This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, John Manga SAMA, 76 years old, born on June 27, 1933, and passed away on July 18, 2009. We will remember him forever.
Posted by Margaret Sama on July 18, 2014
My dear grandpa I miss you so much ...oh how much i miss you !!! From Sama Paula
Posted by Margaret Sama on July 18, 2014
Hi Daddy you will always remain deep in my memories; I love you daddy, truly i do. From Sama Flore
Posted by Margaret Sama on July 18, 2014
Hi daddy, times have passed but your memories are still on my mind; Good memories daddy; Yes Indeed, You are Always On My Mind!!
From Sama Ernest
Posted by Margaret Sama on July 18, 2014
Today the 18th of July makes you five years when the cold hands of death snatched you from us.
My beloved, rest in Perfect Perfect Peace
Posted by Marie Litumbe on June 27, 2014
Thinking of Papa on his b'day. May he continue rest in peace.Love from us all
Posted by Alan Tita on October 31, 2013
Pa, you must be very proud as you look down on us. You continue to impact this world through the sheer joy, laughter, happiness, kindness and friendships that your children bring to us all. Yes, I 'see' that broad smile on your face! My own dad (PGBT) is headed your way - please show him around...
Posted by Lydia Nsutebu on October 30, 2013
Hi papa, just missing you today. Continue to rest in peace, and watch over us like you have always done. Miss you tons XXXx
Posted by Samuel Ngede on October 23, 2013
Pa Sama, I came to know you as a happy, trim, gentle, organized and affable man in whose home I saw harmony and parental love towards your kids and strangers alike. I felt welcome whenever I visited and your house easily became a home for me. Yet, I've only just learnt about your passing. I wish I had had an opportunity to testify to your kindness and fatherliness. Rest in perfect peace.
Posted by Marie Litumbe on October 22, 2013
We will forever love you!!!
RIP Papa
Posted by Marie Litumbe on October 22, 2013
Papa, it's not a special day but it's just nice to think of you.Missing you is not strong enough to express the way we feel.We thank God for all the great time we had with you.Continue to rest on The Lord' bosom till we meet someday.
Posted by Emmanuel Nsutebu on July 23, 2013
Papa- Your children and grandchildren continue to be inspired by you. I watched Lydia and Marie dance rock n roll at the FM Cosmetics event in Poland - it was a tribute to you and how you inspired them to enjoy life. Thank you for all you did for us. We miss you dearly!
Posted by mwangaza ba on July 20, 2013
We miss you Daddy! You will always be remembered. May you rest in peace and may The All Mighty Continue to Shower you with His Blessings.
Posted by Jackie Eko on July 19, 2013
Papa Sama. We thank God for the life that you lived and the joy that you brought and left in this world. You gave your family and friends wonderful memories and also captured all this in the form of pictures. Thank you especially for participating in bringing into this complicated world children who help some of us see the complications as stepping stones to achieving our purpose. RIP
Posted by Margaret Sama on July 19, 2013
Darling, I cannot believe I am still alive without you,You meant so much to me,I write this with tears in mind. My prayer is to see our children grow in unity and fear of the Lord. May God keep you in his
heavenly kingdom where l pray we meet to part no more.
Posted by Lydia Nsutebu on July 19, 2013
Hi Papa, it's been four years since you left us behind. We love and continue to miss you deeply. Rest in Peace and continue to look down upon us.
Posted by Ernest Sama on July 18, 2013
Hello Dad, its like a fast wind, 4 years gone passed . I want to assure you you are always on my mind.Thanks once more for the love you showed us and we promise to reflect your lovely qualities of hard work, qualitative lifestyle and above all your God-fearing attitude. Thanks Daddy, THANK YOU ! !
Posted by Paula White on July 18, 2013
"Oooh grandpa I miss you soo much especially today that marks the fourth year of your death , we shall forever be thankfull to God for giving us such a wonderful grand dad as you R.I.P"
Posted by Mafany Litumbe Jr on July 18, 2013
Can't believe it's already been four years Grandpa. We miss you dearly and our memories of you will always be engraved in our hearts.
Posted by Marie Litumbe on July 18, 2013
We can never thank God enough for giving us such a wonderful Dad. Four years have gone by since Papa left us. We will not mourn foolishly because we know that to be absent in the flesh is to be present with the Lord. We will always love and miss you dearly. RIP Papa till we join you in the heavenly choir. So long, your
daughter Marie
Posted by Mafany Litumbe on June 27, 2013
Happy Birthday Mokia. Your memory lives on in our hearts. RIP.
Posted by Lydia Nsutebu on June 29, 2012
We miss you deeply and remember you fondly. Thank you for the great life you gave to us. May you Rest in Perfect Peace papa till we meet again to part no more
Posted by Emmanuel Nsutebu on June 28, 2012
Papa, you will never be forgotten and your legacy lives on. Your wife and children continue to fly your flag very high!!!!
Posted by Valentine Eyum Sama on June 28, 2012
Johnny boy,
         The memories you deeply engraved on me remain my strongest defense in this challenging world of turbulence and deceit...
Posted by Colleen Hammond on August 21, 2009
I never met you or your family but as I look thorugh your pictures I see such beautiful souls. May your light shine brightly above us forever with the stars.

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Posted by Margaret Sama on July 18, 2014
My dear grandpa I miss you so much ...oh how much i miss you !!! From Sama Paula
Posted by Margaret Sama on July 18, 2014
Hi Daddy you will always remain deep in my memories; I love you daddy, truly i do. From Sama Flore
Posted by Margaret Sama on July 18, 2014
Hi daddy, times have passed but your memories are still on my mind; Good memories daddy; Yes Indeed, You are Always On My Mind!!
From Sama Ernest
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Shared by Mafany Litumbe on August 25, 2009

Papa, you were a friend of mine right from my infancy.  You called me “Jabisco” as all attempts to make me say “Robert” only ended up in “Jabot” from me !  You as a Dad were a STAR !  Key phrases like “Never take things for granted”, “No condition is permanent”, as well as “It is foolish to be wise, where ignorance is bliss” will always linger in my mind.

Your fastidious desire for perfection took us from “good can be better” to “better can be best”.  We sometimes even accused you of only seeking the “hole in the picture”.  Even in the kitchen, a domain where most men dread stepping their feet in, you were a culinary star !  I can still smell the flavours of your shrimp stews with rice, and well-garnished scrambled eggs which served as filling.

You taught us how to dance “mbolo-mbolo”.  As we formed a circle, you dashed into it and in a rhythmic style twisted your waist and “gave” it to one of us to continue in like manner.  How much fun !

As a photographer you were a camera-Star.  Those whose occasions you covered were the envy of those who went elsewhere for coverage. “Mr Sama, the photographer” was the common appellation in the Buea neighbourhood and beyond.  Your clients will preserve your handiwork as souvenirs.

You took your time in most of the things that you did. You even took your time to leave us !  Come to think of it: three months chronicled your coming into, living in and departing from this world…You were born in June, you died in July and are to be buried in August !  You are a legend ! You’ll always remain in our minds.

May Christ receive you in his Heavenly Bosom.  May His will in us be done.  Adieu Papa.




Shared by Mafany Litumbe on August 24, 2009

Papa, you were a very special friend of mine.  You called me the “Mafor” and constantly reminded me of my enormous role in the family as your first daughter-in-law.

Your last visit to Atlanta gave me the occasion to appreciate your steadfast urge to see things done the right way.  You hated intrigues and would stress on the need for one to be realistic in decision-taking.  You spent quality time with your grandchildren and made them veritable play-mates.  Your friendly, down-to-earth disposition with children gained you their fondness and love.  How can I forget the pieces of advice you gave me ?  One thing I demand from the Good Lord; to wash you clean and preserve you in a special mansion of His.  Your greatness will be ever remembered, Papa. May you rest in Christ’s Love.


                                                  Patience ( Daughter-in-Law )

Eulogy in loving memory of a divine parental steward gone unforgotten

Shared by Mafany Litumbe on August 24, 2009

Uncle Sama Successfully Arrives Home After Crossing ‘Bridge Over Troubled Water’


A Life Short-Lived but Long-Remembered and Forever-Secure


He was a simple man but yet someone below the surface of whose simplicity was a profound depth of esteem, confidence, and reassurance. Few took his humble approach to life for granted but many wondered at the results of his wisdom.  Some doubted the sustainability of his lifestyle after a conspiratorial, pre-induced, early retirement from the civil service while still in his mid-50’s - retirement he prematurely earned despite several years of fervent, distinguished service at the Government National Printing Press, both in Buea and Yaounde. But moving on with life as a passionate photographer, no one would dare question the source of his strength: God. A man constantly on the move! A man determined to achieve whatever goal he set forth, regardless of impending danger. A man endowed with interpersonal skills and the ability to resolve conflicts without miscarriage of diplomacy. A distinct individual in his own right who under no circumstances would ever compare himself to any other individual for any reason other than to appreciate someone else’s gift. He was a man who faced challenging feuds unduly caused by others, especially some close to him. And the list goes on.


My pleasurable experiences with Uncle Sama may never be fully described as best intended, given the subjective appreciation beholden to me. To say the least, I wouldn’t be what I am today if it weren’t for his devoted parental stewardship and training. And the lesson learnt cannot be overstated. But truth be told that I have benefited so much from our close-knit relationship than I have from any other person in a leadership position.


Our relationship all started in the early 60’s when I could barely crawl. Married to my most senior sister and next-of-kin, Margaret, while still in her early 20’s, Mr. Sama (also in his late 20’s) didn’t just become my brother-in-law. He exceeded the expectations of the entire Kemngang family and rather assumed the responsibility of an unbiased “Uncle.” As I watched his every move, all I saw was someone readily available to solve any problem in the family with humility and respect. He spoke what he believed to be helpful, and usually his truth would go unnoticed until something to contrary occurred.


A few years before getting married, Uncle had just graduated from Government Technical College, Ombe, with unmatched skills in machinery. And after a short employment opportunity with the local government, he earned a scholarship for further training in Britain, where within a little less than a year he got news to return to Cameroon due to a family crisis. As I reflect over this painfully, what vividly brings me to laughter and admiration is how meticulous Uncle Sama was and how, within his short time in England, he was able to return evermore polished. At a period when owning a camera remained rare, let alone a radiogram and a tape recorder, Uncle Sama brought home to his children these simple, but unforgotten, gifts. He was a family man entrusted with huge responsibilities, including taking care of two family estates: the Kemngang and the Sama. Under his watch, the entire Kemngang family enjoyed the stewardship bestowed upon him. Yet, under his watch, the entire Sama family appreciated his endurance amid occasional crises.


The question is what next, now that Uncle is gone. Simple but obvious answer: God is in control. To his beloved wife, my sister, I say be internally strong and externally focused. To all my nephews and nieces, I say thank you for the courage. To both the entire Kemngang and Sama families, I say unity and mutual understanding should prevail. It’s been a difficult journey for Uncle Sama here on earth. But what other way to get to heaven than through the peaceful channel of death! Bye, bye Uncle. Our interaction was short but the memory lives. Thank God for you are forever secure.


ALEX KEMNGANG, M.S., Struc. Eng.

Maryland, USA