Posted by Betty Garcia on September 25, 2012
Today would of been dads birthday.I always ask myself how would things be if he was here.not sure about any other day but today we would be having a party .Dad loved having parties with family n friends.I can remember his bday parties for many years many wonderful memories.My dad was from us way to soon!!love u daddy!!
Posted by Betty Garcia on February 17, 2011
Dad,I just can't get over losing you.It all happenso fast.You were taken from us too soon.You were so full of life.Always smiling,alway giving.There isn't a day that goes by that i don't shed atear.I miss you so much!I feel like apart of me died with you.I'm trying to keep my promise to you.I know your at peace now.till we meet again.LOVE YOU DADDY!!
Posted by Anissa villa on February 17, 2011
Uncle Joe Mary as we all knew you....your memory lives on in your family! And there are times when I look back in younger days and remember you for who you were! One vivid memory I will always keep close at heart is when, you would bring grandpa home for lunch and pick him and yes like Betty says, you always had a smile! And we live with the promise that one day we will meet again. Save a place!
Posted by Celina Elizalde on February 17, 2011
Tio JoeMary as Betty said you were taken from all of so soon. I have many lovely memorys of you,but one memory that stands out is the day that we were told that you had passed away. I couldnt believe it I said no not my Tio JoeMary I just seen him, that cant be true,and the crys of Wella saying not my son take me not him! We love and miss you.

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