his Life

2008. The Great American Recession

Businesses fell like dominoes.  Within 7 weeks of the fall of the stock market the phones of John's business, Forchelli Construction, stopped ringing.  Soon his job search began as we both knew this was going to be a long recession and recovery.  One position opened up with the County of Marin Department of Public Works.  He applied and his application was accepted.  What followed was lots of physical ability and skills testing, several panel interviews, and hours of written testing.  Out of 150 applicants John was chosen for that one and only position.  Such a blessing at that difficult time.

Just Get 'Er Done

In 2011 my Batman won the 8th Annual Marin County 'JUST GET 'ER DONE' award.  He was responsible for over 1 million square feet of 52 Marin County properties including the renowned Frank Lloyd Wright Marin Civic Center (shown in background). This written tribute is so fun! Clik the pic to read it.