his Life

John Thomas Greene Jr., who everyone knew and loved as Big John,  passed away at age 60 on Friday, April 1st, 2016 at Seven Rivers Regional  Medical Center.  A celebration of Big Johns life will be held at Hair Port on April 16th at 5pm.   At Big John’s request his remains will be cremated and scattered at important locations of his life.

Big John was born on May 16, 1955 in Thomaston, GA.  From that moment John was momma’s baby boy.  His mother Billy Ruth absolutely spoiled Big John rotten her whole life. His family affectionately called him “Johnnie.”  While in Georgia the Greene siblings Johnnie, Beth, Pennie, Juanita and Jimmie were attached at the hip.  No one talked more affectionately about his sister and brothers than Big John did.  He always was the protective loving brother. 

In his teen years Big John moved to New Smyrna Beach to live with his dad.  He loved waking up and feeling the salt crusted on his skin from leaving the windows open overnight.   Being in a beach town Big John took up surfing as a hobby.  He always talked fondly and reminisced of his time in New Smyrna Beach.  Every bike week Big John would go visit his sister Shirley over in Daytona.  It was one of his favorite events of the year and he always had a great time.

Big John moved to Ocala in the 70’s to be closer to his mother Billie Ruth and his sisters.  John took up his mother’s profession and became a hairdresser so he could “meet the ladies.” For 20 years Big John cut hair and became one of the first licensed cosmetologists to do acrylic nails in Ocala.  There was a few times he went ultra glam and put diamonds in the nails.  At one point he became a top salesman at Uncle Roys Mobile Homes.  There was no match to the charm of Big John.  He could light up a room with his smile and friendly disposition.  He would love to tell everyone stories and make the whole room laugh. 

While going to CFCC for Cosmetology Big John met first wife Cathy through mutual friends and students.  Many months after John’s graduation they ran into each other at the then infamous Foxfire as Big John became a regular at the Joe Savage shows that were scandalizing Ocala with hypnotism and large snakes and scantily clad girls.  Joe and John became friends and the after show parties are still cocktail party topics of conversation all these long years later. One night John convinced Cathy to go on a date and the rest is history with two beautiful children from that relationship. John Thomas Greene III was born on November 21st, 1981.  That was Big John’s proudest moment.   Five years later Morgan Nicole Greene joined the family on December 25, 1986. He viewed his kids as his greatest accomplishment in life.  His love and devotion to his kids had no match.  No one loved their kids more than Big John. 

When it came to life Big John lived everyday to the fullest.  The list of all the toys and adventures he had would not fit in this obituary.  Big John flew and had his own airplane.  He had over 500 skydives under his belt.  He learned to fly hot air balloons and had a ton of adventures including the Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta twice.  There were corvettes and cigarette boats, but his biggest love was of motorcycles and hot rods.  He remade an Easy Rider motorcycle twice based on the bike from his favorite movie Easy Rider.  His life motto of Freedom was based off that movie.  One of his bikes actually made the cover of the magazine V-Twin.  He always had a project in his back pocket   whether it was fixing up bikes or old hot rods. 

One of the biggest talents he had was the artistic ability he got from his momma. His talent really showed through in many art projects & his impeccable taste with his fixed up motorcycles and vehicles. Proof was all of  the attention he got wherever he drove them to.  Ocala was blessed with his talent throughout the 80’s when Big John opened a stain glass business and created beautiful works of stained glass art for over 2 years.  His art still blesses doors and windows around Ocala.

In the late 90’s Big John moved to Inglis after he bought Hair Port from his long time friend and buddie Bobby.  Big John was a huge part of the Inglis community for over 18 years.   Everyone loved coming to get their hair done by Big John.  The stories and laughs were endless in the hair shop.   Everyday his friend would come over for the nightly ritual of food and banter at Johns place.  There was always a fire and good food when John was around.  

Inglis offered Big John more of a laid back pace where he could get close to friends and become major part of the community.   The group often went on trips like Sturgis Motorcycle Rally and other road trips. The motto “live life to fullest and have no regrets” is what Big John live by.  That would be his message to the world.  There was not one thing left on his bucket list to scratch off.   Big John was loved and will be missed by many.  Big John was a Big Guy with a bigger heart and everyone loved him for that.  He will be missed but will continue to live on through the crazy and memorable stories of Big John.