Shared by Silas Chebe on April 13, 2021
Memory Lane old time at LEA Faki Road, T/Wada Kaduna a very humble dedicated and hard working student. Always taking FIRST POSITION, BEST STUDENT during his set, and former HEAD BOY also.
A promising leader, smiling and jovial then at Sabon Rai Baptist Church among play mates and team with the youths then.
God bless your live Joseph

Daddy my first love

Shared by Jemimah Tanko on April 13, 2021
On a phone call:
Daddy: picks my call ....
Hello guja,
Me: hellloowww da'ddy ....(pauses for a few minutes)
Daddy: eh guja ina jin ki(yes guja I can hear you)nawa kike so(how much do you want)
Me: errrmm daddy ina son dubu goma(ermm daddy I want 10000)he doesn't usually wait for me to ask.... He knows already....he usually says I don't call him unless I need money or something.....
Daddy: OK toh yaushe zaki zo?(okay so when are you coming home)
Me: anjima kadan(a little later)
Daddy: amma ban da kudi fan(but I don't have money oo)
Me:okay daddy nagode (okay daddy thank you)*of course he has the money sent to my room and kept on my bed already before I arrive*
Me:a week later calls daddy again
Hello daddy
Daddy:hello err guja ..... Ni ban da kudi kuma fa ,meh kike yi da kudi neh? Kina gani na kaman ina da bushiyan kudi a wani wurin neh da make zuwa in tsinka kudin in zo in ajiye maku a cikin gidan nan ne?
(Hell err guja,I don't have money again oo....what do you do with money? Do you think I have a special tree somewhere where I go to pluck out money and keep for you in this house?)
Me: (intense silence for a few minutes)
Ehhh daddy ba yanzu make son kudin bafa sey maybe next week or sooner
(Ehhh daddy I don't need the money now until say maybe next week or sooner)
Daddy: NASA neh mah kike so kuma me zakiyi da kudin?
(How much do you even need and how soon do you want it?)
Me: Daddy 45000, next week,zan siya takadu neh kuma za muyi tafiya a school kuma na yi broke(I want to buy some books, academic materials and were going on a field trip plus I'm broke) usually daddys soft spot for dropping money is either academic concerns or health concerns ... He gives the money with plenty extra extra self ..... But any other thing he says to take it out from my allowance .....
After this sha ,I'll go silent for 2weeks and come back home silently with out him seeing me .... He'll miss me soo bad ,he'll finally call me ,of course I wouldn't pickup immediately until after a few days,I'll now call back 
Me: Hello sannu daddy (hello ,daddy how you doing)
Daddy: mmhmmm mama kizo gida yanzu nan(mama come home immediately)
Me: okay daddy zan zo anjima kadan(okay daddy I'll be home a little later)
 He'll call me out to come sit with him...
He'll start with ...
Mama how do you feed in school,
How have you been faring, 
Who gives you money for upkeep.
(Mind you this is just two weeks after I locked up ooo)
My response would be...
Ehhhn daddy I've been managing, I don't really want to disturb you because I know you don't have much money ....
(Inside my mind I'll be happy ehhhnnnn)
He'll scream and say who told me that ?
He hasn't been complaining ....
Have I ever told him I needed anything and he neglected me??
(Me self will now say noo humbly)
He's response will be 
Wait for me ,don't go back to school okay ,letme quickly dash to the store (dalema at ungwarimi) and use to ATM for you ,you hear ....
Don't worry I'll take you to school tomorrow myself okay)!!
With my big head I'll now say "okay daddy nagode" smh 
Good old memories shaa.....

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