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EASY- by Jordyn Ashley Graver

April 23, 2011

 I miss the days things were just so easy.
When you never cared if you were dirty and greasy.

I know I’ve changed 
Its almost like the person I use to be has been exchanged.

I look in the mirror every day and know im not the girl I use to be
Some times I don’t even recognize that it’s truly me.

Yet I don’t know if I should smile or frown
But at least my life isn’t going down.

I can make it, and It’ll only go up from here.
For once im done living in fear.

I’ve changed for the better when it comes to maturity. 
And indeed I have become sexy.

when it comes to being a kid when things were easy, that’s gone.
But now its time to grow up and move on. 

Nothing will ever be easy, its called life.
I know its going to be a strife.

Nothing is going to stand in the way of me and my desires. 
But how long until my courage backfires? 

My courage makes me who I am
I’ll never hide in a shell like a clam. 

Everyone changes for a reason.
But I will not go down broken and beaten. 

I shall remain independent.
But never will it be mistaken for arrogant. 

I’ll make everything as easy as I can.
All I got to do is have a plan. 

Never take the easy way out.
Never look at my life with doubt. 

I’ll be what I want to be. 
One day, I’ll make you all see.

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