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Yearning pain and sorrow

February 1, 2019

The day I lost my son was the day my heart was shattered into pieces a pain like no other .He was a loving,kind ,beautiful person,who would do anything for the ones he loved .Never expected anything in return .Had and cherished his two beautiful girls Delilah Marie and Emma Cecilia .They were his world and there was nothing he wouldn’t do for them they were his true loves .He was so blessed that he had threemoms Rosamaria,Maria and  his sisters Erica,Nicole,Brianna,Terry,Isabelle,Christina,Mia,Josephine,Anna,Lupita,and brothers Joshua, Jesse,Alex.I taught all my children to love others as family so my children had lots  of brothers and sisters, aunts and uncles who they loved and respected.Even though we went through hard times I loved my children unconditionally was with them through trouble times, heart aches,teen years in sickness and where they thought I didn’t understand what they were going through but showed them so much love they learned to love others unconditionally and would help  help if they could my children made me proud of them always would go through fire to protect and defend them with my life Jose Guadalupe Melendez Jr. was an amazing son,father,brother,uncle,cousin,nephew,grandson friend we were so blessed to have had him in our lives.We were so blessed to to have so many goofy memories of him.He never wanted anyone’s opinion be sad,he would do or say something to make us laugh or forget our troubles while we were with him.He was over protective and would guard all his sisters that no one  hurted anyone he loved.Even though many people would treat him bad and would take him for granted he would still help them.Always wanting everyone together as a family.He was all wanting and trying to do family get togethers.He was unity of family, embrace,love, kindness,loyal,laughter,hope,strong,a warrior,guardian angel.I am blessed to have been chosen to be his mother.Even when he saw darkness he would be the shining light.his smile and laughter was contagious .We love you so much my beautiful son.I pray and hope I see you some day soon.May you be our guardian angel watch over all that were touched by you.I will  always look for you in the sky watching you fly high.Now you can be happy and free like an eagle strong and mighty.And Lord please kiss and embrace him for me until we meet again .please Lord help me understand why it was time for him to be with you and pray for strength and courage to keep going on even with this heartache that won’t stop 

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