kids too and Brenda call my kids her kids so you are all ours, hers mine and ours. Finally this family came to get along
Your birthday is coming up, already have plans, be ready to catch the balloons Dad and I are sending up, we will go to the grave and send them.. Mothers day is coming also, I will sit home and cry cause I wont have you and your little brother around, oh it would be so great if both of you were here. I remember you and staff would go pick me a present out and they would let you pick it out and the funny thing about it you would what ever it was,  you would pick the color pink, as if you knew that was my favorite color, I remember that pink purse you bought me, it was wrapped so pretty and you walked in the door and threw it at me and went straight to the radio.  I laughed so hard. You always made me laugh too. Oh the memories, I have a million and Ill cherish them forever, I love you my butterfly.  love Momma"

This tribute was added by Rick Rohde on 19th April 2015

"Hey Jimmy.  Just letting you know I am thinking of you and wish i could see you.  You need to look over Mom with all your super powers now since you get to hang out with angels.  It would be really awesome if you could hook your little brother up with the winning lotto numbers, hahahahaha!!!!  Love you bro!"

This tribute was added by Jan Ream on 17th April 2015

"Good morning my butterfly, a dreary day here on earth, No dreary days in heaven, all sunshine and no darkness. The weathers still a little bit chilly to sit on the porch, This isFriday, I miss your little brother so much, he would be a hoot to be around, his sense of humor would keep me going, he makes me laugh so much and I need that, Rick is our comedian of the family. I miss you Jim so much, tears fall every day, I guess it will always be that way till I see you again, Buitterfly kisses to you my love.  Love <Momma"

This tribute was added by Jan Ream on 15th April 2015

"My beloved son, everyday is a Jimmy day, I think of you all the time., I still cry a lot, when I say a lot it means every day a tear falls from my eyes, it might be a couple of seconds or it can last 10 mins. The love I have for you is just so much. maybe to much that ill never get over this, and I know I wont get over it, and it hasent changed any, Dad has  been the greatest husband to me, everytime I start to cry he says its a Jimmy cry and I say yes, and he puts his arms around me and says I wish I could do something to lessen the pain, no he cant do anything, no one can, My best friend Jesus can help me get thru this with your birthday coming up, Im already for it, I got the fire lanterns, I have to buy the balloons yet, it hurts Jim cause you would of turned 48,    Love and kisses, soon, my baby butterfly, Love Momma"

This tribute was added by Brenda Rohde on 12th April 2015

"Just thinking of you Jimmy,love you"

This tribute was added by Rick Rohde on 12th April 2015

I miss and love you soooooooo much!  I have your memorial pamphlet, a picture, and an article from the newspaper about you on my nightstand next to my bible because its the closest thing I have to you now.  I will never forget your love for loud noises and your crazy laugh after bopping me on the head with see-n-say toys!  I love you big bro!!!!!!!!!!

Mom, this website is wonderful and I love you too."

This tribute was added by Jan Ream on 12th April 2015

"I went to the grave site Saturday the  11th, I took my camera this time and took pictures of the cross, flowers windmill and butterflys on the grave. The butterflys didn't bow away but the windmill came off the stick but other than that it is beautiful. every holiday I will have a different  flower etc. I will keep taking care of you till I pass and dad, but after that we wont have flowers on our grave, so as long as I am alive your grave will be up kept. I love you my butterfly, fly high, Love you Jim"

This tribute was added by Jan Ream on 12th April 2015

"Friends, I will write all my stories about his life when I find the time, I have been working on this memorial with all the photos, I want it to be nice."

This tribute was added by Brenda Rohde on 7th April 2015

"Jimmy you are truly missed by so many!! always in my heart watch over your mama for us, (Love You) angle boy"

This tribute was added by Jan Ream on 7th April 2015

"I am trying to make this memorial nice for you Jim, I just wish I knew how to upload pictures from my camera and the onces hanging on the wall. Someone will come along and show me.I love the work this lady on facebook makes grieving parents the pictures of their loved ones. It is amazing. A relaxing day yesterday with Dad, today going to lunch with a friend. I will think of you through out the day as always and never never forget that I Love and miss my butterfly. Love Momma"

This tribute was added by Angie Rohde Monteparte on 4th April 2015

"Happy Easter big brother, we miss you"

This tribute was added by Jan Ream on 4th April 2015

"If you want to see all Jimmys photos, go to gallery then photos."

This tribute was added by Jan Ream on 4th April 2015

"Saturday April 4th, went to your grave, put things on for easter my Angel. God Bless you and have a nice easter and celebrate that our Lord has risen with him tomorrow, I Love you my Jimmy Rohde, Huggs and Kisses from Momma."

This tribute was added by Jan Ream on 4th April 2015

"Friends, I have started a new memorial for Jimmy with some picture, so click on the Photos, Please I will not tolerate any Drama on here, this goes for my self too, I would like you to write a sweet message and how you met Jimmy and any relative, sisters bros, Aunts Uncles. etc. When you write something on here about my son it makes me feel better, I love to hear his name and talk about memories, God Bless.  Jan"

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