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making us all laught

Shared by paula dee haigh on December 2, 2017

my dad
knew how to make us all laught he use to come out with some funny jokes that made us all laught he was the best at making us all laught and smlie when we were down he was the best at it boy he was the best one day he came out with one joke and we all started to laught at it those were the days that made us all laught and cry

Shared by paula dee haigh on May 26, 2017

my dad always love xmas it was is best time ever spend time with his family seen us open our prz and watching dad open his he love it we all had a lovely time boy they were good as on new year he us to have drink he wish us all the best and he use to say love you pet i miss dad saying that  it was the best times  he was love so much he use to say to me phone your aunty mary up and wish her a happy xmas

making us jump

Shared by paula dee haigh on May 3, 2017

when me and my brother David and my sister ann maire came home form school one day we ask mum were is dad I think she said I dont know .we look ever were for him and he came out of no way and made us jump he had a long coat on and a hellwean mask on boys he s us like a dont know what my brother ran out side I ran up stair my sister had a act we were s and at the time was funny that was my dad playing jokes on us .Boys he good at it i still remeber that day when I was a young kid .He kept on making us all laught just by his jokes and winding us and mum too boy he was at that I have a lot  of very good memories of my dad .
he was the
very best and very good dad and a husb ,a brother to mary , brain,jeff ,billy , and a uncle to sue ,paul,james,zoe,liam,ryan,paul,chris,c,scott,beck,ben,alan,linsday,mellissa,
brandon,leon and my ucle billy kids as well I know  we all love him and we all miss his in our own ways  boy he was the very best jokes

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