My travel partner

Shared by Shelly Posey on December 10, 2020
Jon and I had many travels in our years together. We discovered that we loved going to places with great beaches and warm waters. We took a few cruises and found we could more beaches this way. I will forever hold these times in my heart and cherish all the memories.

My Brother Growing up

Shared by Jean Flood on August 2, 2019

My Brother Growing up

I can remember when we were growing up we lived in Whitewater Wi i was very naughty Jon and dad were up get a bees nest and i took the ladder down lol boy did i get a spanking they got stung another time same place all the kids were play tag and Jon would not let me play so he came around the corner of the house i hit him with a big rock didn't hurt him to bad i was a little shit i guess lo another time we lived on Elm drive up on a hill him and Bobby were playing they threw 2 rotten duck eggs at me boy did it stink and hurt so i went in house got Beebe gun missed Jon but got Bobby right in forehead   i was like 8 years old at this time  

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