This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Johnson Ogbeche, 41 years old, born on November 24, 1979, and passed away on May 17, 2021. We will remember him forever.
Posted by Annah Emenike on May 18, 2022
We miss you Apostle Jay. Keep resting in peace
Posted by Ogho Emore on May 18, 2022
Rest on my dear friend and brother...
Posted by Jane Udensi on May 18, 2022
Forever in our hearts
Gone but never forgotten
Posted by Ijeoma Okafor-Emeagha on May 18, 2022
One year later. Keep resting in peace. You are missed, Sir Johnson.
Posted by Ugwoke Patrick on May 17, 2022
1year gone without your motivational words every Monday morning, 1year gone without seeking your wise council. Left with memories of your life here with us. Keep resting with d angels APOSTLE JAY. We miss u
Posted by Aris John Emezi on May 17, 2022
Baba J as I fondly called you, you came Into our lives and occupied a space that is now void, that's how impressionable you were. That void can hardly be filled, the only joy is that you are in a better place, away from the sins and the treachery of this country and indeed of the world at large. Rest on bruv. Yagazie!
Posted by Bassey Umo on May 17, 2022
Rest on brother...
Posted by Michael Diala on May 17, 2022
I miss you, dear brother... I miss you.

May your gentle soul rest in peace.
Posted by Jane Udensi on November 24, 2021
Happy posthumous Birthday uncle jay
I miss you and the impact you made in my life will never be forgotten
Keep resting on Angels wings
Posted by Alfred Ajimzo on November 1, 2021
The news of your death was a shock.

This life is full of mysteries.. Only the Almighty God hold the details. You were a brother and I will always miss you. RIP Bro.
Posted by Johnson Ogbeche on October 16, 2021
Dad I miss you :(
Posted by Gertrude Njar on June 14, 2021
"Ogbechhhh", you were a good man. It's so unfortunate that your life was cut short sooner than later. I am so sorry that you had to go. May God have mercy on your soul. May He grant your family the fortitude to bear this loss. May He protect them. Rest with the Angels. Rest Ogbeche. Rest in peace!!!
Posted by Obuaku Igwekaile on May 27, 2021
Oga Johnson,

We had pending discussions.
But It's OK.....cos i know it now rests with an angel.
I'm so happy to see you touched a lot of lives. I have no doubt heaven would embrace you.
Goodbye, till we meet again.
Eternal rest grant unto Johnson oh Lord and let Your perpetual light shine upon him.
Posted by Ditty Motayo on May 26, 2021
I just want to ask God to grant you eternal rest, but above all grant your family and friends the heart to bare this great loss.. I believe you have left your mark in peoples lives, may you never be forgotten.. Rest on in the bosom of the Almighty God Amen
Posted by Pretty Nancy on May 26, 2021
Gone with the wind.
You were a blessing to many
You were a shoulder to many
You were a man of peace
You were a humble man

Knowing you for almost 2 decades I never heard you humiliating anyone, bragging, or condemning anyone.
You are indeed a true epistle worthy of emulation.
You are gone but can never be forgotten.
We love you but God loves you more. RIP Mr Johnson whom I call " Papa Ejima"
    From me Prof Nancy
Posted by Happy Adese on May 25, 2021
Mr. Johnson, your days were short on earth but you fufilled destiny.
May you be remembered by your good deeds and may the word of God as noted in Revelation 14:13 be your lot and to the many that would follow in your footsteps.
Revelation 14:13 says "And I heard a voice from heaven saying, “Write this down: Blessed are those who die in the Lord from now on. Yes, says the Spirit, they are blessed indeed, for they will rest from their hard work; for their good deeds follow them!”
Good night my brother. We meet again on resurrection morning.
Posted by Idara Ntanyi on May 25, 2021
My friend’s husband, we are so saddened that you are no longer with us. I am happy that I got to spend sometime with you guys the last time I was in Lagos. I remember the first time I spoke to you when you came for training, during that time, when you got back to your hotel after class, you would call to check in on me, and you didn’t even know me. I was only a friend to your wife. Your kindness and humility will not be forgotten. I pray that God heals your mom, wife and children. I pray that we will all see you in heaven. Rest well my brother.
Posted by Judith Amadi on May 25, 2021
I thought i was strong and kindhearted, but i met a man comparable to the saints. A man who has left kindness and love in everyone's heart. A man who speaks softly comforting everyone and proffering solutions to almost every situation. A man whose heart is so large to accommodate everyone. You were indeed a living saint uncle Jay
Posted by Juliet Igboekwe on May 25, 2021
My dear friend it has become real you are really gone and I am going to miss you dearly. I am short of words God knows best and we can’t question him. Thank you Jay for been my friend and brother thank you for all the times you looked out for me. I pray you rest in peace
Posted by Onyi Onyema on May 25, 2021
Where do I start from Johnson. Is it your charisma, service oriented persona, your good natured and level headedness even in the most provocative situations. Your love for Christ. Or is it the way you loved OG, your family and the kids. It was so inspiring. You were a man on a mission. Mission accomplished and you had to go suddenly. Yes heaven has called you back. We will surely miss you but we await God's miracle of consolation. We know He never fails. God is indeed with us. Adieu my neighbour, colleague and friend.
Posted by Chigo Gift on May 25, 2021
Johnson! You were one of those people that I was happy to see their Instagram posts, even though we weren't always in touch. You know that joy you have when someone who deserves all the goodness in the world is flourishing and doing well, that was exactly the feeling I had when I saw you and your young family. The few times we had a chat physically during MUAALAG hang outs, you were very impressionable. It was really difficult not to see you as a present friend, you made everyone feel special.

In the last 1 week, I have questioned God, I asked him what use he had of you in heaven when you were very much needed here on earth. I wanted to understand His ways and His will.
Well I got an answer today which is more of a consolation, that is why I could write this tribute.

The words were clear: He has lived a good life, he has experienced fatherhood, he has experienced conjugal love, he has enjoyed friendship, he has also eaten from the labour of his hands.
He didn't lose out in life.

You have made an impact in a short time and your impact was truly felt by everyone you had an encounter with. What better life can there be?
You are a man who had it all!

Thank you for blessing us with your life, thank you for giving someone like me a reason to reflect and choose to live life and not just exist.

May God console the ones you left in a way that will make sense to them.

Rest easy!
Posted by Bukola Adams on May 25, 2021
Wao we are all visitors on this earth! Who are we to question our maker , though our encounter was short but it was very impactful my investment buddy wish I got to know you more but its well. Rest on brother God grant your soul eternal rest as you journey on the other side. I pray God grant your family the fortitude to bear this loss and above all fill the vacuum your demise has created in Jesus name amen 
Posted by Sylvester Afaha on May 25, 2021
Life is a Mystery....Journey Well, my Good friend. The Man with the Golden heart. Your memories are forever cherished. Thank you for standing by Me. God grants your gentle soul eternal rest. Rest in Peace. Amen.
Posted by Tochille Maduagwu on May 25, 2021
The News of your demise came to me as a shock, I still couldn't wrap my head around it all. Eyes Jay as you were fondly called by your friends in FGC ikom, you were a different breed. Right from boarding school you touched the lives of everyone that came your way.
Why should a kind hearted being leave earth soo soon....WHY?.
You tried to make me laugh when I lost my dad and didnt know how to proceed, you just make everything seem easy.
Eyez Jay, you will forever be missed . Till we meet to part no more.
Rest on Brother.
Posted by Ganiyu Salami on May 25, 2021
It was a rude shock for me on the 17 May to hear of your demise. I know God knows everything and we take solace in Him.

Oh Johnson! 'Bros' as you usually call me, you were a rare combination of humility, confidant, dependable colleague, team player, truest friend and a family man.

Thank you for you and what you represent. Your lasting legacies will forever remain with us.

Adieu my beloved brother and friend
Posted by Innocent Nwankwo on May 25, 2021
A weeks ago my best friend’s life was cut short.
One minute he was a sunshine, light and life, traveling to his duty place. The next, I got a shock of my life when I received a call from your wife that you were involved in an accident and that you died instantly.
And just like that you are gone! the grief I’ve felt has been suffocating.
Today is the day you will be laid to rest, but you know what they say, God only takes the best.
The thought of never seeing you again brings tears to my eyes, and even more so, because all of this was such a surprise.
But we should never question what God has planned, sometimes it’s not meant for us to understand.
We are here to celebrate your life and the measure of its worth and every single life you touched while you were on this earth.
We wish to pay our last respects. That’s why we all are here. To thank you for your friendship and all the memories we hold dear.
It’s been a privilege to have known you. We were family, not just friends, and we will carry you in spirit.
Until we meet up once again
Adieu Brother!
From Mr. & Mrs. I. C. Nwankwo
Posted by Emmanuel Ezama on May 24, 2021
I can't find words better enough to explain how I feel now, just got the extremely sad news of your sudden transition an hour ago. Our best line on Coolio's "Gangster's Paradise" was, "tell me why are we so blind to see that the ones we hurt are you and me?!" Come back again, o Johnson, come back again, o brother!
Posted by Ann Olumide on May 24, 2021
Dear Johnson Ogbeche

You were a hardworking conscientious young man with a promising future , it's hard to believe you are no more,its such a great loss to all who knew you.
You are no longer with us physically but I know you are with the saints up there ,your beautiful soul can never die for death cannot hold you captive even in the grave Jesus is Lord over your soul.

You are a son any mother will be proud to call her son. Continue to rest in peace till the coming of Christ.
I pray the Good Lord grant your family the fortitude to bear your physical loss. I Will miss your ever smiling face.
Warm thoughts ,
Ann Olumide (NipeX Alumni)
Posted by Tina Obasi on May 24, 2021
Hi Johnson. This will be my final note to you and I just want to say a big THANK YOU for being such a great friend to me. You were such a caring individual who would go above and beyond to help one in time of need. My heart goes out to your loving mum, wife and kids. We will always love you Jay boy. Rest in perfect peace my friend.
Posted by Ogar Ojugbo on May 24, 2021
Dear Johnson,
My namesake the news of your death is still shocking to me and the only inlaw I have just been snatched by the cold hands of death. You will be forever missed and your memories leaves on. Rest in peace Brother.
Posted by Emmanuel Akpan on May 24, 2021
My brother man, l am very sad,this is too hard to understand.we were together on Saturday at your house and you promised to visit me on Sunday that you will be traveling on Monday. As usual, we talked about work, business, and lastly Nigeria and if we could ever get out of this mess. You are always on point in your analysis of issues, l know that heaven will receive you well. May God heal our hearts in time like this, trust me, my brother, your family is in good hands with the Lord. God shall be with them.
I salute you JOO.
Posted by amaka Nwoye on May 23, 2021
Dear Johnson...
I am sad,broken,what I feel is beyond me. I was put through the torture of  questioning the almighty on that fateful monday. It's so hard doing this...
  Thank you for the spreadsheets and materials that helped me ease into my role as the DMD. I was initially scared of failing but you kept pushing me. Each time I fixed a loophole or closed a deal,you'd always say,'I told you you are capable'. You made me believe I could do it all... be a good wife,an amazing mum and a serial entrepreneur. I am glad I am doing well but who will now cheer my wins? I am hurt oo...deeply. Or was it when I had the fire accident, you called every hour to check on me.We called each other P4 and M4 cos we had 4 children each. You were a constant and intentional friend through and through.
  Thank you for the purest of friendship,for the smiles,the love,the ray of sunshine you always brought, for the honest reviews,the corrections, the gentle reprimands, the silly jokes,the encouragements and the hype. Thank you for giving all of you so selflessly.
  I pray for mama, wifey, and your beautiful squad as we always call them, that God sends the Holy Spirit to comfort them in this hard time. Amen. I pray your soul finds favour in the sight of God at judgement. Amen
  We can't see you again, but your memory lives...your light shines so bright...I will mourn you on this side,my brother my friend.  Rest easy,P4. Rest well.
Amaka Nwoye (M4)

Posted by John Junior on May 23, 2021
Sir Jay!!!!

To write Rest in Peace is hard. Too hard to believe that you will not smile again on earth, Too hard to believe that we are not seeing you again!!!!!

But your goodness and deeds are imprinted in our heart forever.

Uncle Jay, Rest well. Heaven took earth Best!!!

Posted by Onyebuchi Amadi on May 23, 2021
Hi Jay, I finally get to write you, hopefully you can read this as it seems to be the only way I can communicate with you right now.

May 17th still feels like a shock, when the news came to me I kept writing NO NO NO, my heart raced faster, I started asking hope you have not been deposited at the mortuary, I asked if they could check that you may be resting, I said they should confirm that you are still breathing ............... Guess what even now I still feel like you are resting and will be awake soon because it is so hard to accept this HARD and HARSH reality.

While I try to get adapted to the fact that I will not be hearing from you anymore, I just want to appreciate you for impacting in my life Positively, you were always willing to assist in any way and it was done in a selfless manner.

It is amazing that everyone you came across has the exact story of you being an ANGEL in human form, your description is "HE WAS ALMOST PERFECT". Thank you for being very INTENTIONAL in all that you did that is something I have chosen to do, hopefully I do it just like you.

It is hard JAY, everyone misses you, I miss you ...... I have been crying even though I know you never like to see me SAD and after some time I try to get happy knowing that was always what you wanted for everyone, but tears will not just stop, I guess I am only being human.

I take solace that you are in Heaven and will only pray that you are allowed freely into the Gates of Heaven and among the ANGELS.

Keep Resting the Peacemaker, hardworking, fashionista, selfless, perfect gentleman, and friend.

It is me "Bubbling Bubbles" Just like you always called me.
Posted by Augusta Harkey on May 23, 2021
So I sit and mourn the loss of a beloved friend and brother.
Farewell my dear amazing JAY.
Your friendship was a blessing to me, and I will miss you so much.
You are the best male friend I had back then in Madonna University Okija.
Such a beautiful gentle soul you are. Always there to help me academically and the encouragement you gave me was priceless.
You lifted my spirit when I was feeling blue, with your kind words,gentle smile and charm.
You are one who loves and cherish friendship despite my flaws and you remind me of my greatness when I needed to hear it.
The thought of never seeing you again brings suffocating grief.
But I smile through tears with love and thanks for the memories of you.
Our friendship is forever, until death,did we part.
Although you're away physically, you're always in my heart JAY.
May God Almighty bless, comfort and keep your family and grant them the grace to bear this loss.
As we lay you to rest in the blossom of our lord.
Goodbye JAY
.....Augusta Egbule Harkey.......
Posted by ugo ekedozie on May 23, 2021
rest on brother. I pray God to receive you in His blossom and give your family comfort. this is a heavy loss for many. RIP JO
Posted by Tonylyte Ogbaji on May 23, 2021
Big bro, I wasnt close to you enough to experience your goodness or have a feeling of your love and kindness, but I can tell u were a good person with a pure heart. I saw from afar how good u were to persons, I actually heard people testified how calm, generous, hardworking, responsible and loyal u were to them. I was patiently waiting for that day destiny would join us together, only to get the sad news of your untimely demise. How do we cope with things bro? Who will fill your gap in the family? Whose feet are sizeable enough to get in those shoes u have left unfilled in the family? One with a pure heart? Kind? Generous? Calm? Loyal? My heart bleeds as I cant think of anyone with such Qualities that would be able to filll your gap. Who takes care of your beautiful kids, wife and lovely mum u have left behind?

I can't question God, I cant readdress things at this moment, I am helpless and hopelesss on the issues sorrounding your demise. The only hope I am left with is learning how to accept your death. RIP soldier. 
Posted by Odogwu Emeka on May 22, 2021
It's been so hard for me to write this. Its simply unbelievable.
Johnson Ogbeche, Great guy, ever smiling, ever considerate!

We can't question the Almighty God, but my earnest prayer is that God be merciful to you and grant your family the fortitude to bear this irreparable loss.
Good night my Friend!!
Posted by Chima Achu on May 22, 2021
Johnson you are definition of a good man.The shock of your exit kept me numb for days now.Your humble,gentle and friendly dispositions are immeasurable.May you find peace and rest in the bossom of the lord.May God comfort your family on all sides.Rest on brother until we meet again!
Posted by Ugochi Iheme on May 22, 2021
Sir Jay!!!
I saw you on Sunday, we hugged,you asked about my leg(the only one who still does after how many yrs of the Accident)you wanted to know if it still bothered me, you told me to mingle more and we laughed about it.
Hmmm how was I to know that was the last I would see and hear from you?
You were a great man Sir Jay!
You were kind, upright and level headed.
You went about doing good and impacting lives silently.
You were known for peace by all who knew you.
Your absence is being felt by many, no one can fill your shoes in the Alumni.
We miss you so much Sir Jay but we can’t question God.
Fly so high With the angels Sir Jay as you rest in God’s bosom.
Forever missed!!
Posted by Mercedes Iweka on May 22, 2021
Pa Jay!
An angel amongst men.
The Kind and Compassionate.
The Peace Maker.
The Giver.
The Wise.
The Selfless.
The Fashionista&Sure Model.
The Customer Dadani.
The good friend.

I am Proud of you Pa Jay, your mum needs to teach me how he raised such a Perfect Gentle Man.
Pa Jay,they say Friends are the family we choose and being chosen was one of the greatest moment.
I know this is unheard but I thank you for being exceptionally intentional in all you did.

I remember your last words to me at Landmark Beach "Mizzy,hope nobody look for your trouble?...tell me o!".. LOLs. If there was really a trouble,Mercedes would have expected like 60% vawlence from Pa Jay but he would have chosen a 100% Peace Keeping Mission.. lolz. 
My Tiktok video fan!....Pa Jay judged no one!.
Thank you Pa Jay,you gave a truest form of Care.

You have accomplished many good things in life,worked hard and followed the path of Love,Peace&Kindness.
The memories made will never be forgotten. Sleep well Pa Jay, God has the most perfect Reward for You!

Posted by Bob O on May 21, 2021
baba J.

God grant your soul peace. God knows best.

Rest in peace
Posted by Obinna Nze on May 21, 2021
Don Baba Jay like i fondly call him.

I dont know anyone more humble than Johnson. He was a Boss in all ramifications but yet so humble. He bought a wonderful pretty dress for my baby girl and kept for me till we met at slick's wedding and he presented it to me. He never forgets. He was generous, always helping whenever he had the chance. I always looked forward to his chats in the group because they were motivational & informative. He always dished out wisdom. He will really be missed.

We will surely meet again Don Baba Jay.
Posted by Ushang Nenye-Orji on May 21, 2021
Ice Jay,

The news of your death came to me like a rude shock, which i am yet to get over, as you were one good person i ever met in this life. For the many times you reached out to me, in my trying times and assuring me i will be fine, i want to say i appreciate them all. While we pray God to rest your beautiful soul, we will always be here for Ogeyi and the kids. Good bye Ice-jay, till we meet to part no more.
Posted by Ijeoma Okafor-Emeagha on May 21, 2021
Dear Johnson, words fail me.
When I heard this tragic news, I kept saying: "it doesn't work like this.."

When I first joined Muaalag, you were one of the people who made me feel at home. The cool, calm guy. Barely 48 hours before your demise, you encouraged me on my new book. Attended my book launch. Bought copies of the book.

Maybe I should have told you more how awesome you were. Maybe we should have spoken more (despite the distance)...I look at myself and there are a lot of maybes.

You have shown me kindness so many times. Whenever I visited Lagos, you always reached out to me.

Thank you for being there.
Thank you for being an awesome person.

God knows best.

I pray that God grants your wife and children the fortitude to carry on. I pray that they be consoled.

I pray that you find eternal rest.

Rest in Power Sir
Rest in Power Johnson

Dike Anaaaa ( A Great Man is gone)
Dike Anaaa ṅụọ (A Great Man has gone ọoo!)

Posted by Arit Igbokwe on May 21, 2021
A tribute to my oga at the top.

Dear Johnson, I remember when anytime you wanted to bold your whatsapp message on the group. the Asterix * sign will always be miles away. We always had a good laugh about it. Then i decided to help you bold these messages and correct any errors, thats how you started calling me "My PA/TA". One thing i can beat my chest and say about you is that You were literally kind to everyone and anyone. There was no discrimination with you at all. Its so sad you are no longer here but the consolation we have is that You are resting in power.
Rest In power,
Rest in power,
Rest in power.

Your TA
Posted by Nneka Chukwulobe on May 20, 2021
Dear Johnson,
Your demise is still a shock to me and many others who felt your noble act of selflessness. I pray the Lord comfort your family especially at this time of so much grief.
Rest in peace hero
Good night Johnson....
Posted by Michael Diala on May 20, 2021
Baba J, I will miss you so so much brother...
Block Friends will never be the same again...

I know you are in heaven because that is where good men go and you are not just a good man but a great guy!

Rest easy bro... this is so difficult.
Posted by KELLY ABO on May 20, 2021
A perfect gentleman from head to toe. Goodbye is difficult to say: live on bro!
Posted by Babatunde Bolarinwa on May 20, 2021
I'm short of words because the news of your sudden death came as a shock to the entire UNN DLI MBA Class of 2020.

I can only pray that God grant you eternal rest in His bossom.

Rest on, Brother!
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Posted by Annah Emenike on May 18, 2022
We miss you Apostle Jay. Keep resting in peace
Posted by Ogho Emore on May 18, 2022
Rest on my dear friend and brother...
Posted by Jane Udensi on May 18, 2022
Forever in our hearts
Gone but never forgotten
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Shared by Ugwoke Patrick on May 19, 2021
Baba Jay, omo na so u leave your boy go solo so, now d only thing I would look up to are your memories, ah Baba Jay no b d plan o, u said u were interested in my proposal and we had a lot to do together. Every time we talk there is always a lesson to be learnt even that Sunday we were together, I wish we had known it was you telling us goodbye, we would have never allowed u make that trip. I still looked forward to seeing a miraculous birthday message from u yesterday, Baba Jay no be so ooo. Our lives can't remain the same again without u in it, but we would always honour your memories but striving to be like u. U loved unconditionally and that's what we all shall strive to do henceforth. Thank you boss for always teaching me and everyone of us. Truly LIFE NA PACKAGING. WE LOVE U BABA JAY..... REST IN POWER

Rest on Apostle Jay

Shared by FINOLA ANAGARA on May 19, 2021
You are one of the people in Madonna Alumni that I admire so much. You have your ways with sorting and comforting, I copy your motivational write ups every morning to post on my WhatsApp status page. Your death came as a shock to me and refreshed the personal pain I have had all these years. I know if you had your ways, you would not have put your wife through this pain, its not pleasant at all. Being a good father, I also know you would not have rendered your children fatherless. But truly we cannot question God. He knows best, He knows the reason why good people do not last. My prayer is, the good Lord, who is the husband to the widows, and father to the fatherless, should come and comfort your lovely family you left behind. You left a permanent mark on Madonna Alumni Lagos chapter, especially Yaba/Surulere cluster, we all miss and mourn you. Rest on Apostle Jay, we will surely be there someday, in heaven where there will be no more death. Fifi.