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Growing Up in Granville County NC

July 13, 2012

My name is Kenneth T. Perry, and I just want to share a short story regarding my youthful years spent with my family on the farm in Hester NC. We had about a two hundred acre farm where we grew many things to include tobacco, corn, hay, etc. We also grew all our food from a vegetable garden and raised hogs for meat. Even though I am the youngest of many Grandchildren, I vividly remember most of what we all shared together. 

I remember one of my Counsins John Thomas Perry helping my Father, Uncle, Brother and the rest of us plant tobacco, help weed, sucker it and apply sucker oil during the planting season. We all used to laugh and joke and rib each other about almost anything. One time John Thomas was helping us apply Sucker oil to the tobacco plants, he mistakingly thought he had swallowed some of the oil.

Johnny felt bad thinking he injested the oil, and of course all the other kin folk, cousin's and whatnot started talking to johnny about what would probably happen to him if he didn't get help and fast. Kids being kids, you all know how that works. As it turned out the older folk saw after Johnny and it was determined that he actually didn't swallow any sucker oil after all.

In summary this is just one of many stories we shared while growing up. I just thought it would be enlighting to mention it.

In memory of you John Thomas, RIP.  Kenneth T. Perry First Cousin 

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